VarsiTee Ink: custom design & Wordpress.

by phamtech211

VarsiTee Ink hired us to design & code their website at the total price of only $700 which includes these features: - Design up to 7 pages in PSD (Photoshop files). - Transform these PSD pages to HTML5/CSS3 fully functional websites - all animation (ajax) included. - Build the whole page management system based on Wordpress - now the page owner can manage the whole website (create new/ edit content, add new pages, edit the navigation themselves) on Wordpress. - Help upload and test websites on their hosting plan. Each additional page that needs design & coding costs them only $70 from our service.

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About Me

PHAMTECH Co is a professional web design and programming group located in Hochiminh city, Vietnam, and founded by Hung Pham - a Tufts College graduate (Boston, MA, USA) - since 2007. We deliver US standard service with a competitive price. Our expertises are: + Website design (in Photoshop files). + Website coding: Converting Photoshop design into HTML5/ CSS3 functional website. + Wordpress theme development: Converting Photoshop design (or HTML) into Wordpress fully functional website. + Wordpress plugin development: Design & code Wordpress plugin to accomplish from general to specific tasks.

$15 USD/hr

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