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    The marketing industry is becoming bigger and bigger every day, and finding the best way to get into your customers’ minds and convincing them that your product is exactly what they need should be the primary goal of any marketing department and company. This is a skill which only certain marketing professionals can do. Where can you find these professionals? The answer is simple -! 

    Visual merchandising (VM) involves boosting sales by drawing a customer’s attention to the products advantages, and usually by presenting the products in some specific and catchy way. Your business will surely benefit from this type of marketing if it is done appropriately and with style. 

    So, what are the skills of a visual merchandiser?

    • Creativity and imagination, in order to be able to organize the goods
    • Talent for design and arrangement of colors
    • Style, since there is no room for kitsch. The presentation has to be classy, and the person engaged in this job has to bear in mind the target consumers all the time
    • Interest in the job. Perfection cannot be reached if there is no interest in what has to be done
    • Communication and negotiation skills no job can be done if a person doesn’t know how to interact with people, both their superiors and the target audience
    • Visual and spatial awareness so that the goods can be appropriately arranged in the store, according to their dimensions, colors and looks

    What exactly can a visual merchandiser do with these skills? 

    • Creating themes and plans for arranging window and in-store displays, most often some months ahead
    • Doing the research on future trends and psychology on people’s behavior during shopping
    • Identifying and choosing the right materials and colors of goods, as well as the accompanying furniture that goes with them
    • Maximizing the availability of space by working with or rearranging the features of the store
    • Using various computer programs and packages such as AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite or Mockshop
    • Analyzing the effectiveness of the goods’ display by the increase or decrease of sale

    It may seem like a simple job to do, but it takes a lot of skill, effort and knowledge to do it. Deadlines are usually very short, and if the work is not done by the experts, it can cause a big damage to the sale. It is a dynamic process, with a big responsibility. If you want a reliable person for this kind of job, a freelance visual merchandiser is the right one for you.

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