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Create an Native app and wordpress service. - create an office management app Create an official Wikipedia article for a Person - Create an online application for customers Create an online application form - Create an online calculator - for foam website Create an online calculator from Excel spreadsheet - Create an Online Dashboard for Hotels & Activity Service Providers (Repost 2) -- 2 Create an online data analysis tool where you can merge different data files and it cleans them and creates a dashboard to analyze it - Create an online excel clone wordpress theme with reddit posts and comments Create an online fashion store with ordering wizards - Create an online interface using API calls Create An ONline Inventory and Optical Store Managment - Create an online Multiplayer Unity3d or UE4 Engine First Person Shooter Create an online music store (Affiliate Program) - Create an online quiz with custom answers Create an online registration database in LAMP - Create an Online Software that works with PayPal Create an online sports facility directory, create membershi - Create an online store and teach me how to manage and update the content once completed. Requires meeting in person Create an online store based on Magento (1839720) - Create an Online Survey create an online survey 15 questions (demographics included) - Create an online video tutor app Create an online virtual school - Create an opencart module Create an Opencart Options Add to Cart Mod - Create an Operating System Create an Operating System - create an order form Create an Order Form & Order Update Functionality - Create an Original Logo create an original logo - Create an Outlook VBA macro to parse incoming airline confirmations and create calendar appointments from othem Create an Output document in Servicemax - Create an print ad Create an processing sketch that manipulates images(Java) - Create an RPG Map for my Game, and RAW Heightmap Create an RPM for us - Create an SDK for Unreal Engine Create an SDK ot droid/ios app - Create an Simple Mobile Application Create an Simple website on word press.. - Create an SQL component to remotely a sql database and send sms from the database to email Create an SQL component to remotely a sql database and send sms from the database to email - Create An Time Sensitive Email Application Create an TimeTracker - Adobe Air - Create an undetectable Keylogger Create An Unique CSS for An Unique Site Template - Create an upstart-script for Newrelic-monitoring on Ubuntu Create an URL submission script - Create an Video Tuorial Create an visual composer element for Woocommerce products. - Create an white board style video with voice Create an white board style video with voice - create an xml document from excel spreadsheet Create an xml driven Flash page engine - Create Analytics Designs Create Analytics Module - Create and add reporting functionality to my application Create and Add Static Block Above Footer in Magento Site - Create and APP and a Backoffice for the APP Create and app for app store - Create And Build A Website Create and build a website - Create and Configure Cache Server Create and configure Drupal theme from PSD file - Create and customize Dashboards Create and customize my new Traffic Exchange - Create and design a Logo for my company Create and design a luxurious e-shop - Create and design all covers for google+, facebook cover and timeline, Twitter. Create and Design Amazon Product Image - Create and design Flyer Create and Design Games - Create and design unique WP website Create and design unique WP website - Create and develop Social bookmark accounts Create and develop store website content - Create and edit Google Calendar events with MS Access 2010 Create and Edit HTML email Templates - Create and engage a community of relevant users on Facebook n Twitter Create and enhance a number of Vision diagrams - Create and fill in a spreadsheet with data Create and fill in a spreadsheet with data - Create and Implement a Bot to Create Articles for Wiki--Opening and Splitting Large Data Files Involved create and implement a Graphdb for social media application - Create and Import Database Create and import products from XML file in Magento - Create and install a Shipping & Order Editing module for an Oscommerce 2.3.1 installation Create and Install a simple PyQt "Hello World" app on Ubuntu Touch - Create and install stats page and user area for website Create and Install Template from Draft Design - Create and Integrate Database for mobile site Create and integrate facebook campaign system - Create and launch a simple Wordpress website in 2 days - repost Create and launch new interesting singles dating website called 1GF - Create and maintain Weibo account for my business. Create and maintaine product DB - Create and Manage a PPC Campaign Create and Manage a PPC Campaign - Create and Manage Campaign Create and manage campaign to find live demonstrator leads - Create and manage outlook business accounts. Long term collaboration Create and manage outlook business accounts. Long term collaboration. - Create and Mobile App in Android and Iphone fast create and mobile app in phonegap - Create and or modify an AppleScript that Extracts Metadata from iTunes including album info and put into Filemaker pro Create and Oracle APEX form - Create and post Pinterest banners Create and Post Travel Ads - Create and publish 18 articles on Create and publish 18 articles on - repost - Create and refine secondary Maths content for Australian Education Website create and register with blogs - Create and send out newsletter via mailchimp create and send to me a netspend master card with my details - Create and solve Exponential Growth Create and Some Edits to Wordpress Template - Create and submit to 300 web 2.0/social networking sites Create and Submit Videos to Youtube - Create and Upload 50 SlideShare and DocStoc Items(repost) create and upload 6 pages urgent - Create and Use Thread in Java or C Program create and validate a file of the exhibitors of the congress of the Rafiological Society of North America - Create Andriod UI Template with Material Design and Animation Create Android "Boost" Animation (vid inside) - create android and ios application for a website create android and ios game like carrom - Create Android app Create Android app - Create android app - open to bidding Create Android App - Reference Library (offline) - Create Android app from an iOS version create android app from android studio - Create Android app with In-App-Purchase with verification on server in PHP Create Android app with low latency video capture/display - create android application - open to bidding Create Android Application - Port from iOS - create android based app-2 Create android based messenger - Create android game Create Android game - repost - Create Android Live Wallpaper from a video loop Create android live wallpapers with the program i give you - Create Android Studio Layout xml form my design - Repost - open to bidding Create Android Taskbar App - Create Android,Iphone and Nokia SIP soft phone with G729 codec support. - repost Create Android-app - Create animal illustrations for a game
