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Develop Dynamic Creative Website - Develop e-commerce website Develop e-commerce website - Develop EA for MT4 Develop EA mt4 - Develop ecommerce app in Android and iOS Develop ecommerce app in Android and iOS -- 2 - Develop editable journal and media upload site Develop education content and material for Big Data - Develop Electronics Website & Shopping Cart Develop elements for Visual Composer based on our 3-4 PSDs and integrate them in our existing WP theme. - Develop Emails to be sent out through mailchimp Develop Embeddable Webservice API - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop engines for data gathering. Develop English test - Develop ESEA proof hacks csgo Develop ethernet communication code using C to go in TI's MSP430F5638 processor with SPI to Ethernet controller ENC28J60T-I/SS - Develop exe that can post to FB when clicked Develop exisiting java search software to make use of proxy servers - Develop Existing Website Develop existing website - Develop extension for Magento product custom options develop extension library for Microsoft Network Policy Server (x64 dll) - Develop Facebook app: a social, strategy game Develop Facebook Application - Develop facebook page develop facebook page TracisBeautyStop - Develop features and fix Magento web site Develop Features for a Cryptocurrency Wallet/Client - Develop Filemaker Invoicing and Quoting Platform Develop FileMaker Pro 11 Therapy Scheduling and Billing App - Develop firmware stuff for ESP-12E (NodeMCU 1.0) using Arduino or Espressif. Develop first page of web site - develop flash game Develop flash game client - Develop Flight Booking App for Iphone & Android develop flight search - Develop forms and queries from an existing Access Data Base; implement Mail Merge and an Outlook Calendar for a small law office from Access -- 2 Develop Forms Application Using C#/.Net - Develop from anywhere you want! Develop from end to end an Android & IOS Application - Develop Frontend for Innovative Analytics Platform Develop frontend for Web, AOS and IOS - DEVELOP FUNCTIONAL TEST FIXTURE Develop functionalities and improve performance. - Develop Game in iOS Develop game in Unity - Develop generic asynchronous mixin for Django-Tastypie resources -- 2 Develop generic USB webcam driver for Android 2.2 (Froyo). - develop google play aso software Develop google pulus api - Develop GUI for realtime BLE C# UWP application Develop GUI to Import JSON file into MySQL and enable XLSX extract - Develop Help Desk Extension For Magento - repost Develop Hibernate Entities, publish REST, SOAP Services using Apache CXF - Develop hotel booking function using GTA xml API - repost Develop hotel booking site using GDS system - Develop HTML of Generic Gynecomastia landing page using bootstrap Develop HTML Pages - Develop humorous quiz items Develop Hybrid Apps using Cordova/ IONIC framework - Develop Image content And apply to creative Word press theme Develop Image Enhancement Algorithm for X-Ray Data C/C++ - Develop Infinite Scroll for Wordpress Theme Develop InfoBip USSD Platform/App - Develop interactive event calendar with PHP/filters Develop interactive info-point with c++ - Develop Intranet Environment Develop intranet portal - Develop iOS + Android App (1-4 Days) Develop ios , andriod & web app - Develop IOS and Android Dating APP Develop ios and Android Game urgent - Develop iOS App from Android App "Wild Animal Guide" Develop iOS app from scratch - Develop iOS Game develop iOS game - Develop IP Bulletin plugins for forum Develop IP Bulletin plugins for forum - Develop iPhone & Android Apps for site Develop iPhone & Android Game - Develop Iphone and Blackberry App develop iPhone and Ipad app for a Radio station - Develop iPhone app and Desktop App Develop iphone app and ipad app and adroid app - Develop iPhone application Develop iPhone application - Develop iphone game.. Develop iPhone IOS mobile application (end-to-end) - Develop IPHONE/IPAD Apps for existing zencart website Develop iPhone/iPad/Android Meme Generator App - Develop Java client for .Net web service Develop Java Component to Produce MHT files from a URL - Develop job platform - open to bidding Develop Job Portal & Website - Develop Joomla template from image Develop Joomla Website - Develop keywords list for GoogleAdwords campaign Develop Kinetic Typography