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  • loover's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Alushta, Russian Federation
    42 Reviews

    Flash & HTML5 JavaScript Games. Any hi-end portrait and body retouching. Any retouching photos of people for photo stocks.

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  • gsmuniz's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Carapebus, Brazil
    21 Reviews

    I Work more than five years with web development , desktop , mobile and games in different languages ​​and platforms . I have over 3 years of experience in design. 2D design , illustration and 3D production , whether for modeling, animation and rendering. I will surely do my best. - Game Development. - 3D Production,...

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  • alpha2omega's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Garbeta, India
    47 Reviews

    Dedicated to deliver high quality solutions for C/C++, PHP, Java, flash,flex,ActionScript, Adobe AIR, Verilog, FPGA, Web Technologies and Electronics Engineering.

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  • aamong's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in bangalore, India
    208 Reviews

    Hey there, I am a graphic Designer and a programmer , I have 9 years experience in freelancing, I specialize in infographics, Google Ads, corporate identity, print design and typography. I have a good taste in design, and I can work in Wordpress, html5 ( adobe edge , animate cc, adobe muge and google Web Designer ) ,...

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  • Misko813's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Santarém, Portugal
    1 Reviews

    I have great customer service skills, acquired working for an airline catering for customers from all over Europe, former Biomedical Engineering student, with great fluency in both written and spoken English and Portuguese.

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  • argha0007's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in kolkata, India
    358 Reviews

    My work is my passion and my goal is to offer my clients the best design solution possible to satisfy their expectations, wishes and to eliminate and clarify their small fears. So, as a result, I expect to evoke their positive emotions. To my portfolio I’ve added some examples of the last 6 months the most...

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Finding Flashmob Dancers on Freelancer

Way back before 2003 no one had thought of the idea, well certainly at least no one had coined the term, the flash mob was born in New York City in that year. Like many things born of New York, the flash mob has grown into a very singular and difficult to pin down marketing strategy and yet it has been employed by individuals and brands around the world to gain attention on social media which can translate into real sale conversions and increased brand awareness. It might seem quirky but sometimes creating a memorable ad is simply about creating as big a commotion as possible in as strategic and memorable a way as possible the art of the flash mob is one very fluent with this line of thinking. These unruly and disorganized spectacles contain underneath their surface a great deal of planning and subtle orchestration. These are not simple chance events though that can be the impression and therein lies the mastery.

How do you pull off a marketing event that is a bit more like a surprise party or a circus than a brand launch? If you are planning to use flash mob marketing, you need to hire a true flash mob marketing expert someone who can act as a creative strategist and nail down all the fine details that will make or break the overall effect of your big event. No matter what your flash mob needs, there is one place on the internet where all top firms turn for flash mob marketing experts. That place is Freelancer.com! Quite simply, Freelancer.com is the best place to find talent of any type. There are people who have done it, who have achieved viral success by creating buzz around their business or event. These are people who know how to make a launch the news event of the year and how to translate an abstract concept into something actionable and achievable. Flash mob marketing doesn’t have to be a pain, it can and will be an effortless process the moment you stop fumbling around in the dark and choose to use Freelancer.com for your next flash mob project!

From fashion to nutrition, flash mob marketing could be used strategically for your brand to get ahead. The idea is pretty simple, you create a memorable moment, capture it on film and exploit it for all its worth. Seems very straightforward and yet if you somehow fail what you thought was a good idea could turn into the worst news story your firm has weathered. Flash mob marketing is big business, and that's why instead of just playing jazz, you should consult with a real content area expert from Freelancer.com. Only there can you find the absolute best in flash mob marketing. Simply post a project (with a detailed description of the work to be done) and you'll start to receive bids within minutes.  

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