Islamic Art

by mungaiwamukui
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ISLAMIC ART\n\n Art is one of the most naturalistic expressions that is used to mirror the ways of a society, culture and views of the world. Over the centuries, different forms of art have been used to reflect upon the societal values of communities and the ways in which individuals adhere to various pillars of life. Islamic art is celebrated as one of the forms of art that is both distinctive and vibrant as well. Unlike other religious form of arts that are restricted, Islamic art incorporates both religion and all the traditional aspects of the Muslim culture. This form of art is known to possess a strong aesthetic appeal towards its audience since it transcends over both space and time. There are a couple of remarkable features that give Islamic art the essence of a coherent and vivacious appearance, regardless of the time or period the artistic piece was created. This paper is an essay that discusses ad describes Islamic art by focusing on how most museums continue to i

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