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Develop Desktop Software in C# - Develop Django REST backend services Develop dll for BHO with remote communication - Develop drag and drop iframes webpage - strong javascript skills needed Develop drawing 2d polygon with unity3d - repost - Develop Dual Pane Browser, Within 1 Window. Develop Dulara lakshan - Develop E-Commerce Solution for Online Store Develop E-Commerce website - Develop EA Develop EA for Metatrader - Develop EC2 Framwork for my cloud client Develop eclipse GMF application - Develop eCommerce Website Develop eCommerce Website - Develop Elearning Driver Education Computer Base Training Site Develop eLearning module on bioterror agents - plague - Develop Email Marketing system Develop Email Plug Ins - Develop Emoji App Develop Emoji Application - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop enterprise applications using Java source development stacks across multiple business areas Develop entire back end of custom website PHP, MySQL, and some HTML5, CSS, Javascript where needed. - Develop Event Tracking Website - repost Develop Events Radar iPhone app - Develop exe that can post to FB when clicked Develop exisiting java search software to make use of proxy servers - Develop Existing Website Develop existing website - Develop Explainer Video Develop export functionality from an Android app to secure brower page and google maps - Develop Facebook App Develop Facebook App - Develop Facebook Chrome Extension Develop Facebook Connect Add-On for Gravity Forms - Develop Facial Recognition Software Develop Facial Recognition Software Package - Develop features in a database driven website Develop features in Opensource Project to build Android Applications Faster - Develop Finance Calculators Develop Finance software - Develop first page of web site Develop Fit App - Develop Flash game Develop flash game - develop flash test like Stroop test Develop Flash Tutorials for Website aand Software - develop for me deals site Develop for Windows and Mac Desktops, a Print Monitor applet which re-orders toner - Develop four banners Develop four powerpoint presentations - Develop Front End for Java Application Develop front end for one page - Develop Full Flash Website Develop full flash website with interactive elements - Develop Fundraising Program Develop funky/ quirky shop front wallpaper design - develop game like clash of clans Develop Game like Minecraft and Skyrimm - Develop generic asynchronous mixin for Django-Tastypie resources Develop generic asynchronous mixin for Django-Tastypie resources -- 2 - Develop Google Map that uses my custom markers Develop Google Maps GPS application for iPhone and PC - Develop Gravity Form WordPress’s Plugin : “Add Form Category" for admin system Develop growth model for business - Formulas & Spreadsheet - Develop Health App with AI develop health care project - Develop high traffic links to our new site Develop high traffic web application - develop house Plans & 3D Rendering Photo realistic images develop house Plans & 3D Rendering Photo realistic images - develop HTML pages By using CSS Develop HTML Pages to Functioning Website - Develop humorous quiz items Develop Hybrid Apps using Cordova/ IONIC framework - Develop IM application on windows software Develop IM Client - Develop in-page scroll content Develop In-Tray Test - Develop inteface for Samsung HC10 Medical Device DEVELOP INTEGRAL DMT MEDITATION ON HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSIOUSNESS WITH ENERGY EXCHANGE MANUAL - Develop internal tools using Amazon MWS API + PHP/MYSQL/FlatUI + Git Develop internal ZOHO Purchasing and Rental System - develop ios Develop IOS & Android App - Develop iOS and Andoid App using PhoneGap or Adobe AIR Develop IOS and Android app - Develop iOS Android Taxi app Develop IOS App - Develop iOS app from scratch Develop IOS App that users can create name, categorize and rate at least 10 items - Develop iOS apps using SWIFT or Objective C. Must have developed apps using iOS SDK 8.x, Xcode6,HealthKit Develop iOS business app - Develop ios Virtual Stock Market and Forex App Develop IOS, Android & HTML5 Music/Dating app - Develop iPhone & Android 'Live Chat' app. Develop iPhone & Android App - Develop Iphone and android applicaton Develop iPhone and Android Apps - Develop iPhone app Develop iPhone app - Develop Iphone app from scratch & make some