How do I Deliver a Project?

The Private Messaging Board (PMB) is the gateway through which you can submit your output to the employer. It is accessible through the following:



This is where you send messages to your employer, but you can also send attachments here. To go to your Inbox, hover your mouse over My Projects and select Inbox. If you wish to open a chat box, click the dialogue icon at the upper right corner of the text field.

When a chat window is open, you can find the attach icon next to the text field at the bottom. You can attach a file with a size of up to 256 MB through the Inbox and chat box.  


Project Page

You can start a chat through the main page of your project. Just go to your project's page and click on Open Chat.

On the project's page, you can also submit files with a larger size through the Files tab. Just click the Files tab and you will be given an option to attach multiple files up to 2GB in size.


Messages Icon

The Messages icon is located beside your balance at the upper right part of your page. Hover over it and a list of your recent messages will show. To go to your Inbox, click Send All Messages. To directly start a chat, select the message that you wish to view from the list. 


Please make sure that the project is awarded to you and that you accepted the award first before you start working. That way, the employer can create a Milestone Payment for you, and you can be assured that the employer is willing to pay for your work.


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