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A client wants to query the company API and show the email, item #, item title, quantity and price for each receipt entered in a given time period. In this simplified example, the vendor is boisandbox and there is no date range that needs to be passed in to the query string to get the list of receipts. Instead I built a very straightforward endpoint that will return a small set of data in the AWS cloud. The endpoint for the API is and it takes either a vendor query string parameter or a receipt query string parameter. In essence, the vendor or receipt are the API keys for this scenario. Please write a webpage with: 1) a simple UI that accepts a vendor nickname string and a submit button that returns the receipts associated with that nickname. Please also provide: 2) an input field with a different button that will recursively query ALL the receipts associated with that nickname and show the emails, item #s, item titles, quantities and prices of the items based

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