MetaTrader Third Party Optimization Program

I was not sure what this would cost me. If it is more than what I selected please let me know.

I will be glad to pay the Milestone payment upfront before you start the project.

Attached is PDF File of Logic and an example of third parties program that I have, that only opts one time. Is an example for Idea.

I'm looking for someone who obtains a skill set to manipulate any parameter within the MT4 platform. Some one who has the ability to create a windows install version vs a built in parameter within an EA or an independent program, 3rd party program to work with MT4 and is and can be programed in such a way that it can be reprogrammed for another instance (use) in another platform.

I would like a log file that explains logic in a-b-c order. For future reference.

What it is I am asking for is a custom Optimization Program that one can utilize with any EA. I can only explain the Logic in one or two accordances that I know as a suggestion to the problem with my limited knowledge.. One can either use the set tester built in to MT4 or build a stand alone version where one would load there own back test data for the OPT?

I am not familiar with all the options available to me. This is why I ask for the bidder to sell himself to me as to what is the best option (Idea) for this. The bid would go to someone who possesses the right formula along with the right price.

I will show a version to explain what is needed. This version is a built in system within the EA itself. I'm looking for a third party version so it is adaptable to any EA.

It is all the same logic, it is how one would go about such an endeavor to make a perfect product. I rely highly on the bidder for a strategy and how one would suggest the way they would go about the end run.

I will give logic in a manner of using a set file and using the current built in strategy tester with MT4.

EXAMPLE; I have 10 folders to poke/peek into. The program looks in folders in numerical order if no value is checked to optimize then it moves to the next folder to asses values to optimize.

In a perfect world I could add a new folder in the order if in fact, I had a new EA that had more parameters.

The object here is to optimize parameters in smaller sets once optimized, then peek/poke the next folder adding the best results from the last set and then incorporating the new parameters into the next set and opt this set and so forth.

I will call these folders Opt Sets. If there are15 folders then they will be assigned a numerical order.

All one would do is put a set file in each folder from the set tester with checked values for EA and apply the parameters (Settings) to Opt.

Once Opted it would apply the best outcome according to the rules to the next set to Opt which is in the next folder of numerical order.

Simple right. Here's the Kicker I would like to have a folder that if any value is set to 0 or a value then at the end of the opting of all set folders, it would apply any value in (Auto Apply) (Folder Name) to the final set, then apply to the EA to Trade.

If Auto apply has no values then final set is as is.

The only way I can figure how to go about this is to apply the extern in the settings. Explanation; If we have a program such as this and we chose to use with a new EA I need to add parameters extern settings to the Opt program and to EA for set settings to correlate. Apply extern settings from EA to each Opt Folder, so program knows which sets are for opting.

I am explaining a third party program to work with built in functions of MT4, I will need to be able to adapt to different EA's so I will have to have the ability to add extern strings to the EA and the program so they coordinate with each other.

Example. Apply each (Optimization Parameters_0) as a folder view to Peek/Poke into for Opt options to Optimize. I have an example of program windows based for thought. Available upon request.


Extra Function, I understand that this may not be possible. I want a stand alone program or a built in occurrence to the Auto Opt Program. The ability to apply all indicators associated with the EA to the chart. Apply all the correct settings from the final opt set file to the chart. I am am aware this could be an impossibility. Can indicators be programed into EA and applied through the Opt program? Up for discussion?

' ;----------------------------------------------Extern String Per EA----------------------------------------------- ';

This is specific settings, True/False to add to EA and Opt program, that is specific to an EA. This would be applied as a specific value to each Opt Set in Each Opt folder. These could just be set in each opt folder for each set? Or coded specific in each program?


' ;-------------------------------------------Optimization Parameters----------------------------------------------'' ;

Opt string Settings as follows

extern int OptimAuto=1; = 1 = on 0 = off

extern string OptimEveryTime="10.45"; = Start Time = current time on Broker Platform

extern string OptimEveryWeek="2,3,6"; = day of week = 0-6 = same as Working Days

extern string OptimEveryMonth="1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12"; 1-12, 1 = January 12 = December

extern int OptimPeriod=3; = how many days for the opt period, 3 = opt three days past

extern int OptimeTimer=True; = time (Marquee) shows opt time elapsed on chart

extern int Long=True; opt long only or both

extern int Short=True; opt short only or both

extern bool RunLastSet = false; Runs last settings to compare against final opted set

extern bool RunLastSet = 7; Runs last 7 sets etcetera

extern bool ApplyAllIndicators= True; Applies all Indicators according to final Opt Set to the chart

