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create batch operating system - Create Beautiful Splash Page/Templage! Very specific Instruction EASY Job! FULL WORDPRESS SITE! Create beautiful user interface for my website (The interface i like, shown in video) - Create better looking registration form for website and implement it - repost Create better mobile and checkout version for my Magento site - ASAP! - Create Bill of Details and Network Diagrams for an office LAN create bill of material for cosmetic manufacturing company - Create birthdaycard based on detailed briefing Create bitcoin auction site - Create Blackberry App from iPhone/Android App CREATE BLACKBERRY APP, like a FTP client - Create blog about insurance Create blog according to Tinder profile - Create blog linked to my website Create Blog Logo and 3 x Slider Images - Create blog sections for two websites Create Blog Similar in Format to - Create Blog/Website for Glambassador for GLAMOUR Magazine Create Blog2 - Create blueprint for a Artificial Jewellery shop Create Blueprint icons - create book ipad / iphone app ( iOs ) Create Book Layout - Create Bookmark with publisher information and author information create bookmarking accounts - Create bootstrap template to allow correct layout with or without images Create bootstrap theme - Create bots for yahoo chat Create bots to create accounts on facebook and gmail (1932889) - Create Box with 5 cds. Create Box, 3 cds and book based on pre-existing box - Create brand name design Create brand name for media tech company - Create BRD/FRD/UAT for Video Resume Create Breadcrum system and fix filter problem - Create Brochure Company Profile Create Brochure Content - Create browser extension Create Browser Extension/Plugins - execute local JAR - Create Build Environment Create build for linphone Android and iPhone - Create bulk wordpress pages from indepentant non wordpress database via php script Create Bulletin Board and Entry Page for Existing Site - Create business card design - Repost Create business card design based off of our website - Create Business Dictionary [ Vbulletin ] Create Business Directories like Yelp, Foursquare etc - Create business logo Create business logo - create business profiles on 1000+ website Create Business Proposal on Real Estate Partnership - Create button php Create button to send e-mail in Excel - Create C sharp webapplication for Activity/Event management Create C sharp webapplication for Activity/Event management - Create C# Trading Robot Create C# unit tests for MVC4 application - Create C2C online mall Wordpress theme same as Taobao Create C2C online platform based on Insta*ram UI and extended features. - Create CAD files from as-built PDF (residential) create cad files from pdf - Create calculator/database from excel, Log into API to grab information..... create calendar booking scheme for my website - Create campaigns using Magic Submitter software create camtasia videos on how to use excel and power point - create car ads website Create car game off-road desert sand dune BY Unity - Create caricatures of 4 people create caricatures of team members - create cartoon characters and add scenes for a childrens book Create cartoon characters from a real persons - Create Cartoons Create cartoons - Create Catalog Cake Php Gmaps API Create Catalog Flie - Create categories and subcategories with PHP on template Create Categories as in another site and create icons for these using - Most icons are already done - Create CD / Video Menus, Autostart, Add Music & More(repost) Create CD / Video Menus, Autostart, Add Music & More - Create Ceramic Tile Catalog Create Certificate - new certificate for club - Create Character Illustration and an Animation Create Character Image - create chart using React and d3 Create chart with Chart.js for last 7 days - Create chat messenger mobile app for android & ios create chat program like paltalk - Create cheese Brand logo Create Cheque Printing Software from Excel Format - CREATE CHILDREN'S FITNESS POSTER SIMILAR TO ATTACHED POSTER Create Children's Food Packaging - create Chrome extension - open to bidding Create Chrome Extension - replace font on page with specific - Create CID Caller ID code for images to email Create Cinderella style illustrations - a few frames of animals - Create class to connect provider - Web Services Create Classe PHP Zip/UnZip and Send by FTP - Create clean KRpano template based on existing exemple Create clean library from CKeditor + Jquery-File-Upload demo - Create Clickbank Landing Page Create ClickBank Product Verification Script - Create Clipping mask for 248 Images Create clipping path for images and remove background - Create clothes sizing diagram for website Create Clothing Manucturing Website - Create CMS Backend for Computer Company create cms for existing html (php) website - create backlinks Create COA, verify flow and work with developer to assure correct operation - Create code that can track a Trade Audit for Stocks Create Code that reveals video on same page after opt in - Create cognito AWS users architecture Create Cognos Report Studio reports. - Create Coloring Page Using Corona SDK Create coloring pages - Create Command Line C# App to Extract One Slide from PPT - $150 Create command to generate Slideshow from list of images with FFMPEG adding filter_complex for effects - Create company brochure from template Create company brochure from template(repost) - Create Company Logo Create Company Logo - Create Company Logos Create company logos - Create company profile for a construction and devt company. Create company profile for ICT company - Create Company WikiPedia Page Create company wikipedia page - Create Complete Event app Create Complete Kiosk / ATM Software Solution - Create Component to merge json and joomla data Create Component- Personalised Google RSS Search Interface - Create concept illustration from a quotes (100 Quotes) create concept illustrations - create connection with SOAP connection Create connections between Dapulse, Streak for Gmail, Slack, etc. via RESTful API's - Create Contact form Create contact form - - Create Contact List from 850 Websites Create Contact List from 850 Websites - Create content create content - Create content for Computer Repair Blog create content for ecommerce silver jewellery website - Create content in existing wordpress template Create content in existing wordpress template -- 2 - Create Content Writing for complete website
