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Create Client Centre - Create clone of Drupal site and integrate XML feed Create Clone of - Create cloud based backup and restore app Create cloud based backup and restore app1 - Create CMS for our Website (Website Designer needed) Create CMS for website (Windows/asp) - Create Code Documentation for Parent Child XmlSerialization Create Code Documentation for Parent Child XmlSerialization(repost) - Create code to email submit form Create Code to existing banner for affiliate program - Create collage according to Picase sample Create collage jpgs - Create Colour Chart Create Colour Chart - ongoing work - Create Comment Page Layout (Need a Legit PHP worker) Create Comments For Instagram - Create company details for John Tech Management - open to bidding create company document template support MS word 2007-2016 - Create company logo Create company logo - Create Company Name Create Company Name - Create company profile in PDF Create company profile in PDF - Create company/brand look and feel and subsequently design a brochure Create comparative analysis report on specific types of iOS apps - Create complete PSD website from home page PSD Create complete set up of You tube - Create Component- Personalised Google RSS Search Interface Create componente and module - create concept illustrations create concepts/ideas for a corporate present for a famous jewelry brand - Create connections between Dapulse, Streak for Gmail, Slack, etc. via RESTful API's Create connections for different SAS subscriptions like Dapulse, Streak for Gmail, Slack, etc. via each service's RESTful API's - Create contact form - Create Contact Form - HTML5 / PHP - Create Contact List from 850 Websites Create Contact List from 850 Websites - Create content create content - Create content for Computer Repair Blog create content for ecommerce silver jewellery website - Create Content From Sources Create content in existing wordpress template - Create content web page Create Content Writing for complete website - Create Cookie Notice Create Cookie Packaging Designs - Create Copy of the Website Create copy of this webpage - EASY facebook related - Create corporate brochure IN 1 DAY. Create corporate business plan - Create Corporate Video Presentation Create corporate videos - create courier shipping software Create Course (including slideshow in keynote) from a book - Create cover designs for business magazines distributed across Asia Create cover for e-book. - Create Craigslist PVA Create Craigslist Scraping Software - Create Credit Scoring Platform - Python Create Credit system at WordPress site - create cron wp plugin/php script for send message to users after Create cron-job web scraper to filter 1 website and place into searchable database. - Create CRUD with login & custom code number Create CRUD/MYSQL Dashboard - Create CSS advanced 40 Quiz Create CSS and code to adapt my current website into being more mobile friendly - Create CSS For Existing HTML Pages Create CSS for given web page designs. - Create CSS Slideout Menu Create CSS sprite sheet and make style sheet work with it - Create CSS Website With My Images! Create CSS+DIV+HTML From PNG Chinese Site - create csv file for car make and model create csv file for car make and model - Create CSV from websites (Google Places, Craigslist, iBegin) create csv from xml template - Create custom 11-page Wordpress website from existing design Create custom 11-page Wordpress website from my design - Create custom archive template for Wordpress site Create Custom Audibles? - Create Custom CCK Field Create custom CentOS 6.4 Kickstart ISO - Create custom cron to fetch and import product into Wordpress store (Woocommerce) Create custom cron to fetch and import product into Wordpress store (Woocommerce) - repost - Create custom EBay theme for shop front and product pages. Create custom ecommerce application in CakePHP3.X - Create custom filter - Magento Create custom filters for bigcommerce website - Create Custom Gateway Create Custom Gateway (Payoneer Credit Card plugin) for my wordpress woocommerce based website - Create Custom HTML site Create custom HTML/CSS code for some UX elements in Wordpress - Create custom installation of microsoft office Create custom installer file for .exe package - Create custom list control (Flex app) create custom listing on ebay - Create custom Mega-menu without using Plugins Create Custom Member Area linked to ISPconfig Accounts - Create custom notification system for wordpress Create custom Objects in Salesforce - Create Custom Photo Gallery Create custom Photo gallery for my website - Create custom post filter page. START NOW, WORDPRESS EXPERTS ONLY Create Custom Post Template -- 2 - Create Custom Quote Form For Word Press Website Create custom race scoring on website - Create custom sales report - Magento Create Custom Sandbox for EXE - Create Custom Single SignOn Buttons In SVG Format and Social Media Link Icons in SVG Format create custom site in Prestashop - Create custom t-shirt designer application - responsive Create custom T-Shirt size - Create Custom VB Images/Header/Icons,etc. Create Custom VB Theme 4.x - Create Custom WHMCS Addons Create custom widget for Divi Theme Wordpress site with API Integrations - Create Custom Wordpress Menu Create Custom Wordpress Mobile Theme - Create Custom Wordpress Template Page Create Custom Wordpress Template(repost) - create custom youtube videos 1600 in all Create custom YQL (Yahoo Query Language) Open Data Tables for us - Create customised cordova plugin camera for Android/Ios Create Customised Cron Job And Replace Existing WP_Post Content - Create Customized Kaltura Player Skin (design spec ready) Create Customized Map Annotation and Annotation View - Create cutcontour in vector file Create cute and creative posters. - Create Daily Fantasy Sports Permutation Algorithm Create Daily Market Report and trade recomendation - Create Dashboard Widgets from MAGENTO Create Dashboard, Client Portal, Connect to Existing API - Create Data Base Management and Generate Reports From Data Base