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need a programmer/team to create this functionality of a website to a design I have made. I'm only familiar with Javascript, PHP & MySQL. my client requests a dynamic carousel style ASP catagory listing and product listing for the shopping cart.

here is links of what client is thinking of with carousel. and also need the photo gallery like the 2nd link halfway down the page.

here is links...

[url removed, login to view]

(carousel ignore video it will be images only for now. I recommend hanging onto the raw file incase client want's to do video in the future. Also ignore images below)

[url removed, login to view]

(I want the photo gallery done like this one 2nd row down. Ignore camera. will send you design to match)

below is scope...


We will have a username and login bar on the home page.

There will be three different types of user accounts Administrator/Reseller/Browser

1. administrator

* will be able to manage other users Resellers and Browsers (add/edit/delete/upgrade to reseller)

* edit pages (home/about/contact/other)

* add/edit/delete images to a gallery

* add/edit/delete products to store (each product will have several functions I'll explain below)

* add news posts

* type newsletters to send to users (must be able to send to individuals or groups (resellers or browsers or both));

* view a list of popular selling items (show quantities of products sold. if we can do a bar graph of items sold)

* upload virtual showings, administrator may upload videos

1. Resellers

* will be able to view orders they have placed (current, previous)

* update there contact details

* view a list of popular selling items (show bar graph of items sold (no quantities))

* view the virtual showing gallery

* place orders on the shopping cart showing additional data to the common browser like more pictures, wholesale prices, recommended retail prices, and additional product data. Resellers will be charged at wholesale prices. Resellers can place multiple orders of the same product at different sizes.

1. Common Browser

* will be able to update their contact details

* view orders they have placed (current, previous)

* Place orders on the shopping cart

When users register they will be requested to receive the newsletter from this website.

users can logout.

information required for registration will be as follows



confirm password:



Postal address if different to address: (have radio button to have same as address)



"keep up to date with us..."

"would you like to receive our newsletter on latest products and news?" yes/no

"are you a retailer?" yes/no (if yes display rest of form)




The administrator can type a html newsletter and will send to the database of selected users. This newsletter once posted will be stored in the database that the administrator can view a list of previous newsletters sent and to whom (name group or individual users). after newsletter the latest news posts (since the previous newsletter) will appear at the footer of the html displaying the entire post with the title linking back to the news page


Shopping Cart.

Client has requested the carousel style animation that we will have to achieve with ASP coding. This will act as product gallery page also and when the browser is not logged on no prices or sizing data will appear, it will only display the images and a desciption and a register to purchase option where the browser will be asked to register as a user.

if logged in as a browser they can see prices sizes and select an item and a size and add to their shopping cart.

If logged in as a reseller they can see wholesale price (resellers price), RRP (display purposes only), sizes (may select mutiple items of various sizes) and other data (which will be a table of information about the clothing article). they may also link to the virtual showing area for this item id that will have a video and a different description.



categories will be displayed as images in a carousel style rotation utalising dynamic ASP programming. I was contemplating having carousel item rotating and on selection slides upwards to reveal next level carousel with items under category selection.


so for each product we have the following information required

product name

product code


Image1 - main image displayed on the product list that I have described above

up to 4 other images - javascripting where when they rollover the picture slides. (*possibility that we have this so on the main image it slides every 5 seconds? let me know your thoughts)


wholesale price - price for resellers

retail price - price for browsers

short desription - text

virtual showing description - text


table of information - ( a dynamic table that administrator can add rows (table is only 2 columns) and add any information they please)

is available - yes/no

is displayed - yes/no


Special Offers.

administrator can select and existing item and turn it into a special offer item that will fall into the special offers catagory. The administrator can then overide the information


once orders have been placed administrator will receive information of the order amount emailed to the administrator email and a copy of confirmation of order emailed to the orderer. all orders will be inserted into the database and the administrator may list all orders. administrator may also be able to search orders by user/date/item/size. all orders have a status; received/processed/sent.

>From the order table we will develop the popular selling items having the results drawn from here.


Most Commonly viewed items.

On clicking on an item in the shopping cart/gallery the administrator can compile a list of viewed items from the session. what user looked at what. from this the administrator can compile a list of most commonly viewed items by what type of user. if browser isn't logged on the viewed item will noted as just "browser" instead of a user.



for now we will just have a paypal setup but I was thinking of involving a payment gateway inside the website. Please send me any details on how expensive and do-able this is.



Qty: 2

the administrator will be able to upload images and select what ones will be displayed in the banners that will roll through with a nice effect. maybe fade in/fade out as per the supplied links



lets include 6 FCKeditor pages

1. about

2. contact

3. Stockists

4. press - will link to additional FCK editor pages must require to add FCK pages under press

5. privacy statement

6. website disclaimer



I will build the design but If it is done with programming other than PHP I will provide a HTML file of the individual pages for the programmer/team to use.


Approximately 3 weeks but please give a reasonable ETA as I must communicate with the client this ETA and if it goes over the ETA I will require an update daily on why it isn't finished.

timeframe will begin from when escrow payment is made.

Please post any questions to me on the message board and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. please don't send me links to what you've done before, just if you can do it, bid on it. if you can't simply don't.

thank you.

Skills: Anything Goes, ASP, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, Script Install

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