Ocean Wars

this is a mix of HCF skyblock and prisons kinda!

everything besides the island is ocean

/island create

random spot not taken by other players island

creates island 4 chunks big

first 10 layers sand next layers all stone till bedrock

chest with starter items

cant break outer layer of island

/is top shows whos island has the highest value

measure island value by spawners and valued blocks

Custom Bows - easy bows, explosion bow other

but no /shop

on the map that everyone gets in their inv, multiple different outposts,

no pvp and cant break blocks on island but once you leave island pvp enabled

at shop you can buy pretty much any block

custom enchants maybe aswell as crates and custom bows, (also very expensive spawners(maybe not still deciding))

spawners if added, will stack

dailey vote rewards possible

also a baltop

at the outpost you can also sell your items like diamonds and other minerals and mob drops and farm items

to get these minerals you explore different Skeleton islands or sunken ships

there will be hidden chests and such on these islands and you can breakand place and pvp on these skelton/sunken ship islands

islands despawn once all loot is taken from it

you cant put look back in chest


no chests on skeleton islands just mineral blocks, dia block, dia ore etc

once all mineral blocks are destroyed island destroys

skeletons spawn on the island often

make op pickaxe with more fortune and such in auction

always [x] amount of skeleton islands and sunken ships on this sea world

like hcf when you go to other player islands you can pvp but not break blocks till they are raidable

raidable when member or members of island have died enough times

the max amount of lives you can have before raidable is 5

to gain lives once you have lost some spend time away from your island

1 life gained per hour (might need to adjust this)

once a player is raidable people can break all blocks and take whatever they want

in this server OP shovels will be very cheap and usable to find hidden loot on player islands once raidable

after [x] hours of player being raidable their player island deletes replaced by ocean

[Maybe it should announce when a island is raidable in chat]

no fishing rods for pvp

simple golden apple enchanted dia armor pvp all supplied in shop or craft able

there is auction house at the outposts(just a npc you click to view auction)

you can build anything on your island as well as make farms that make you profit with spawners or crops

but still you need to travel to the outpost when selling

you can build off your island into the ocean as you wish but every hour all blocks not a player island or outpost clears

ocean is super deap and you cant break the floor of it or outside ring of breakable islands

such as player islands or skeleton islands or shunken ships you can break everything but the outside ring of blocks

when blocks reset every hour skeleton islands and shunken ships delete and randomize postition again (skeleton islands and sunken ships also delete randomize once all materials are removed from it)

boats will be main transportation and bows will be used when chasing people

boat will have storage in it, accessible by anyone

also everyone has a /backpack

backpack items drop when player is killed

items float so thats how people will be looted or if they are on a island thats also how

at the beginning I want to no ranks or pay to win things

I think island groups should cap at 5 people

you always have a map with you even when you die

map shows outposts and your island

anytime you join server you go to spawn first

/spawn but you have to not be in pvp for the last 2 min and it will take 10 sec to tp

if you logout while combat blocked your island life goes down one

from spawn you do /go and you will return to the ocean where you left off unless you died then when you /go you go to your island

when you die you go to spawn

if you feel price is wrong or are confused with anything dm me FineLit#1412

Skills: Plugin, Minecraft

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