Create Contents for a Stock-Market Related Website - Create Cookie Packaging Designs Create cookie policy pop up we can edit and upload ourselves - Create copy of website Create copy of website using provided Wordpress Divi Theme. - Create corporate document within 24 hours Create Corporate Identity - Create Corporate Wordpress Theme(repost) Create Correct And Working SPF Records From Two Domains - Create course booking website with a nice design Create Course Content - Modification like how I request - Create cover page of telephone bill Create cover photo for my social profile using assets I provide - Create Crawler that Fetches and Updates Data from 30 eCommerce Websites Create crawler to download everything from site... - Create Creloaded Template from PSD2 Create CriptoCurrency With Minig pool and Mobile Apps - Create Crop Batch for exact dimensions @ 72dpi Create Cross Functional Diagrams in Visio - Create CryptoCurrency Create cryptocurrency - Create CSS and JSPX from PSD Create CSS and layout for content pages - Create css for web form Create CSS from design - Create CSS style sheet create css styled responsive controls/templates for my angular 2 website - Create CSS/HTML for form (Adult XXX) Create CSS/HTML for room booking tables - Create csv file from quickbooks 2011 sales order Create CSV file from SQL data. - create csv price file from pdf, excel, word docs - ongoing monthly/ quarterly project Create CSV QSqlDriver using Qt and QSqlDriver class - Create Custom Adobe Muse Mobile Menu Create Custom Ads and Titles - Adult Content - Create custom bigcommerce template, configure site, and more. Create custom BIOS file for American Megatrends - Create custom ckEditor plug-ins Create Custom Cloud Based Software - create custom datagridviewcell in c# Create Custom Dating-like Site on PHPFox - Create custom Excel spreadsheet to calculate pricing and costs Create custom excell sheet and download it - create custom folder Create Custom Font - Create Custom Google Map with Form Create custom Google Maps from PDF plans - Create custom illustrated, animated music video Create custom illustration from photo collage - Create custom Joomla component / plugin Create custom Joomla component/plugin - Create custom LOOP on Wordpress Create Custom Magento Auto parts store with over 800,000 products. - Create custom module for Prestashop Create Custom Module in PES Pro 2 Exchange Site - Create custom page for existing wordpress template Create custom page for existing wordpress template - repost - create custom php script for photographers clients photos create custom php website as per outlined plan - Create custom posts page in Wordpress Create custom Power BI Maps and Routes - Create custom responsive cPanel-design (even based on x4 and x4mail? otherwise cleanpanel) - repost Create custom responsive cPanel-design based on x4 and x4mail - Create custom server gif/banner for Minecraft Server Create custom shadow box - Create custom spreadsheet tool Create Custom Spreadshirt T-Shirt Shop - Create Custom Titles and Ads - - repost Create Custom Titles and Ads - Great English a MUST - Create custom website Create custom website - Create custom wordpress blog Create custom wordpress blog - Create custom Wordpress script Create Custom WordPress Site - Create custom workflow function Create custom world wide map using openstreetmap (and other) data - Create Customer Map for Wordpress Site Create customer pdf documents, ebooks, and word documents to post on webstire - Create Customized Asterisk/Elastix Installation ISO Create Customized Asterisk/Elastix Installation ISO - Create customized user profiles in Drupal create customized video conferencing platform - Create daily 300 dutch visitors for Create daily analytics reports for 5 sites - create dashboard for existing website create dashboard for MT4 indicator - Create Data Entry program using Visual basic create data entry software - Create Data Parsing Script Create data portal - Create Database Create database - Create database and Cron job Create Database And design applications - Create Database export workaround for SendStudio Create database file from website data - Create database from XML file with web front end for data manipulation Create database from XML file; Web Front End for searching and data manipulation - Create database of customers from white pages Create Database of Design Businesses - Create Database Schema Create Database script in spanish - create database, collect data, do various calculations Create Database, Fill Database from Excel - Create Datasheet in Excel with structured Names & Emails - Repost Create Datasheet in Excel with structured Names & Emails - Repost - Otwarte dla ofert! - Create DB for Magento 1.x custom module Create DB from video game - Create debian package for FIPS compliant OpenSSL1.0.1g and OpenSSH Create Debian-based Amazon EC2 AMI - Create Demo App Android Wikitude - repost 2 Create Demo App Android Wikitude - repost 3 - Create deployment environment for jboss AS Create deployment flow - Create Design and Manage Facebook Ads Create design and pictures for my homepage - Create Design for company portfolio and company policy docs Create design for dashboard - Create Design for Website -Photoshop create design for website based on two templates - Create design, and implement design on existing site - Create design, and write technical specs doc for development of portal - Create DeskPro Help Desk Template Create Desktop & Mobile Mockup - Create Detailed Instructions for SSL on local Windows IIS Create detailed lesson plans - Create DFP Campaign that falls back on Adsense To Increase Ecpm & Earnings Create DFP Campaign that falls back on Adsense To Increase Ecpm & Earnings -- 2 - create dictionary explanation for key-words provided create dictionary in python - create digg like website create digital story (movies) - Create Digital Scrapbooks create digital seamless papers for my clothing line - Create directory in MS Access 2010 Create directory in PHP - Create Display Module to show how many Users will be emailed by Reverse Auction Factory Create display of specific data subject at site - Create dll or ocx from C source for use with VB6 Create dll same as other dll. - Create docker container for my RoR project Create Docker Containers Ready for Deployment - Create Documents for a Transport Moving Company with Access Microsoft, Microsoft Excel, VBA, Microsoft Word create documents from PDFs - create clone