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I am starting an accounting firm in Melbourne Australia. Looking for a logo and business name that is unique, professional and modern. Happy to have the words Chartered Accountants at t...

33 $267 AUD Jul 30, 2015 5 days, 14 hours Post a contest like this

Logo #1 Logo is for an existing restaurant - This logo needs to be updated as we are renovating our restaurant. The new name will be simply SANDBAR not Sur...

33 $100 AUD Jul 30, 2015 5 days, 13 hours Post a contest like this

The Institute of plumbing South Africa is looking for a new logo design a modern professional strong brand. Requirements: The Institute provides an industry forum for plumbers, supp...

20 R2040 ZAR Jul 30, 2015 5 days, 11 hours Post a contest like this

We (NASA) need to develop a number of high resolution 3D models to be used for Robonaut simulations. These 3D models are to be developed based on photographs of real items (see attached...

9 $100 USD Jul 30, 2015 1 week, 1 day Post a contest like this

i need a logo for my Youtube gaming channel . its going to be called Khaleeji Gamer . its based in the middle east hence the word khaleeji . also it will feature retro games as ...

53 $90 USD Jul 30, 2015 5 days, 9 hours Post a contest like this

Need a logo designed with a custom symbol utilizing the initials KP. Draw inspiration from luxury fashion design labels (the gold emblems on designer handbags) Preferred branding color...

105 $100 USD Jul 30, 2015 1 day, 7 hours Post a contest like this

Hi guys, My client is after a classy, modern logo that represents her branding image (Grounded Goddess). My client is like a Medium (spiritual healer, etc)... this is not anything a...

39 $75 AUD Jul 30, 2015 1 day, 6 hours Post a contest like this

New packaging design for a new product to be released on the New Zealand market. Product is "Ice Rocket" 8pk multi-pack, aimed at children/adults wanting a refreshing treat to cool of...

11 $150 NZD Jul 30, 2015 1 day, 4 hours Post a contest like this

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