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I have recently started a project that in the beginning had all the skills and resources necessary to complete. However, certain people quitting and etc... has caused a functionality and complication factor.

So I'm now looking to redo this project on my own with the help of some outsourced developers.


The concept is a Bulletin Board based community with a roleplaying game style.

Basically I want to merge two already existing projects and ideas and emulate a few unique designs and ideas into one.

Take [url removed, login to view] its pretty much a bulletin board that emulates a graphical "Character" interface known as avatars. With a currency, inventory and dynamic items to modify the character to the user's desires and online generated currency through activity on the forums.

This would be first element of the project.

Take the RPG Integration Hack for the vBulletin. Basically it allows the forum user to create a Character to have User vs. User battles and User vs. Monster battles. With items and eqipment that boost the character.

This is the second element that would need to be implemented in the project.


The unique designs I will not state here you will have to contact me for further details... but the requirements are posted below.


vBulletin - The entire project will have to be designed around the incredibly flexible and advanced vBulletin software. I own a license for this software already and the reason I want to use it is because before we were creating an all-new standalone project. However, there is no sense in recreating the wheel. The vBulletin already does an immense amount of legwork that the project would require. (The Community, the User database, the Control Panels.) Furthemore it has an extensive template system which allows for the easy implementation of personal changes.

PHP / MySQL - vBulletin is coded in PHP and MySQL by the latest standards. The additional coding of the project would have to conform to this same code type to be fully functional and integratable.

Instruction - You will have to be able to instruct me on the know-how of implementing certain graphical features. I will be doing the majority of the graphics and artistry myself since that is my area of expertise. However, I will need to know what type of computer graphics I will need to use so that it interacts with the code. For instance... what type of graphic system I would need to create so that an item of the character avatar would impose over the character (like [url removed, login to view]) so that it looks right and works properly. (A character model + pants + shoes + hat).

Demo - Because of the difficutly of conveying all the little details of projects online you will be required to provide 3 elements of the project before even consideration to continue.

-- 1a - A simple avatar system... basically you will need to show that you can emulate the coding necessary to display a dynamic character for the forum user.

-- 1b - What this will prove is that you are capable of the coding of the user modifications necessary and the integration of the vBulletin member database and system.

-- 2a - A simple battle system... what you will have to show is two different members from the database able to be involved in a battle together. (I would like it to work a lot like the RPG Integration Hack for the vB if you do not have access to this file I can give you certain portions so you can see how it works.)

-- 2b - This will prove that you have the ability to not only understand how I want the users to be able to interact but the ability to code the battle system.

-- 3a - A simple how-to guide or tutorial explaining your plans and progression.

-- 3b - This will prove that you are capable of making me understand the semantics of the project. It will ensure that communication will NOT be a complication.


It might seem like a really big project but I only want to get the base of the project. It will be an ongoing project that will require modifications and additions in the future. I want to see the possibility and the pricerange for the basic of the project.

So the basics are... adding a graphical feature to the bulletin boards existing userbase. And integrating the interacivity of forum users to battle their avatars together. Which would require an inventory system and a battle statitics system.

I'm also looking for maybe some interpretation from someone(s) that are more familiar with coding than myself. What would be more reasonable steps to proceed. And elucidating for me how big or small the project is.

Addendum - Please read the included document for more detailed information.

We are ready and eager to get started so please post realistic completion times and project bids.

Skills: PHP, Website Design

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