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    Finding Wix Professionals on Freelancer

    WIX is a free development platform with which you are enabled to create your distinctive website to make your mark in the digital world. It is essentially cloud based and enables you to develop mobile friendly as well as mobile responsive websites, keeping in tune with today’s digital marketing world.

    WIX is one of the easiest website builders available in the market. It has got umpteen features that can be used to create a unique site of your own and what is more, it is free.

    WIX has acquired a global user base for itself with its amazing technology that empowers an individual or organisation to create a web presence totally for free. This is the only website building platform with drag and drop capabilities. There are several hundreds of templates to choose from. The hosting is top grade and the applications that come with it are also provided for free. Though the premium services are offered for a small fee, the business model allows room to develop full-fledged website for free.

    The software development toolkit has unimaginable options in designs helping organisations and professionals to market their applications and product services worldwide to millions of audiences.

    The technology involved in the development of WIX is complex, but building websites with WIX could be easier. It is extremely simple and does not involve coding. Initially Adobe Flash was used, but in 2012 it was replaced by HTML5.

    WIX App market

    With this application from other software vendors can be easily integrated into your website, for example:

    • Email marketing

    • File management

    • Blogging

    • Photograph feeds

    • Music playlists

    WIXHIve API was released in 2014.  This enables a WIX app in your website to express and share information like messages, contacts, bookings / purchases and so on.


    • WIX Hotels is an application that is integrated into the WIX website meant for vacation rentals, hotels, etc. This was released in 2014.

    • WIX Music- is an application created for musicians with websites to create their impact in the market of music world. This was released in 2015

    • WIX Restaurant This is the latest application released in 2016.

    Responsibilities of WIX Expert Developer

    • Developing tools and installers

    • Automation

    • Debugging

    • Solving issues with integration of other applications


    What are the qualifications expected of a WIX developer?

    1. A basic Bachelor or Master’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science is a must. Adequate experience in software development.

    2. Experience in C programming

    3. Excellent knowledge and experience in WIX toolset

    4. Knowledge of Windows MSI installers is desirable.

    5. Advanced knowledge in HTML5, JavaScript &  XML

    6. Experience and knowledge in Windows programming

    7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

    If you’re looking for a solution for your Wix needs or if you are looking to trial a freelancer to see if they provide the levels of expertise you are looking for, using a platform such as is a fantastic option.

    Simply log onto the website and search through a bank of talented freelancers who are willing and able to provide their services to you for your project.