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    Ever come across VoiceXML? Perhaps you’re not too sure how to program or are seeking basic training? VoiceXML is an acronym for Voice Extensible Markup Language. It is designed to create audio dialogues which feature digitized audio, synthesized speech, telephony, recording spoken input, recognizing spoken and DTMF key inputs.

    VoiceXML 0.9 was published in 1999 by AT&T Corporation, Motorola, Lucent and IBM after a forum was formed and established. In 2000, VXML 1.0 was released to the public for availability and access. Since it’s release, other versions have become available including VXML 2.0 and VXML 2.1

    VoiceXML as a mark-up language can achieve the following:

    • Minimise interaction between clients and server

    • Serve as a shield to application authors

    • VoiceXML separates user interaction code from service logic

    • Provide language features for complex conversation

    • Develop automated customer service portals and banking systems

    • Serve as an alternative to using websites

    Features of VXML

    • It is based on the same software codes as other internet browsers like Firefox and explorer

    • Its applications uses HTTP protocols and are delivered by web servers

    • Its applications uses Secure Socket connections to connect

    • Its applications are cookies friendly

    • VXML can embed JavaScript

    Hiring a VoiceXML Expert

    Qualifications/duties of VoiceXML expert:

    • Knows how to develop VoiceXML application

    • The expert should have programming experience

    • The expert should know how to develop ECMASript and Speech recognition

    • The expert should know Call Control XML language

    • The expert should understand and write basic speech grammars used in XML

    • The expert should understand Call Control XML language

    Finding an expert for VoiceXML can be tedious if you don’t know where and how to find them. It may be discouraging if you don’t find the right person to handle your project.

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