How to Enter Contests

Am I eligible to enter?

A lot of employers looking to get designs use contests to acquire customized logos, visuals or 3D graphics. If you know your way around Flash, pictures, video, etc., and you’re considering freelancing work, you might want to give contests a go. To enter a contest, you need to be a registered freelancer on our site. If you're not yet registered, sign up now and complete your profile. Unlike projects wherein you need to have on your profile the skills required by the employer, contests can be entered right away.

Just search for the contests you’re interested in; make sure you read their design brief / contest description thoroughly. For a closer look on how to submit entries in contests, please read this article: How to Submit a Contest Entry

Contests, by the way, are much more than just design. More and more contest holders are using contests for other jobs such as business writing, seeing as text-based files are now allowed as entries, and video presentation.


How much does it cost to enter?

Submitting entries is free for all the participants. Contest holders pay to organize contests and strongly encourage you to participate!

If you happen to win, contest fees will only be charged when the prize money is released to your account after the Contest Handover. The fee depends on the type of membership you currently have and the prize amount.

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