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Giving project reviews / feedback

The availability of the feedback option varies for fixed-price and hourly projects. Your feedback is final and cannot be changed.



Fixed-price projects


You will be able to leave feedback after the project is marked as Complete



Hourly projects


Leaving feedback is enabled every time a payment is released to the freelancer. The final project feedback option will be enabled once the project is marked as Complete, which will be the only review displayed for that project on your profile pages.



Once your option to leave feedback is enabled, you will be notified of it on the project page, on your account Dashboard, and via email, as shown below.


Project page:









How much time do I have to leave the other party feedback?


You have 14 days after the other party gives feedback to do the same for them. Your feedback option will expire past this period, and the review given to you by the other party will be posted to your profile.



What happens if we both fail to leave each other feedback?


If neither party leaves feedback within 90 days since the option's activation, it will be removed entirely. Re-enabling the feedback option for both parties can be done provided that both parties request it by contacting our Support Team. Scroll down and click Contact Us.


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