How to Edit a Bid

You can easily edit your bid on a project. If there are any adjustments you want to apply or any upgrades you want to try, you can edit your bid as long as the project hasn’t been awarded to anyone yet.

On the project page, locate your bid from the bids list, and click Edit Bid at its lower right portion.

Alternatively, you can go to your My Projects page, and click the Active Bids tab to find all your recent bids. Make sure you’ve toggled the Freelancer view (found on top of the page). On the Action drop-down menu of the project bid, select Edit Bid.


You’ll be redirected to the bid proposal page. Here, you can edit your bid amount, deadline, and original proposal. You may also choose to sponsor or highlight your bid and send a different Milestone Proposal scheme


When you’re satisfied with the changes, simply click Update Bid.


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