How to Verify Your Payment Method has revolutionized the way jobs are done. What this means for you and your small business is that now, you can tap the global workforce from anywhere. If there's anything you need, we have it covered -- a logistics specialist for your product’s distribution, a bicycle engineer for your custom ride, an Internet researcher and marketer for your business operations, and a lot more we haven’t even thought of yet. It’s just a breeze doing business here.

It is, therefore, a step forward for you to verify your payment method. It encourages prospective freelancers to tackle your projects with vigor because they think you’re serious about getting them done. By verifying, you’re telling everyone you mean business.

Moreover, this sets up the billing agreement, which takes care of all your fees and payments. Simply put, you no longer have to trouble yourself with money matters. Whether your Plus Membership is due, you have to create a Milestone Payment for your project, or you are upgrading a project, those fees are automatically charged from your verified payment source with an active billing agreement. 


To verify your payment source, follow these steps:

1. On the Dashboard or home page, hover over your balance and select Verify Payment Method.

2. On the Verify Payment Method page, select your preferred payment source.

Note that the option to be subscribed to the free 30-day trial of Plus Membership is ticked by default. This means that once you verify any payment method, your account will receive a free Plus Membership for 30 days, which will automatically renew to a regular Plus Membership right after. If you do not wish to continue the plan and pay the fee, you can downgrade it. You will still get the benefits of the free trial until it expires.

If you do not want to get the free trial upon verifying your payment method, you can opt to untick the box first before selecting your payment method.

3. Enter the necessary information on the required fields. Confirm that all information is correct.

Add Credit Card

Add PayPal Account

Add Skrill Account


All of the available payment methods have their unique advantages. It is advisable to choose one that you can readily access. For example, if you already have a Skrill or PayPal account, it will be easiest to input those accounts’ details. If you choose PayPal and you don’t have a PayPal account yet, you’ll be asked to create one.

Note that you can also verify your payment source by making a deposit. If you’ve made a deposit before, you’re already verified. There’s no need to do it again. If you wish to authenticate your credit card, however, just read this article: How to Authenticate Your Credit Card.

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