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Contest Name Entries Prize Started Left

You need to make the animation of the paraglider roll left/right and transformers style self-assembling. Both animations should be created in Spine ( Source...

0 $150 USD Apr 26, 2017 2 days, 22 hours Post a contest like this

We are establishing a new brand "Bomki" appeal-able to wide range of customers. Our Business/Brand is about sourcing and selling quality Sports & Outdoors products (Hiking, Camping, ...

118 $50 AUD Apr 26, 2017 1 week, 6 days Post a contest like this

I am looking for an illustrator, highly skilled in cartoon illustration, for ongoing work. You will need to work from the original image (attached) to create a cartoon style image us...

19 £145 GBP Apr 26, 2017 5 days, 19 hours Post a contest like this

We require a logo for our Auto Parts company, we would like the logo to be simple, and look good. Our company is BB Auto Parts, and we specialise in Subaru and other Japanese car parts....

202 $100 AUD Apr 26, 2017 5 days, 16 hours Post a contest like this

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING A DESIGN Starting with the attached logo, I would like a logo that incorporates a woman's high heel shoe/stiletto, as well as the brushst...

227 $100 USD Apr 26, 2017 5 days, 14 hours Post a contest like this

We need multiple 15-30 second videos related to our company and our services. The video should be silent, as they will be played in an area with little or no audio ability.

3 $250 USD Apr 25, 2017 1 week, 5 days Post a contest like this

I am looking for a designer to put together an uncluttered and modern looking logo for a complementary therapy business. I prefer a clean design without the use of chakra colours or but...

87 $100 AUD Apr 25, 2017 1 week, 4 days Post a contest like this

This logo design contest is asking for logos to represent a company offering classes to new parents. These classes will teach parents certified, endorsed methods of infant massage, whic...

143 $100 CAD Apr 25, 2017 4 days, 15 hours Post a contest like this