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    Boonex Dolphin is a social networking platform that is used for creating communities, or social networking sites focused on dating. With a free community edition as well as plans available, the platforms offers a range of functions for the site you’re looking to develop.

    Modules available on Boonex Dolphin platform include:

    • Facebook connectivity - users can log into the platform and use their Facebook accounts to connect.
    • Add and remove polls - site owners can add and remove rolls and display results through the website.
    • Flash app integration - packaged to appear as photo, video player or audio/video chat, these apps can be added to enhance the user experience.
    • Ad module - ads can be submitted and added to your website via this platform. Simple ads and classifieds can be integrated through one of the module menus.
    • Messenger - send private messages to individual members
    • Shoutbox - allows users to send messages that are shown publically across the site.
    • Spy - this function allows users to see who has recently updated their profiles.
    • Articles/blogs - these can be added to your website if you have regular news and updates
    • RSS feed - gives administrators the ability to add custom RSS feeds to their profile and display posts from them.

    The platform also has options for tools including mass mailer, managing subscribers, banners, IP blacklist, database backup and anti spam tools. Written in PHP, the program powers more than 300,000 web communities around the world and is the ideal software for individuals looking to launch a social network.The platform is responsive, mobile friends and suitable for use on iOS and also Android, it can also be completely customised to suit your brand including layout and colour schemes.

    Core features for administrators include:

    • Mix and match modules

    • Multi-language options

    • Create your templates

    • Mobile connectivity

    • Content privacy and world-class security

    • Seamless CSS3 effects

    • Built in subscription system

    • Mass mailer for announcements, site updates, and promos

    • SEO-friendly

    • Database pruning

    • Banner ads

    • Statistics and reporting

    If you’re looking to create your social network, explore the exciting capabilities of engaging a developer who understands how to program and implement at Boonex Dolphin platform for your website. Thousands of developers are available on, who can provide the skills and expertise you’re looking for in your Boonex Dolphin project.

    Post a project on today and explore the possibilities of engaging a Dolphin developer who can make your social community come alive.