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    Freelancer in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
    58 Reviews

    I have master degree in GIS. I finished study in AGH in Krakow (Poland) and INTUOG (Ukraine). I am working in Expert Centre in Ukraine. I like sport. I have skills in computer programs: MapInfo, Vertical Mapper, ArcGIS, Quantum GIS, Google Earth Pro, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, EasyTrace, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc. Also...

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  • sahinozsoy's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in ankara, Turkey
    2 Reviews

    Electrical Engineer with Labview/C++/Matlab Experience Exceptional analytical skills and Scientific Knowledge. Assembler VHDL/Verilog C C++ Java SE Labview Labview FPGA Matlab ---------------------- Radar & EW Systems Synthetic Aperture Radar Tomographic Imaging Direction of Arrival Estimation (MUSIC, ESPRIT, CAPON,...

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  • lnewey's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Brisbane, Australia
    9 Reviews

    Environmental GIS & Remote Sensing specialist with experience in Mining, Transport, Utility and Conservation industries. Highly skilled in GIS modelling, Cartographic services and Remote Sensing Image classification and Vegetation Mapping. Rehabilitation monitoring, Disturbance reporting and Offset planning. ...

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  • k03ak's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kiev, Ukraine
    50 Reviews

    We are a team of highly skilled electronic engineers with more than 10 years of experience in the field of electronics. Our team consist of 5 members: 2 Ph.D, 2 postgraduate students / Masters of Electronics, 1 Master of Electronics. Recently we've been working on Industrial Automatics and Electronics. Our fields of...

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  • shahrulnizam's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in -, Malaysia
    1 Reviews

    About me visit shahrulnizam.com/about

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  • SEELaboratory's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Zaporozhe, Ukraine
    7 Reviews

    I represent UA(Ukraine)-based electronic engineers team. Our designers and engineers have experience in  commertial and industrial electronics, precision electronics, electronics for harsh & extreme environments.  electronics for hazardous areas zone 1, precision electronics for harsh & extreme environments. Quality...

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Finding Remote Sensing Engineers on Freelancer

Finding the right people to help you accomplish your projects is not always easy. Freelancer.com has a pool of impressive freelance Remote Sensing Engineers who are ready to help you out. Based on various places around the world, they are able to collect data and information of a distant object without having to be near it. The data that they pick up is crucial and important since this will be the main basis for their work. It requires dedication and skill in order to complete a project for remote sensing jobs, which is why Freelancer.com is more than confident that freelance engineers are able to complete their tasks to a high standard of work. Freelancers are able to attend to any of your needs regarding remote sensing.

Finding the right freelancer for your project does not have to be hard as Freelancer.com takes away all the hassle of looking for a new employee and having to provide workspace. Let us maximize your resources and time through exposing you to the right people. Posting a project on Freelancer.com is absolutely free and takes no time to have freelancers bid competitively on your project. There are available portfolios of past projects that have been completed by freelancers on Freelancer.com so that you can be ensured of the quality of their work. It is easy and it is safe to find the best person to do the job for you. The credibility of freelance Remote Sensing Engineers reflects that Freelancer.com cares for you and your projects.

Freelancer.com’s freelance Remote Sensing Engineers are capable in helping you out with projects such as:

  • Schematic project remote
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote assistant
  • Remote upload
  • Remote admin
  • Remote administration tool
  • Upload script remote
  • Gis remote sensing
  • Energy meter remote sensing

Developing and building databases for remote sensing can sometimes feel overwhelming but putting the right people in the right place to finish a project that they are well-versed in will save you a great deal of time and effort. Collecting supporting data to corroborate remote sensing data analyses does not have to be daunting because the available freelance remote sensing engineers are ready to assist you.

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