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Develop back-end using mySQL for a social network application - Develop barter website in Python hosted on Google AppEngine Develop BASE system via PHPMaker 9+ - Develop beer rating system for restaurant web-site Develop Belle app for iOS and Android - Develop blockchain solution Develop Blog - Wordpress Theme, SEO etc - Develop brand kit for start-up healthcare firm (MoveAgain) Develop Brand Name and Marketing Strategy - Develop BTC trading platform Develop buck boost converter with design calculations - Develop Business Plan Develop Business Plan - Develop C# Class Develop C# Compression Class - develop calculator Develop calculator for iPhone and iPad - develop casino game software for casino website develop casino games - Develop Chat Application using Java Develop Chat Application using Java - Repost - Develop Chrome Extension Develop Chrome Extension - Develop client survey Develop Client-side JavaScripts for NetSuite - Develop code for check-out form for a online restaurant business Develop Code for eBay Sniping Web Site - Develop Commercial Client Account software for legal firm and license control Develop Commericial Website - Develop Company Website Develop Company Website - Develop component to secure RestFul API with OAuth 2.0 Develop Component- Joomla 1.5 - Develop content for my website Develop Content for new business Website - Develop Corporate Identity Develop Corporate Identity - Develop Coupon and Offers Website Develop Coupon Management System - PHP (Codeigniter) Web Application - Develop CRM, Web Portal, Mobile-friendly version (with CSS), iPhone and Android apps to access CRM Develop crm/projectmanagemt/invoice software - Develop Cubecart v5 skin Develop cucinachef store - Develop custom code for Fundify! Develop custom codec/software - Develop Custom MAC Software Develop Custom Made WordPress Plugins - Develop Custom SharePoint Solution Develop Custom shipping module PRESTASHOP skilled only. - Develop custom WordPress geotag plugin Develop Custom Wordpress Header - Develop Customized web applications + Dashboard + Payment integration with website PHP HTML5 Angular.js Modern Neat Clean Develop Cybersource payment gateway module for -- 2 - develop database develop database - Develop date and time slot choosing for opencart website Develop Date calculator in Excel - develop design and html coding for the trading site repost Develop design App for android and ios - Develop Desktop Sharing via Joomla and many other Joomla related tasks Develop Desktop Software in C# - Develop DLL/Datapump Interface Develop DNN Module performs a search on Google transit - Develop Dropbox like application Develop Drupal 7 CMS based on PSD (1899309) - Develop Dynamic Network Charts Develop dynamic site in PHP - text editors, page creation, image uploading, sorting - develop e-course/e-book in Managing Projects develop e-go courier module for prestashop - Develop easy algorithms - open to bidding Develop easy algorithms in Java - Develop Ecommerce Boots Site Develop Ecommerce Enabled Website and Get traffic with SEO - develop edgy trends Develop editable journal and media upload site - DEVELOP Electronic Company Registration (ECR) compliant web based software Develop Electronic LED Drivers and Related Products - Develop Email Verification Tool Develop Email Verifier - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop end-to-end Social Media Web App with Django Backend Develop engineering softrware for oil and gas industry related applications. - Develop ESEA proof hacks csgo Develop ethernet communication code using C to go in TI's MSP430F5638 processor with SPI to Ethernet controller ENC28J60T-I/SS - Develop exe that can post to FB when clicked Develop exisiting java search software to make use of proxy servers - develop existing website develop existing website - develop extension library for Microsoft Network Policy Server (x64 dll) Develop extension/plugin that enhances\'s existing feature set. - Develop Facebook Application Develop Facebook Application - Develop Facebook log in Develop Facebook Page - develop feature in script ndot deals, groupon clone Develop feature in Wordpress Theme - Develop file transfer system like WT Develop Filemaker app to streamline existing process - Develop firmware for a TCP server based on ENC28J60 + PSoC 3 -- 2 Develop Firmware for ADUC361M with SIM900 Modem - Develop Flash Game Develop Flash Game - Develop Flash SWC to create page turning with curl effect Develop flash template for opencart - develop for me deals site Develop for Windows and Mac Desktops, a Print Monitor applet which re-orders toner - Develop framework for differential path construction and chosen-prefix collisions for MD5 based on Marc Stevens whitepaper Develop framework for differential path construction and chosen-prefix collisions for MD5 based on Marc Stevens whitepaper - repost - Develop Front End Website Develop Front Side of our solution - develop fully functional wordpress theme Develop Fully Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Website - Develop Game Applet Develop Game Application - Develop Games , graphic design3D Unity and 2D - and website development develop games 7stud poker - develop Gmail addon for mail merge and schedule Google Sheet Develop good animated Menu based on graphic provided in few mins - Develop Gradebook web Control in C# Develop Grammatical Language Parser Specifications - Develop health and security policy for small company Develop Health App with AI - Develop Hive scripts Develop HMI(Human Machine Interface) for Water Distribution System. - Develop HTML / CSS for a project Develop HTML 5 GAME - Develop HTML/CSS Template For Existing Framework Develop html5 3d video player with functionality youtube 3d - Develop Hybrid, Cross-platform Mobile App Develop Hyperic plugin for Oracle products - Develop Images for Quotes develop imessage id filter for mac. - Develop informative html5 app for my employees Develop Initial custom interface design - Develop interactive web site with data capture Develop Interactive Website - Develop Invoice Automation Application using Spring MVC and History.js -- 2 Develop Invoice Automation Application using Spring MVC and History.js Part II - Develop IOS / Android application with Appcelerator Titanium Develop iOS / iPhone Voice Guidance Navigation App - Develop iOS and Android phone app Develop iOS and Android Social App - Develop iOS app from scratch Develop IOS App that users can create name, categorize and rate at least 10 items - Develop IOS Game Application
