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  • vw2082690vw's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in VINH PHUC, Vietnam
    5 Reviews

    I have over 6 years experience with : - Data processing 3D STL format, IGS, STP - I can make 3D Models on software CAD/CAM - I use CATIA , SOLIDWORKS , AUTOCAD very well , I have over 6 years experience working with CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, AUTOCAD , Autodesk Inventor, NX, VERICUT. - I have over 6 years experience work ...

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  • FiberCat's Profile Picture
    Expert in Solidworks Design
    15 Reviews

    Top notch expert in Solidworks design. Sound experience in CAD/CAM, 3D modelling and mechanical engineering. Skilled in AutoCAD, Finite Element Analysis and Engineering Drawing.

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  • logesh007's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Coimbatore, India
    53 Reviews

    I am a Mechanical Engineer and a Certified Solidworks Professional(CSWP) certified by Dassault System. I have 5 years of hand on experience in Soliworks. Presently i am working as a Design Engineer in a reputed Company. I am good in product designing also. But I am new to this freelancing job but not to this field. ...

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  • dewruwani's Profile Picture
    Expertise in Solidworks Design
    17 Reviews

    Proficient individual with 3years experience in Solidworks design, AutoCAD & detailed drawing. Other skills include graphic designing, 3D modelling, PowerPoint & technical writing.

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  • SmiyanAnton89's Profile Picture
    Inventive Engineer for Solidworks
    10 Reviews

    A Russian, Ukrainian and English multi- Inventive Engineer for Solidworks. Expert is ready to help with creative projects. Utilizes SolidWorks to create professional 3D CAD designs

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  • mkaseb's Profile Picture
    Certified Solidworks Professional
    31 Reviews

    Enthusiastic certified Solidworks Professional with expert skills in CATIA, AutoCAD, Working Model 2D & CAD applications. Completes task with utmost efficiency and precision.

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Finding Solidworks Designers on Freelancer

Solidworks is a modeling CAD (computer aided design) program that is operated on Microsoft Windows. Solidworks creates 2D and 3D solid models in a simple, efficient and inexpensive manner.

The free software Edrawings allows the user to examine and print their Solidworks designs to make changes and to add to their portfolio that can then be used to pitch to potential clients. If you are looking to introduce any design aspect into your organization, whether this relates to marketing or product development there are some reasons why Solidworks is the best program and should be used by a designer with specialist Solidworks skills which can be hired from the community of thousands at Freelancer.com.

Solidworks is primarily used in engineering as the 3D software allows the Solidworks user to create models as they would in real-life. Single parts can be created in Solidworks and then assembled replicating the design and build process to ensure that the parts fit together and are ergonomically correct. When it comes to manufacturing the product this saves on wastage of materials as testing has already taken place through Edrawings (which is used in conjunction with Solidworks), which will, in turn, save the company money.

If your company already uses Solidworks or you are looking to introduce Solidworks to your organization, then it is important that you hire a professional with specific Solidworks training and experience.

It may be tempting to utilize the skills of an existing employee who has intricate industry knowledge but limited 3D software knowledge, however, this option will lead to your job taking longer and, therefore, costing the company more money. It is much easier to teach a Solidworks expert details of the industry rather than teaching an industry expert the specific terminology associated with Solidworks so if those skills are in short supply within your existing workforce than a Solidworks expert whose profile can be found on Freelancer.com will provide you with the best possible solution.

Hiring a freelance Solidworks expert will cost your company less money as they often have all of the programs that they need on their computer so they can work from home which reduces their overheads and the savings will be passed on to you. They are also only paid based on their output so you will not be liable for any hidden costs once the job is done.

As Solidworks designers are only paid for the job that you need them for rather than recruited as permanent employees (initially), if you have further work you can continue to employ them but if you just need one task completing then you are under no obligation to continue paying them once it's complete.

A designer with Solidworks training and experience will display their portfolio and training and employment history on Freelancer.com, which will enable you to choose the most suitable 3D designer for your project.






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