Can I Increase the Prize I'm Offering?

If a contest’s prize is deemed insufficient, freelancers may request for an increase by using #increaseprize on the contest’s Public Clarification Board, as shown below:



How to increase the contest prize

First, you need to log in to your account and go to My Projects. There, you select “Employer View” and then click the “Open Contests” tab.

When you’re on the contest page, click the “Upgrade Contest” button.

You will be able to make quick changes to your contest, particularly on the “Upgrade your Prize” section. From there, simply indicate the amount on the given field or slide the prize bar to the right.

The box to the right will change its recommendations depending on the amount you enter. The higher the prize, the better the projected results of your contest are.

Just click the “Upgrade Contest” button to finalize.

Alternatively, you can also make the same changes using the “Edit Brief” page. To know more about it, please read this article: Can I Change the Details of My Contest After It Starts?

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