Develop iOS Game based on tapping and physics - Develop IP Bulletin plugins for forum Repost Develop Ipad and android App - develop iphone , ipad , android 2d 3d game Develop Iphone - Android Radio App IN ONE DAY - Develop Iphone Aplication Develop Iphone App - Develop iphone app and ipad app and adroid app Develop iPhone app appointment system - Develop iPhone application Develop iPhone application - Develop iphone game . Develop iphone game as shown in the attachment - Develop Iphone/Ipad App Develop Iphone/Ipad App - Develop JAVA API for Sharekhan API Develop JAVA API fro Sharekhan Tradetiger - Develop JavaFX screens Develop Javascript - Develop Joomla based website with data extension Develop Joomla Component - Develop jquery mockup ui for bed availability based on json Develop jQuery solution to a php / jQuery combination with jPlayer and troubleshoot an issue with jPlayer Playlist - develop landing page Develop landing page for web site - Develop LifeRay theme From PSD Develop Lighter version of an iPhone App - Develop LMS ( Learning Management Solution ) Portal Develop Loading Screen for Node.js Web Application - Develop Logo and Hangtags Develop Logo and Name for our Company- Product UAV - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 3 Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 4 - Develop Mac Application Develop Mac Application - mini enterprise solution that incorporates acoustic fingerprinting - develop magento extension/module for mouseover (hover) action in category page Develop Magento Extension/plugin to prevent import of Duplicate products and products with no images. - develop mailchimp template and email blast Develop Main Page for a simple WebSite Application - Develop Marketing Strategy for Gossip Site develop marketing strategy for website - develop matrimony site. - open to bidding Develop Matrimony Site1 - Develop medical bottle scanner Develop Medical Intake and Case Management system in .NET - Develop Metatrader MT4 Binary Options Signal Trader Develop method of changing Android RIL CDMA Subscription - Develop MMORPG app Develop MMS connector with MM7+ protocol and SOAP - develop mobile app (joomla/ijoomer/jomsocial) Develop Mobile App (Web, Android and BlackBerry) - Develop Mobile App for my widget Develop mobile app for my wordpress - Develop Mobile Application Develop mobile application - Develop mobile applications Develop Mobile Apps - develop mobile header image and create blog category menu Develop mobile optimized theme for my wordpress site - Develop MobileApp for IOS and Android for an Online Store Develop mock prescription editor android pages - Develop Modules CMS Develop Modules in JSP - Develop MS Access application Develop ms access database - Develop Multiple Choice All Develop Multiple Choice questions on Tourist places - Develop my business website Develop my business website -- 2 - develop my game Develop My Game In 3 days Only - develop my registration system develop my role application............. - Develop My Website Develop my website - Develop MySQL, PHP, ChronJob Joomla site update Develop MyUS-like website - Develop new app and website incl gps, login etc develop new aspx page - Develop new features for existing SAAS Codeigniter application Develop new features for our node.js Web application - Develop New iPhone App Develop New iPhone/iPad game - Develop new section for custom PHP site Develop New Shopping Cart System with Post Sale reports - Develop new Website Develop new website - Develop News Application Develop News Posting System - Develop Odds Matching software Develop odoo modules - Develop ois app application and submit in app shop after completion Develop on existing JQuery DIV carousel - Develop One page Checkout for an e-commerce website and mobile app Develop One page CMS Code - Develop online assessment Develop Online Backup Software - Develop online game in HTML5 (or Flash) Develop online game using HTML/CSS/javascript - Develop Online RPG Game site similar to Gaia Online. Develop Online Selling Website Module - Develop Online travel Portal with API and Payment Integration develop online video sharing website - Develop OpenCV code that reliably identifies the area within the teeth in a smile photo Develop OpenCV code that reliably identifies the area within the teeth in a smile photo - Develop Oracle Apex Application Develop oracle database application for Mall management - Develop our compant website Develop Our Company Website - Develop our web site develop our website - Develop parallax website in wordpress Develop Parental Control Internet FILTER – K9 Clone - Develop Payment Plugin For Woocommerce To Our Requirements develop payment plugin for wordpress - Develop perl code to handle websocket and UDP connections Develop Perl scrip to work with vSphere SDK - Develop phonegap wireless plugin Develop phonegap wireless plugin - repost - Develop PHP Based Mini-CRM Code Develop PHP based REST API - Develop PHP search system and add into wordpress website Develop php shopping cart - Develop PIO Wordpress Theme(repost) Develop Plagiarism checker Plugin - DEVELOP PLUGIN FOR WORDPRESS Develop plugin for wordpress - Develop Poker playing software develop Policy, training calendar, management Training projects - Develop premium link generator Develop Premium link generator and Torrent leecher website with registration and payment facility. - Develop price comparison website using Kaon s/w Develop Price File Manipulator Application - Develop Productivity improvment System Java Struts Hibernate Develop professional ideas/brand for computer engineer (project manager) - develop program that scrapes data from ecommerce and imports to opencart develop program that scrapes data from ecommerce and imports to opencart - Develop Prototype and Beta version of E commerce site dedicated to mobile phones and related accessories. Develop prototype assembledboards from block diagram (5 pcs) - Develop Python framework Develop Python program to download, analyze and visualize data - develop Quick Checkout open cart Develop QuickBooks Online App - Develop rapidleech download plugins rl23_v43
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