Cardano Stake Pool Operator/Owner needs UX/UI designer for conversion driven design!


Freedom loving anarchist sees Cardano as the ultimate solution in codifying our Constitution, and voting with our dollar, rather than a useless ballot. That's why I picked Cardano over all other projects, and decided to maintain a Stake Pool myself.

I have an involuntary compulsion to contribute in maintaining this network for many years to come. I will never retire this stake pool, and plan to live modestly off of the rewards earned.

I am a N.A.P loving anarcho-capitalist, who happens to believe that Cardano poses the ultimate form of Decentralized, P2P governance. I also happen to believe that this is Liberty's final stand. With technology like Brain Computer Interfaces, Super Artificial Intelligence, and our growing knowledge base on the human condition on the horizon, the hyper centralized seats of power can no longer be allowed to exist. I believe Cardano's Catalyst and Atala projects can eliminate that role, while maintaining the necessary infrastructure that permits civilization to exist.

Now with all that said... I am in need of an experienced UX/UI Designer who can help me solidify a proper marketing strategy as well.

I have a couple loose ideas of what to include on the website:

1.] I want to host transcriptions of well known Anarcho-capitalists, Libertarians, and other prominent philosopher video content. I will eventually commission these videos to be translated into other languages to spread these ideas as far as I am able.

2.] My passion for this project should be properly articulated, and why I think that Cardano is humanities way forward towards a better tomorrow. (I will be looking for a copywriter for this assignment.)

3.] I would like to create an exlusive private Telegram membership, invitation only. Delegates can build social collateral and have a supportive, professionally-diverse community to call upon. The social dynamic would be akin to having a private R&D team.

Again, I think I am a bit out of my depth here. I need a pro to help me carry this flag home!

A few competitors:

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[login to view URL]

When asked the question of why stake with us, and not another pool with a lower margin? To support us in spreading the word about Cardano; via charitable events, published content, live streaming, and organizing meetups around the world.

I'm probably going to need a News page as well... "Coming soon..." placeholder for the time being.

I would like for prospects to be able to view my pools Grafana stats in a similar way. I can send you the URL for mine upon request.

I'm going to commission white papers, and blogs eventually. I am also hoping to host transcriptions in the following format: [login to view URL]

I've also commissioned an F.A.Q. As well as several "How-to Stake Cardano" .pdf guides for the adalite, yoroi, and Daedalus wallets, using my Pool ID as an example.

Skills: User Interface / IA, Photoshop, Logo Design, Illustration, Website Design

Project ID: #28224782