How do I Cancel/Downgrade my Membership Plan?


You can downgrade your membership plan to another paid membership at any time through Freelancer Memberships.


To choose a different plan, just click on your profile picture from your Dashboard page and select Membership. On the Memberships page, click the Downgrade button, and choose Yes for the "Downgrade Membership?" notification.

Your selected membership plan will then start once your current plan expires.



If you wish to cancel your paid membership plan and go back to free, you can do it through the Membership page.

To go there, click on your profile picture from your dashboard and select Settings. On your Settings page, select the Membership tab and click Cancel.


You will be prompted to choose a reason for cancelling your membership plan. Choose one and click Continue.


Alternatives to cancelling your membership may be given to you based on your reason for cancellation. If you still wish to cancel your plan, click Cancel my Subscription.


To check your membership plan cancellation, go back to your Membership page. Under Billing Information, there will be a notification stating that your subscription has been cancelled but your membership plan can still be used until it expires.


Once your membership plan expires, your account will revert to Free Membership. This way, you'll still get all the benefits of your current plan until your new plan becomes active.

Your old membership details will be saved automatically should you wish to upgrade your membership again in the future.

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