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Setting up a security phone number

Present yourself as a trusted member of the community by adding a verified phone number to your account. If you have already added one but you wish to update, see this article instead.


   1.  Log in to your account.


   2.  Click your profile picture at the upper right part of your Dashboard, and select Settings.


   3.  On the Profile tab, scroll down to the Security Phone Number section.


   4.  Click Setup Security Number.


   5.  Make sure your country is selected on the Country dropdown menu. Provide your phone number, and choose if you wish to receive the verification code via SMS or via a phone call.



To make sure the verification works, your phone number has to be in the correct format:

  • Do not include hyphens or spaces
  • Select the correct country to auto-populate the country code field
  • It has to follow the standard international calling format: country code, city code, local phone number

You can use a mobile phone number or a landline number (without extensions). If you are using a mobile number, omit the 0. The country code will take its place, so just input the succeeding numbers. For instance, a US number 01234567898 will be entered as +11234567898.


   6.  Click Send Verification Code. You will receive the code on your mobile phone or landline via the method you selected (SMS or call).


   7.  Enter the code on the new field that will appear. Click Verify Code.



If you are unable to receive a code within 15 minutes, click Re-send Code.


   8.  A success notification will appear after your phone number is verified.



A phone number linked to an account can no longer be removed nor be used in another account.


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