How Do I Upgrade My Contest?

Upgrades cater to varying needs of contest holders. These are all optional. However, if your contest has certain needs that have to be taken into account, checking our available upgrades may benefit you and save you some hassle.

To post an upgraded your contest, follow these steps:

Mouse over the “Hire Freelancers” menu, and click “Start a Contest”:


On the Start a Contest page, fill out the details of your contest and scroll down.

At the upgrades section, tick the upgrades from the list that you wish to apply to your contest. The corresponding price for every upgrade is indicated on the right. The total amount for the contest is displayed at the bottom.


Click the “Get Entries Now” button to post your contest along with the selected upgrade(s).


My contest is already posted. Can I still upgrade it?

Live contests may still be upgraded. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of the upgrades; however, it is best to apply the upgrades at the time of posting.

To know more about changing your contest even if it had started, please read this article.

Again, the upgrade costs will vary depending on the options you select. So always check the Total for the cumulative amount of your contest.

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