How to Bid

To bid on a project, kindly follow these steps:

1. Hover your mouse on Work and select Projects with My Skills to view all available projects with skills that match yours. If you wish to browse all projects instead, select Browse Projects.

2. On the results page, you can filter your search by specifying which projects or contests you wish to see. The more filters you change, the more specific the list of projects will be and the easier it will be for you to choose. 

The results page will show the Search, Skills, and Job Types filters by deault. If you wish to choose the Duration, Listing types, Languages, and Location filters as well, click on More Options.


3. Select your preferred project from the project list by hovering your mouse over it and clicking Bid Now.


4. Read the project description thoroughly. When you are certain that you can do the work and the project is for you, click Bid on This Project.


5. Fill out the required fields – the bid amount and delivery time. You can choose to upgrade your bid by sponsoring or highlighting it. Once you are done, click Place Bid.

The number of your available bids is shown on the bidding page. If you're running out of bids, you might want to consider upgrading to any of our membership plans here to get more bids.


6. Compose a detailed proposal. Feel free to indicate your experience, credentials, portfolio. etc. Make an impression on the employer by providing a proposal that shows the quality of your work and your suitability for the job.

On the Proposed Milestones section, you can specify the list of tasks you will accomplish to complete the project and their corresponding Milestone Payments. To know more about Proposed Milestones, please read this article.


7. Once done, click Submit Proposal.

To check on the project you bid on, just go to the My Projects page and select Active Bids. The project will be listed there if it has not yet been awarded, cancelled, or deleted. 


Here are some helpful tips on bidding that you can use. Happy bidding!


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