' ;----------------------------------------------Extern String Per EA-----------------------------------------------

extern string WorkingDays = "0;1;2;3;4;5"; // Monday=1, Tuesday=2, ... Sunday=0

extern bool ExitTradesOnLROnly = false;

extern bool WaitNextLineUp = false;

extern bool OneTrade = false;

'' ;-------------------------------------------Optimization Parameters_9-------------------------------------------'' ;


X extern int StartHour = 7; 1 1 24

X extern int EndHour = 23; 1 1 24

extern double MinimumVolume = 100; 50 10 120

'' ;-------------------------------------------Optimization Parameters_0-------------------------------------------'' ;


X extern int StochPeriod=5; 3 1 9

X extern int StochK=3; 3 1 9

extern int StochD=3; 1 1 3

'' ;-------------------------------------------Optimization Parameters_3-------------------------------------------'' ;


X extern double OverBought=70.0; 80 1 90

X extern double OverSold=30.0; 10 1 20

extern double ExtremeOverBought = 95; 91 1 100

extern double ExtremeOverSold = 5; 0 1 9

'';-------------------------------------------Optimization Parameters_1-------------------------------------------'' ;


X extern double StochPeakHeight = 2.0; 1 1 4

X extern int LRValue = 6; 1 1 9

'' ;-------------------------------------------Optimization Parameters_4-------------------------------------------'' ;


extern double LRHiLowMargin = 0.0001; 0 .00001 .0001

extern double LRMinPeakHeight = 0.00001; 0 .00001 .0001

extern double LRMinLegHeight = 0.00007; 0 .00001 .0001

'' ;-------------------------------------------Optimization Parameters_2-------------------------------------------'' ;


X extern int BolbandPeriod = 20; 40 1 45

X extern double BolbandDeviation = 2; 1 1 4

"----------------------------------------------------V4 parameters---------------------------------------------------";

'' ;-------------------------------------------Optimization Parameters_6-------------------------------------------'' ;


X extern double OverBought=70.0; 70 1 80

X extern double OverSold=30.0; 20 1 30

X extern double ExtremeOverBought = 90; 81 1 90

X extern double ExtremeOverSold = 10; 10 1 20

'' ;-------------------------------------------Optimization Parameters_5-------------------------------------------'' ;


X extern int KPeriod = 5; 1 1 9

X extern int DPeriod = 3; 1 1 9

X extern int Slowing = 3; 1 1 9

'' ;-------------------------------------------Optimization Parameters_7-------------------------------------------'' ;


X extern int ChartPeriod = 5; 1 5 60

X extern double MinimumPeakHeight = 2; 1 1 4

“-------------------------------- ---------------BigMo Parameters--------------------------------------------------";

'' ;-------------------------------------------Optimization Parameters_8-------------------------------------------'' ;


X extern int EmaSpread1stCheck = 20; 10 1 20

X extern int CandleAndWickBars2ndCheck = 5; 1 1 7

X extern int CandleBodyOnlyExitCheck = 10; 1 1 10

Start------------Step------------Stop Values need to be changeable,


extern string V2 = "------------------------ Opted V2.2 parameters----------------------------------------------";

extern int StopLossPips = 30;

extern int FirstExitPips = 20;

extern int SecondExitPips = 50;

extern bool BreakEven = True;

extern int BreakEvenPips = 10;

extern bool EnableTrailingStop = True;

extern int TrailStepPoint = 15;

extern int StepBy = 10;

'' ;-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'' ;

Have results Go to Folders


HTML_TESTER optimization reports (with data and time And EA Name/Version)( Have Elapsed Time)

LOG_TESTER log files for program ?

RUN_TESTER log files for experts ?

SET_TESTER *.set files final set file opted to trade

[url removed, login to view] program look to Optimization Parameters_0,

[url removed, login to view] program look at _#0 - _# infinite, Folders ?

[url removed, login to view] each Optimization Parameters_0 - _9 like a folder,

[url removed, login to view] Program look to Optimization Parameters in numeric order so if one wishes to optimize a parameter in another order all that one has to do is change the Optimization Parameters Number, therefore changing the order of call in the program ?

