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    Debian is a free computer operating system released under the General public license (GNU). In 1993, Ian Murdock announced the existence of the software and later in August, Debian 0.0.1 was released. After many improvements, the latest version was released on 2nd April 2016.

    Important Features

    • Online repositories containing over 50,000 software packages

    • Ability to download and install non free software packages using Debian repositories

    • Inclusion of popular free programs like VLC player, Libre office, evolution mail, firefox, k3b disc burner, GIMP image editor and Evince document viewer

    Importance of Dabien

    • To support Linux officially and GNU Hurd unofficially

    • Used for different network installation

    • Acquisition of DVD and CD images for installation

    • Installation of Dabien releases live install images for CDs, DVDs and USB thumb drives

    • Performing of package management operations using different tools available on Dabien

    Why Use Dabien

    • It can be installed using a CD, DVD, USB, etc.

    • It is loaded with many free software apps

    • It has a well integrated packages

    • It is easily upgraded

    • It has many development tools and languages

    • It is secure and stable.

    Many organizations today are making use of Dabien to avoid system crashing and software clustering and with Dabien, you have access to many free software apps and an ability to download other non free software packages. All you need to do is to hire the services of a freelance Dabien expert to install it and get it running. Hiring a Dabien expert will make the work easy because configurations on Dabien may be overwhelming if you don’t have the experience.

    Job Description of a Dabien expert

    • Improving and maintaining packaging systems

    • Documenting packaging systems

    • Improving internal packaging system

    • Improving development scripts

    • Identifying and evaluating Linux kernel patches

    In your search for a Dabien expert, there are several skills the appropriate candidate is recommended to possess.

    • Administration and package creation on Dabien

    • Procession of C skill and source code patch management

    • Skilled in Unix shell scripting

    • Knowledge of UNIX ‘test utils’

    • Knowledge of C++

    • Knowledge in Linux kernel building

    • Skilled in Ruby, Python and Perl.

    If you are looking to hire the services of a Dabien Expert, the best platform for easy access to many candidates is on Using this online source will give you access to view the profiles of many experts in this field and making an informed decision will be easy.

    There are so many important benefits of hiring a freelance Dabien expert such as:

    • Elimination of Advertisement cost and overhead costs

    • Ease of interviewing, hiring, testing and retaining the best candidate for your job

    • Employing an expert who can work both online and offline

    • Enjoying rest free days as your freelance expert takes care of your project

    • Achieving your aim within your budget.

    Using the platform is the best decision in choosing the right candidate for your Dabien installation, maintenance and monitoring needs. Post your project on today and enjoy the benefits.