Cancelled 2.0/C# and SQL database

Add new features and bug fix a website in 2.0/C# with an SQL database. Experience of Google CheckOut and PayPal integration essential. Selected coder to be available for further future development of site and support.

Existing website and functionality in place:

Website uses Google CheckOut and PayPal. The website offers a searchable database directory of members. The database has approximately 4,000 records. The ‘front end’ public website has 20 pages.

There is an administration login which allows administrator to login and search records and email, edit, delete selected records from the database.

Members join and include a personal profile. Moderators receive copies of all form text submitted by email, and click link in email to approve or decline the content.

Members can login and send other members messages via the website. Message content is controlled by Moderators. Moderators receive copies of all form text submitted by email, and click link in email to approve or decline the content.

## Deliverables

The new features and bug fixes required are as follows. The following is a full copy of the working document with just URLs deleted.

**Bug/Error Fix**

Google CheckOut

We use a GoDaddy SSL Certificate. Correct installation has been double checked by the hosting company. We receive the following error from Google:

Attention required: order notification failing

We have made several unsuccessful attempts to send order notifications to your notification callback URL, https://____________/[url removed, login to view] As a result, you are not receiving order status, risk or other notifications.

To help you identify the issue with your callback URL, please review the errors we encountered while sending notifications to you. To review this error information:

1. Sign in to Google Checkout.

2. Click the **Tools** tab.

3. Click **Integration Console**.

Error messages will appear under 'Integration Issues'. If necessary, you can also update your callback URL in the 'API callback URL' box on the same page.

For more information about receiving notifications via the notification API, visit [[url removed, login to view]][1].

Moderator Function

Members send messages to each other via the web site. All messages are emailed to a Moderator to approve or decline. The function is understood to work, but one member maintains they do not get the message although Moderator has approved it. There are two forms that submit data for Moderation, one form when Moderated gives a confirmation of the action to the Moderator after approval or decline. The other form does not give similar confirmation, and is the form that may not be submitting the data after approval. Wee cannot be sure. This form should also give the Moderator confirmation of the action they have applied.? ?

**Copy / Cosmetic Changes**

Two existing forms that submit data require amendment.

a) Insert a new paragraph:

b) Insert a new paragraph:

c) Insert a new paragraph:

d) Above the Submit button, center, please insert this copy:

Another screen:

a) Copy to be changed to this:

Another Screen

a) Insert this copy:

**New Development**

Mandatory Data and New Data Item

http://www.__________/[url removed, login to view]

a) Please convert all fields entered into Proper Case.

b) All the above fields also be ‘cleaned’ in database for existing accounts that have already entered data.

c) All fields should be mandatory (it appears some accounts are being opened without any Town/City). We need all fields to be completed on submit.

d) If user selects ‘UK’ make selection from the existing ‘Regions’ (UK areas) dropdown mandatory to submit form.

e) Please use ‘Region’ for matching/returning results when other members search specifying a Region.

f) If user selects Rest of World, please make the selection of existing ‘Country’ dropdown options mandatory to submit form.

g) On submit, if user fails to check box for Terms and Conditions a message appears with a link to Terms and Conditions. Can link open in new window if clicked.

h) If ‘either Language Translation’ or ‘Spoken Languages’ option is selected, then new List of Languages options list appears using radio button selection.

Second form

http://_____________/[url removed, login to view]

Similar changes as in first form.

Messages Area

Members can login and send messages to each other via the web site. Copies of messages are emailed to a Moderator who approves or declines the message.

<http://www.______________/[url removed, login to view]>=

a) New copy above where message is entered.

b) http://www.______________/[url removed, login to view]

Where members ‘Screen Name’ is shown, hyperlink this to their ‘Details’ (existing ‘View Details’ screen)

Screen Names. Note: Where ever used, site wide, to always be linked to View Details for that accounts.

Search Function

Members search each other using search matching criteria based on members data entered in their profiles.

http://www.______________/[url removed, login to view]

a) Please MASK/HIDE UK ‘Regions’ drop down option on search form. Retain the code, so it can easily be re-instated at a later date.

b) If ‘either Language Translation’ or ‘Spoken Languages’ option is selected, then new List of Languages options list appears using radio button selection.

Please MASK/HIDE UK this option on search form. Please comment clearly in such a way that the it can easily be re-instated at a later date.

c) Please check that ‘Find’ search results to show only correct Member type.

d) In the text string search option field, please disallow any text search with less than 5 characters.

