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Closed Paid on delivery

We have installed MelliSearch on a VPS and also inserted the records (documents) we wanted it to index. Most search elements are working fine and we would like to customize / fine tune it further.

We are looking for someone already experienced in Mellisearch finetuning rather than someone who will hit n try like us :)

1) SeparateToken - We want to enter multiple IDs separated by Comma in search query and have results with all documents matching those individual IDs. IDs are unique to each record/ document. So 2 comma separated ids should atleast fetch 2 results matching each of the individual IDs.

We have enabled "," as a separator but it only searches for the first id.

2) If we search, for example, "Canada" - it shows some results based on Canada, Canadian. Then also find some words ending with "can" or words that have "can" in between the words.

We want to restrict matching with words which do not start with atleast 4 exact characters as in the query. Also, show more exact matches first and less relevant at the end

3) mellisearch responds in 5-10 milliseconds on the server it is installed. But takes around 300-400 ms to resond on via API (same location but different servers). We would seek help in optimising this if possible as well.

4) Mellisearch is open for all on the domain it is installed. We only want it accessible via API and the default search page on domain to be either hidden via password or disabled.

Please do demonstrate/ explain your experience on mellisearch APIs to be considered.

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