Video with Animation - Develop leads list for medical events Develop Learning Management system - Develop Linux wrapper of Windos C++ xceedzip 4.2 version DLL Develop listed plugin for wordpress & buddypress - Develop LOGO & Corporate Identity Develop Logo - ongoing work - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 14208 Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 2 - Develop Mac Application Develop Mac Application - mini enterprise solution that incorporates acoustic fingerprinting - develop magento extension/module for mouseover (hover) action in category page Develop Magento Extension/plugin to prevent import of Duplicate products and products with no images. - Develop Makefile Develop Makeup Training Manual - Develop marketplace website Develop markov chain for vertical handover - develop MCQ's develop MCQ's(repost) - Develop Member/Registration Form Develop Members/Admin Section For My HTML Website - Develop Microcontroller(STM8S103F2) programming in embeded C Develop Microsoft Access Application in VBA - Develop mobile Android App Develop Mobile APP - Develop Mobile App for Android and iOS Develop mobile app for Android and iOS - Develop mobile app similar to Uber Develop mobile app that will run on Lumia 525 under Windows 8.1 - Develop mobile application and website Develop Mobile Application Android - Develop mobile food ordering APP Develop mobile food ordering APP - repost - Develop mobile versions of landing page with proper browser / platform sniffers to spec Develop Mobile Web App using Angular - Develop module for PrestaShop - ERP-system develop module for prestashop design product - Develop Movement algorithms, Decision Making, and Product Development in C++ Develop Movement algorithms, Decision Making, and Product Development in C++ - Develop Multi Site in Magento Develop Multi-Author Profile Page Wordpress Plugin - develop my website Develop My App - Develop my domains to help me earn $30-$40 DAILY develop my excel model with VBA - Develop my PSD in Joomla Develop my PSD into HTML web-page - Develop my website develop my website - Develop MySQL "nested stored" procedure using a cursor to loop through a table
develop mysql based site - Develop New Registration Process for Wordpress/bbPress develop new .aspx page - Develop new feature for my web. Develop new features and add twitter bootstrap templates - Ruby on Rails - Develop new iPhone and Android Application (news reader) Develop New iPhone App - Develop New responsive Website develop new search engine - Develop new Website Develop new website - Develop Newsletter WordPress Plugin for Email Marketing Develop Newstand / Digital Magazine App that sells Monthly Subscriptions as In-App Purchase - Develop of a 2.4GHz RF transmitter and a RF receiver with 4 antennas to measure phase difference Develop of a comprehensive educational website fast Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress/PHP - Develop on php and XML Develop on-going server-side project using Laravel. - Develop One Page Signup/Holding Page (PSD design provided) Develop one page Website - Develop Online Brand Management and Social Media Strategy Develop Online Brand Management and Social Media Strategy - open to bidding - develop online marketplace Develop online Mat Designer / Measurement tool using Flash or Jquery - Develop online store Develop online store - Develop OpenCart & Migration data from old website using mysql(not openCart ) Develop Opencart 2x website - DEVELOP OR BUILD A WEBSITE & MOB APPS WITH THE INTEGRATION OF KOLMISOFT (MOR) API DEVELOP OR BUILD A WEBSITE & MOB APPS WITH THE INTEGRATION OF KOLMISOFT (MOR) API OR a2billing API - Develop OTT cross platform SmartTV application Develop our 1st class branding ( only best in the world! ) - Develop Our Own Licensed Font Required Develop our presentation for a conference - develop package for female pads - open to bidding Develop page (UI) for existing web site - Develop Payment Gateway Module For Broadleaf Commerce Develop Payment Gateway module in WHMCS - Develop pdf solutions with itextsharp and C# Develop PDF Viewer/Reader for iOS Application - develop phonegap application Develop PhoneGap application iOS / Android OS - Develop PHP Application Develop PHP application and provide additional functionalities - Develop php script to compress photo Develop PHP script to extract image location url & integrate - Develop PIO Wordpress Theme(repost) Develop Plagiarism checker Plugin - DEVELOP PLUGIN FOR WORDPRESS Develop plugin for wordpress - Develop polling & debating plugins for WordPress Develop Pong Game - Develop Premium link generator and Torrent leecher website with registration and payment facility. Develop Premium link generator and Torrent leecher website with registration and payment facility. - Develop print.css files for several sites Develop Printing function & CVS for website - Develop Professional PowerPoint Template and Convert Images into Font Develop professional Responsive wordpress website + Onpage SEO - develop project dashboard Develop project for vacational rental - Develop PSD Website Template Develop PSD Website Template - Develop Python script to handle large XML file using SAX parser and load to MySQL tables Develop python utilities - Develop Quiz Plugin for Wordpress Develop Quiz Plugin for Wordpress - open to bidding - Develop real estate website & mobile application Develop Real Estate Website in .Net - Develop relationships within hospitality industry Develop relay test set - Develop reports in ZuckerReports in SugarCRM(repost) Develop Requirement Document To Build A Website - Develop responsive websites in wordpress Develop Responsive Wordpress Theme - Develop Review module opencart module. Develop REVIT Plugin - Develop RTSP plugin into existing camera app using C# Develop Ruby on Rails Code for existing application - Develop sand trap game in flash and actionscript Develop SAP B1 Addon - Develop screen saver program Develop screen saver program - Develop Script/Code for inserting Twiddla into Wordpress Sit Develop scripts in PHP and using Asterisk AGI to queue and interconnect Clients and Trainers on a voip solution - Develop Selenium REST API Automation testing framework develop self service multivendor portal - Develop Service and Repair manual for existing electronic products - repost Develop Service like - Develop SharePoint Solution on 2010 and 2013 Develop Sharepoint theme branding - Develop SilverStripe website for portal website Develop simil AUTOBIZ website - DEVELOP SIMPLE ANDROID APPS Develop Simple Android Game - Develop Simple e-library (URGENT -- Needed ASAP) Develop simple E-Signature application using Rightsignature API - Develop simple iPhone app demo for me Develop simple iPhone app demo for me 2 - Develop simple multi platform application for a public voting (poll) Develop simple native app - Develop Simple Shopify App In A Day Develop Simple Shopify Shop (Computer + Mobile) - Develop Simple WordPress Plugin Develop simple wordpress plugin for us - develop site develop site (code only) from framework based on requirements (yii/zend/CodeIgnitr/Django/Symfony/etc) - Develop skeleton strategies for securing Google endpoints Develop sketchup model - Develop small SharePoint Control develop small software that obtain the data from URL - Develop SMTP proxy server for e-mail archiving -- 2 Develop SMTP/POP/IMAP proxy with custom authentication - Develop social network Develop Social Network App for iPhone - Develop Software Develop Software - Develop software and enter into long term relationship for ongoing work & support develop software and java - Develop software for generate numbers Develop software for IPTV set top box - Develop software in Java Develop software in Java - develop software to bring work to our website Develop software to connect an app interface to an external API - Develop softwares and apps Develop Solo Ad service - Develop some reports on servicedesk systems Develop some routines in c# - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop Sourcecode sites. Develop South America and Caribbean Email list - Develop Sports Social Networking Site (Cricket) - PHP / SQl Server Develop spread sheet - Develop Static Website Develop static, responsive HTML & CSS web templates - Develop Style Guidelines Develop Style Tiles for web app - Develop Swift 3 application with Chat module Develop Swift Application - Develop taksi mobile app Develop Tamil Cinema Entertainment website - Develop template (HTML, PDF, EXCEL) for importing data from CSV Develop Template and Program using API and XML - Develop Text for Media Kits Develop Text For Websites - Develop the business Develop the business - open to bidding - Develop the Functional and Technical Spec for our New Website