Search Results

<http://_________________/[url removed, login to view]>

Format of Search Results:

Extra spacing and change of order on the Search results please, as follows:

a) Links moved to top.

b) Label 1 in bold and justified (level with):

Label 2 (normal font)

Label 3 (normal font)

Label 4 (normal? font)

c) If no data available for results please output ‘None’ in normal font

d) Spaces between sections

e) System generated ‘Screen Names’ to omit the word ‘user’ and be upper or proper case, e.g. Ab_3928, or AB_3928, not ab_user_3928. Existing screen names cleaned to math this convension.

f) Search results to show just the summary details with a ‘+ Show’ and ‘- Hide' option to expand the listing when clicked.

g) Include image (to be provided). Image size 95 x 85 pixels.

h) If specific Languages have been entered, these to appear under Languages heading.

i) Question mark image (provided) to link to FAQ

j) Link to ‘Register’ to appear on all search results

Listing options (new)

http://www._______________/[url removed, login to view]

a) Add 2 new radio button options

b) Add option for members to select one of 8 images provided

c) Add 2 new radio button options

d) If second option selected copy appears and further radio button options appear.

e) Each option selected represents item to purchase

f) Maximum of 5 members can purchase the item

g) If 5 already purchased, text appears stating unavailable

h) Price of item determined by tariff set on system

i) Price displayed above submit button

j) On submit member taken to Google CheckOut (already integrated on website but not for this purchase)

h) Item purchased becomes available after Google CheckOut confirms payment (15 minutes delay)


a) Option in Admin area that allows us to amend the prices easily.

b) Table in Admin showing number of members purchasing these items?

System Email

Purchase is valid for 1 year. When Members purchase due to expire in 14 days (i.e. 351 days after date entered) an email is sent to the User.

Feedback Ratings

<http://www._____________/[url removed, login to view]>=

a) Please add a field for text feedback. Apply screening for disallowed word strings and UPPER case (existing function used on other fields)

b) Feedback/Rating visible only when users are logged in and viewing the full (+ - function expanded) details. For + - expanded details see item elsewhere above.

c) The Feedback to appear after (position).

d) If none, then default is ‘None’

e) Each member can only Rate other member once for each payment made.

f) Feedback to Moderator controlled via email (same function as existing on other forms sumbitted).?


a) When new Account is opened or User Details are modified, Email copy of form data sent to Admin Moderator to show all the form data

b) When disallowed word string found (existing function), an auto-email be sent to account number. Copy for email will be provided.

c) When duplicate account is open, can auto-email be sent to account. Copy to be provided.

d) New/change of email address:

Can all moderating emails go to moderator@___________ not @____________.


Search Function

Mirror the [url removed, login to view] function.

a) New menu option when member type logged in

b) Menu option to appear 2nd on list after Welcome

c) Search to mirror [url removed, login to view] form

d) If no results returned for search, please display: (copy will be provided)

e) In text search option (existing) disallow any search with less than 5 characters.

Auto Email

Members to be given option (radio buttons) to opt in to automatically receive emails when another member:

a) Opens an account and selects any option matching options of member

b) Searches for any options that match those of member


Remove link

When password is emailed to user on 'Forgot password' option screen has a link back to previous screen. Please remove this link and copy.


Admin Option 'Lock Banned Account'

New function in Admin. Enables us to keep a members account on the database (i.e. not delete), but to make it locked (user cannot login to edit) inactive (i.e. not displayed on any search results and not to receive any opt in emails. If member has previously been banned, the account to prevent a banned member from opening another account using the same details (existing function prevents duplicate accounts). If member attempts to open another account with matching details Admin is alerted my email to a possible duplicate account (this is an existing function) but with the extra information / email title: Banned Locked Account Opening Attempt


Credit Card Payment Name matching

When a payment is made by Google CheckOut or PayPal, the name on the credit card, or name of the PayPal or Google account and the name and ID number on the members account is emailed to Admin. Admin checks that the name on the payment details and the name on the membership matches. Where a 'company' name appears on the members details, this is also shown, and if a company name appears on payment details this is shown too.

This forms a basic ID check on members.



[url removed, login to view]

5 new quesitons and answers to be added to this page. Changes to some existing questions and answers. Copy to be provided.


When logged in member pays, the corresponding other member notified by email

http://www.__________________/[url removed, login to view]


Admin Search

http://www._________________/[url removed, login to view]

New search option to find (search and return) members by entering any of these:





Company name


<http://www.____________________/[url removed, login to view]>

a) Please add new 2 radio button options

b) Option for member to select one of 8 images provided?

Moderator Emails

Moderator approves all data entered on forms submitted by members. Members receive alert emails telling them other members have sent them a message. (Existing function). The email message to be delayed until Moderator has approved message.

Admin Function

System already includes a function that can detect disallowed word strings in members profiles. Currently this screening takes effect when members submit profile or edit profile. We require the option within Admin area, to run search for disallowed strings in existing member profiles (i.e. members who opened account before screening was in place). We wish to return a list of all users with disallowed strings.

Skills: ASP, PHP

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