changes in Dot net (MVC) backend develop iphone app in XE4 FireMoney - Develop iPhone application - Video app + Social Develop iPhone Application based on a Joomla component - Develop iPhone mobile couponing application in steps; demo in 7 days with 25% of project budget payment Develop iPhone mobile couponing application in steps; demo in 7 days with 25% of project budget payment - repost - Develop IPHONE/IPAD Apps for existing zencart website Develop iPhone/iPad/Android Meme Generator App - Develop Java Based File Transfer Automation Utility (Basic Console Application) develop java based web application - Develop javascript pinch zoom Develop javascript slot machine - Develop Joomla component for tracking containers on website Develop Joomla Component to Integrate with Teamwork PM's API - Develop jrxml for iReport 2.0. The same report must replicate in one page Develop JS Tax Calculator - Develop Landing Page in Unbounce Develop Landing page system - Develop library for intercepting Java calls on Android (Android NDK work) Develop library to operate a BLE dongle on Windows - Develop LIVE CHAT software. Develop live dashoard in matrix format - Develop Logo - ongoing work Develop Logo and build a web site. - Develop low level prototype(s) for either the range of programmes Develop low level prototype(s) for either the range of programmes -- 2 - Develop LPDS on CC3200 Develop LV special program - Develop Magento Comm Website Develop MAGENTO Commerce import/export profiles and cron - Develop magento theme develop magento theme - Develop Marketing Materials Develop Marketing Materials - Develop Math Formula -- 2 Develop Math Problems Android App - Develop Me A Messaging App Like WhatsApp For iOS and Android. Develop me a Software for our Milk Diary - Develop merchant account connection (transfirst) Develop Message and Notification System - Develop Microsoft Access Database - repost Develop Microsoft Access Database for Wage Analysis and Planning - Develop Mobile Android and Server Applications Develop mobile Android App - Develop mobile app - open to bidding develop mobile app base on SDK from third part - Develop Mobile App in Ionic Framework
Develop Mobile App in Ionic Framework -- 2 - Develop Mobile Application Develop Mobile Application - Develop mobile application like Grab Taxi Develop mobile application to interact with bluetooth 4 LE sensor device - Android version - develop mobile game for kids -- 2 Develop mobile game from old console - Develop mobile website Develop Mobile Website - develop module for prestashop design product develop module for prestashop design product - Develop Mortgage Calculator App for Android &amp; iPhone Develop Mortgage Sales Genie Website - Develop msoffice addin DEVELOP MT4 EA - Develop Multivendor ecommerce project Develop Muscles Really Fast! - Develop My Company Website Develop my company website - develop my lawn website Develop my magento website - develop my shopify website Develop my simple basic app - Develop my website develop my website - Develop MyLikes Bot/Traffic Gain? Develop Myspace Robot / Auto Friend Request - Develop Navigation GUI mockup using HTML5 - ongoing work Develop Network Marketing Suite in PHP/MYSql [MLM script] - Develop new custom tech support website Develop new data entry webpages - Develop New Highly Dynamic Website: AJAX, PHP, MySql, Linux, Develop New Highly Dynamic Website: PHP and MySQL (or .NET.. - Develop New Music app Develop new navigation menu for brilliantdirectories website - Develop new template system Develop new theme for auction site - Develop New Website and Upload Products Develop new website design and Logo - Develop next step of a existing Corporate Identity Develop nice simple application in ASP.NET with great design - Develop of a comprehensive educational website fast Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress/PHP Develop of a excel spreadsheet. - develop on online directory Develop on online store for business - Develop one package design for toy set - (5 set plush toys) Develop one page by design on wordpress CMS - Develop onemap with arcgis api functions using javascript and c#.Net -- 2 develop online 3D application for PC and Mac/ipad - Develop online exam Develop online exam software. - Develop online Poker Game Develop online Poker Game - Develop online store with laravel or symphony or a common PHP framework Develop Online Stores with Magento CE - Develop OpenCart functionality Develop OpenCart Module - DEVELOP OR BUILD A WEBSITE & MOB APPS WITH THE INTEGRATION OF KOLMISOFT (MOR) API OR a2billing API Develop or customise a travel website/search facility - Develop OSX 10.5 app. for splitting images and creating HTML/XML files Develop OSX Browser Software - Develop our Marketing Strategy Develop our new Business Management software - Develop Outlook macros to integrate with OneNote -- 2 Develop Outlook Plugin - Develop part of a website using Highcharts and Highmaps (or similar) Develop Partiall created IT website. - Develop Payroll and Attendance Module for Dolibarr Develop Payroll Module - Develop Person Repository Class Based on Provided Interface Develop personal development app for iOS - Develop Phonegap plug in to enable printing labels on Zebra printers Develop phonegap wireless plugin - Develop PHP application and provide additional functionalities(repost) Develop PHP based FV calculator for my website - DEVELOP PHP SCRIPT FOR WEBSCRAPING (24h/30EUR) Develop php script to compress photo - Develop PID controller for 2-wheeled robot to make robot go straight using gyroscope Develop Pinterest board - Develop Plugin for Job and Store listings in Joomla 2.5 Develop Plugin for Joomla &amp; Drupal - Develop PockeyMoney iPhone App Develop Podcast Android & iOS App That Pull Content from WordPress Site - Develop Powerpoint Add-In Develop PowerPoint presentation from hand drawn charts - Develop Prestashop E-commerce web site to sell Tea. Also need to setup the servers for the site & integrate it to IPG develop prestashop image display - develop private label web 2.0 platforms, software, bots or scripts effective online marketing tools Develop private Shopify application for API Integration to my Shopify Store - Develop Professional UI for an iPad application - 02/08/2016 15:10 EDT Develop professional user documentation for a software product - develop project dashboard Develop project for vacational rental - Develop PSD TO HTML5 Develop PSD to responsive website today - Develop Python Script Develop Python Script - develop Quick Checkout open cart Develop QuickBooks Online App - Develop rather simple Ruby On Rails application for internal use Develop Razer Keyboard Application - Develop Recipe Discovery iPhone App Develop recipes for cookies and cakes with long shelves for manufacturing purpose. - Develop Replication MySQL <> Sybase Anywhere 11 using JAVA DEVELOP REPORT - Develop responsive application in Angular JS, bootstrap etc Develop responsive applications and interface in HTML - Develop Responsive, Mobile, Subscription payment, Wordpress site from Pre-Made PSD Wireframes Develop REST API - Develop RFID Smart Card Based School Attendance Management System Develop RFP for Professional Webssite Bids - Develop RTMP upstreaming app for Android Develop RTSP plugin into existing camera app using C# - Develop Salesforce triggers Develop APP by using APEX and Visualforce - develop school web site Develop score for Company Name to domain - Develop Script For Produced Video Commercial Develop script for uploading ind including posts into WordPress MySQL database - Develop Search Engine Marketing Platform Develop search engine to search in data files - develop SEO for my website Develop SEO friendly Word Press blogs with SEO support - Develop services on demand app (Web app, Mobile app ios/andriod & Admin panel) Like Uber for X Develop set of vector icons for program - Develop Sharepoint theme branding Develop Sharepoint theme branding - repost - Develop side widget plugin which one can be found Astrologic Rising Star Develop signalr live support web chat - Develop simple Android app Develop simple android app for online quick cash loan website - Develop simple chrome extension Develop simple CKEditor plugin to insert custom text - Develop Simple HTML Website Develop Simple HTML5 Game - Develop Simple Joomla Sobi2 Module Develop simple LightSwitch 2013 HTML web application - develop simple PHP website Develop simple PHP/MYSQL expense submission tool - Develop simple soccer game develop simple social app Android and iPhone - Develop simple wordpress plugin for us develop simple wordpress theme - Develop site develop site - Develop site/script like Develop Site/Webapp in WORDPRESS, C#, .NET SQL - Develop small iOS and Android app develop small mobile app for android OS - Develop Smart Watch Application