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    In this world of online theft, and by that we mean cyber theft, one can’t be too careful. Cyber thieves can bring down businesses and finding ways to secure your data is becoming a tough feat. Binary code analysis is the new kid on the block and you may want to consider utilizing this method of testing application security within your company. If you could analyze codes, without needing to access the source code, on any platform, including libraries your business is exposed to and any third party components, would you put your hand up?

    Of course, you would, as your business is important to you. You did not work long; slogging hours to leave your business vulnerable. 

    But implementing such software is costly and timorous. Managing it is even more of a headache. So, why not employ the services of someone who knows their way around binary analysis? can assist you here. Finding that special someone who can install, implement and manage the processes needed to analyse code and in the end secure your business can be a long and tedious process, never mind expensive. With Freelancer at your fingertips, you can have this process up and running using a competent freelancer in a matter of days.

    What Should Your Binary Analysis Expert Be Able To Do?

    • First they should have a qualified diploma or certificate in binary analysis either from a college or university
    • They should understand the ins and outs of your business and why you need a security analysis
    • They must be able to install the software needed, and there are a few options on the market, implement it into your business server, so that it covers all areas and all employee’s computers and in the end be able to monitor the analysis on an ongoing basis
    • Communicate the risks they find and in turn find solutions for them
    • Communicate those solutions in an easy, layman format, so that you can understand
    • Supply references that show you that this individual can be trusted with your business data and won’t pose a further security risk
    • Show you a portfolio of work completed in the past and their level of expertise in the field

    Why Use Freelancer For Your Next Binary Analysis Specialist? is the perfect place to find such an expert, and for many very good reasons:

    • Easy registration process
    • Free registration process
    • Low fee structure once candidate accepts project
    • Good referral structure
    • Easy to understand and implement advert process
    • Free messaging service via online whether desktop or mobile application
    • Secure payment facility using Freelancer’s unique Milestone process
    • Ability to leave a reference once a successful job is complete and rate your best freelancing Binary Analysis agent could be just the platform you are looking for to complete your important project. Simply log in, post a project (with a detailed description of the job to be done), sit-back and watch the bids flow in, and award the project. Get started today!