Helping for AWS/AMAZON auto scalable architecture

by meet2amit

Purpose of the job is to help us to finalize our auto scalable amazon architecture for a PHP/MYSQL apps Architecture should be like this : We followed already a tutorial to make Ec2 instances, Define Route 53 DNS, Load Balancer & RDS are ready. Domain name is already defined with Route 53 that redirect to the Load Balancer to Ec2 instance. Security is ready. We have already php/mysql and everything installed and are running well, all Amazon services can be accessed trough a php script on the Ec2. We need now to set our files in S3, and create the autoscale of Ec2 and RDS automatically (with CloudWatch ?), and make make Live replication of Database. You will guide us, answering our questions and give us source code to make this alive.

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Please check My Repeat Hire Rate as i believe in long term business relationships. Technical Details. (10+ years of experience) =============== • Experience working in an Agile environment, and familiarity with the Atlassian toolset (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket) Build toolset: bower, npm, git  • Native mobile apps development with Android and IOS Platform. • Hybrid app development using Ionic/NativeScript/React Native.  • Front-end development with Angular1&2.0, Jquery UI, CSS3,HTML5,ReactJs,Bootstrap • SaaS Application development • Cloud Computing. • E-commerce website and app with payment gateway integration. • API Development with Restful API & JS Based framework. • OAuth1.0/2.0 (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn). • SAML/SSO, OpenID, XML (SOAP) & WSDL. • Social Media API like Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics & Google Adwords Apps. • Payment API like PayPal, , Wepay, BrainTree, Stripe and Customized Merchant API

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