What Does Your Withdrawal Status Mean?

Every time you make a withdrawal, you'll be able to check its status immediately. In fact, as soon as your withdrawal request is successfully submitted, you'll receive a site notification and an email about it.

You'll be able to check on the status of your withdrawal request by going to your Financial Dashboard page and selecting the "Withdrawals" tab. 

Alternatively, you can go to your Withdraw Money page and scroll down to the Pending Withdrawals section.


Withdrawal Request Status


When the status says Pending, it means your withdrawal is waiting to be processed.

  • 5pm on Sunday, New York time or 7am on Monday, Sydney time - This will be processed on Monday, New York time or Tuesday, Sydney time.
  • 5pm on Wednesday, New York time or 7am on Thursday, Sydney time - This will be processed on Thursday, New York time or Friday, Sydney time.

Note: If this is your first withdrawal, there will be a delay of 15 days for security and verification checks to be made before your request is processed. After a successful first withdrawal, the 15-day delay will no longer apply to your next withdrawals.



The withdrawal becomes locked when the status changes to Processing. That means your withdrawal is on its way. You will be notified by email once the payment is sent.

Note:‚Äč If you feel that your withdrawal has been left pending for a long time, do not resubmit a withdrawal request at once. Kindly contact our Support Team by clicking on the Chat Now! button below to ask for its status.


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