[url removed, login to view] program look at Optimization Parameters in the (list),

[url removed, login to view] parameter that matches code parameter in EA is checked (X) then optimize this in the set,

[url removed, login to view] each Optimization Parameters_0 - _100 (folder) as a set to optimize, optimizing the values checked in each (Folder),

[url removed, login to view] not checked in folder don't optimize,

[url removed, login to view] any value (extern) (specific to EA) is added later in any folder (Optimization Parameters_0) it can be optimized,

[url removed, login to view] there are no values Checked (X) in folder then it goes to next Optimization Parameters, (Folder) in numerical order,

[url removed, login to view] the end of optimizing all parameters add Opted V2.2 parameters to set, (Auto Apply) (Folder Name) apply to EA Live to trade and create copies in Folders: as listed above.

[url removed, login to view] V2.2 parameters I will have to set manually for each version, When the EA opts it sets these values need to be false or 0 when opting other parameters in EA, if set specific in EA then it would Opt parameters as such and then apply at the final set. If one left at ) then one could set parameters or have same parameters as set would apply same. If set 0 in (Auto Apply) (Folder Name) then value would be 0 for set.

[url removed, login to view] int OptimeTimer=True,

[url removed, login to view] is a timer that visually comes up on the platform, This Timer is a Marquee style that shows elapsed time and which opt version it is on (1:57:24, OP_7 ) One Hour Fifty Seven Minutes Twenty Four Seconds Optimization Parameters_7,

[url removed, login to view] file of elapsed time for each Parameter and for final time elapsed for all parameters in HTML_TESTER optimization reports,

[url removed, login to view] all opts in HTML_TESTER optimization reports in one sub folder for each date that opted, so if 7 folders opted we would have seven reports in sub folder V2.2 Sept 27, 2011. and so forth. Reads to name of EA to specify folder name.

[url removed, login to view] sub folder would show results with results and time elapsed,

[url removed, login to view] .set Final in, SET_TESTER *.set files as it is applied to EA to trade,

[url removed, login to view] this final set folder place total elapsed time for each final set, add all elapsed time in opts in HTML_TESTER and create final elapsed time report?


Need to have EA reapply last set known to EA every time there is a restart, a loss of connection, and also ping/apply the setting every so often to assure the set has not reverted back to the hard code.

NOTE: Using example above you would use the settings applied in extern of EA as your opt set for all values not being opted. In this way you have an opted value from last set to start with. If one made there own file that converted to set when set tester applied the opt one could simply copy and paste extern values into file from EA and then program would convert to .set file to opt. ???

When Optimizing starts apply all values in set (extern int KPeriod = 5;) (5) as the value. So if opting the Optimization Parameters_0 then apply all values in Optimization Parameters_1 to Optimization Parameters_9 as the value. This obviously changes as the opt sets continue.

These are opted values already so if I change those values for each EA I can create an overall opted set to opt from.


just apply V2 as 0 on all settings,


extern bool ApplyAllIndicators= True; I would like it if we some how can program the platform after final opt set is applied to the EA have the program apply all the Indicators to the Chart. Even if we need to make it read to the Indicators file. This way it updates the indicators itself to each set and the Indicators are on the charts as a visual reference for records and emails of trades etcetera.

Option if possible, could be added later.

NOTE: If possible can we take final opted set and run results against last settings in set folder. If in fact there is a better set from past week or so then program applies this setting to EA and leave new opted set in SET_TESTER *.set folder. This would occur after final opt parameters are chosen and after applied to SET_TESTER *.set folder. Occur right before the set is applied to the EA to trade. Run new set against last 7 sets.

extern bool RunLastSet = false; Runs last settings to compare against final opted set?

extern bool RunLastSet = 5; Runs last 7 sets?

Keeps so many sets according to memory ?

In a Nut shell;

I would like to copy and paste an extern values to a folder from an EA ,

Put values in folders in there specific order from EA ,

Be able to reassign the folders in numerical order.

Then have program Opt settings in order according of folders and opt only checked parameters.

Then apply settings in AutoOpt folder into last set.

Then apply .set file to LIVE EA to trade .set.

Then make record of transaction.. Done.

Skills: C# Programming, C++ Programming, HTML, Metatrader, PHP

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