How to Authenticate your Credit Card

As we aim to ensure the safety of our users' accounts and promote a safer marketplace, we have added another security measure that will help employers win the trust from freelancers and will, in turn, encourage the latter to produce outstanding results.

How does it work?

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click your profile picture at the top right corner of your Dashboard and choose Settings.  

2. Click the Trust & Verification tab, then click on the Authenticate Credit Card button.


3. Select the linked credit card that you want to authenticate.

4. Read the description and click Authenticate.

5. The credit card will be charged a small amount of money depending on the currency of the card. The charge will be refunded within three (3) days whether the authentication is successful or not.  

6. The small amount will reflect on your online credit card statement. For instances when the card is not enrolled to an online facility, you may contact your financial institution for further assistance and they will provide the said amount. Here's a sample image with a charge (in AUD) from

7. Once the amount is available, enter the amount.

8. Click Authenticate to complete the process.


9. Your credit card is now authenticated.


How is this different from verifying a payment source?

  • Verifying a payment source is simply adding or linking a credit card to your account. As for authenticating your credit card, your card will be charged a small amount in which you have to confirm afterward through our website (Please refer to 'How does it work?').


How much is the charge that will be applied to my credit card?

  • The charge varies but it will only be less than 2 USD (or equivalent).


Where can I see the charge?

  • The charge can be seen on your online credit card statement. If your card is not enrolled in an online facility, you may ask for the amount of the charge from your credit card provider. 


When can I see the charge?

  • This is largely dependent on your financial institution. From our records, some financial institutions display the charge instantly while others may take up to 2 days.


How long can I authenticate my payment?

  • You are only given 88 hours to complete the authentication process.


How many attempts are allowed?

  • You are only given three attempts. If you've reached the maximum allowed number of attempts, please get in touch with our Customer Support team.


Why am I getting "Couldn't Charge Credit Card?"

  • Your credit card limit has less than 2 USD (or equivalent) remaining.
  • We only support the local currency of where your credit card is issued. For example, USD on a card issued in the US.


If you are having troubles authenticating your payment, please contact our Support Team via Live Chat by clicking the Chat Now! button below.

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