Create animal scenery for children game - Create animated Buttons and Logo Create animated Car model and make 30 funny videoclips - create animated GIF create animated gif - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 25 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 26 - Create Animated HTML 5 Clouds WP Create Animated HTML 5 Google Display Remarketing Ad Banner - Create animated product presentation (length around 2.30-3 min). Create animated product presentation (length around 2.30-3 min). -- 2 - create animated video Create animated Video 60 seconds - Create animated, descriptive, simple educational videos! Create animated, xml-driven flash animation - Create animation - video. (1 minute long). Crear una animaciĆ³n Create animation -- 2 - Create animation for game characters Create animation for GAMSAT Exam - I will provide script - Create animation in Adobe edge Create Animation in HTML 5 for a lotto software - Create Animation Sprite For 2d Game Create animation Sprites for Videogame 2D - Create Animation video for Product Demo - repost Create Animation Video For Services Explanation - Create animations for a turn based rpg with Blender 3d Create Animations for an App - Create annimated Film for about 3 minutes Create annimations in 3d Studio Max - Create Another Rubric Scoring Tool LB Create another set of banners - Create any software with perfect report Create any type of Anroid Game - create API between Fruugo & Channeladvisor create API between Fruugo & Channeladvisor - Create API for Woocommerce (Wordpress) for inserting products in DB Create API for Woocommerce (Wordpress) for inserting products in DB - Create API to script existing trading application Create api with slim framework & create web view pages - Create app Create app - create App Demo video Create App demo video - open to bidding - Create App for iOS and Android Magento website Create APP for iOS/Android - Create app for YouTube Video of Image Slideshow Create App from a picture book insert Mobile ad Code - Create app like Runkeeper using the PhoneGap Create App linked to K2 blog. - Create App That Converts File Structure to XML Files Create app that looks like skype and add a conversation in it - Create APP with a calculation tool in it. Also connect APP with website Create App with AppGyver Steroids - Create application (service) to interact let my Python app interact with OSx (icons, graphics, etc) Create application according to details attached - Create application IOS and Android to send SMS or Email Create Application like My Sale - create applications Create applications based on python technologies - create arabic captions and translate them to make english subtitles for a youtube video create arabic catalog for cosmetics , lotions cream - Create Architectural Exterior Bungalow Elevation Design From a Floor Plan Create Architectural Exterior Bungalow Elevation Design From a Floor Plan - Create Array Using C+ and Java Create Arrays as per sample array - Create article from content writing create article in english - Create Articles Page and Post Articles for 66 sites Create Articles Pages and Post Articles for 66 sites - Create artwork for fasion desings, bags Create artwork for FD (2) - CREATE ASP.NET (C#) DLL/CLASSES FOR JQUERY BASED CHARTS Create 2.0 theme and stylesheet - create website Create ASP.NET Website based on example website - Create ATL/WTL Custom Form create atlas website - create attributes for my cvs and categories and create cvs or excel file - repost Create Auction App to IOS and Android -- 2 - Create Audio Download for Smartphones Create audio file - Create Audios with Transcript Create Audit Program Software - Create Auto Bot Software Create Auto build system for ionic - Create auto refresh task for an android app Create Auto Repair Invoice From German Insurance Claim - Create autocad drawing from pdf file Create AUTOCAD Drawings - Create automated batch Google display banners from XML feed in html5 format Create automated bot or script or API Connection to do fixed activity on other website - Create Automated Wordpress Plugin based on XML data feed Create automated workflow based on provided architecture - Create automation process in "Sauce Labs" Create Automation Script for my web application - Create avatar for social network group Create Avatars - Create awesome checkout page woocommerce Create awesome content for an Anti-Smoking Brochure - Create Awwward winning website (Wordpress) Create axure widget library of kendo ui widgets - Create back links for an adult website create back links for website using our SEO tool - Create backend for my squarespace site Create backend for Profile Directory Website - Create background music for a mobile game Create backgrounds for 2D side scrolling game - Create backlinks for casino website - repost 10 Create backlinks for casino website - repost 2 - Create backlinks to rank my site high on Google Create backlinks to youtube videos - Create Bank IFSC Code Wordpress Plugin Create bank links using roboform and visiting sites - Create Bank Statement Template Create Bank Statement Template - Create Banner Ad Create Banner Ad - Create banner for $3.99 domain registration offer Create banner for 14u Softball team - Create Banner Graphics Create banner image - Create banners create banners - Create Banners for Client Create Banners for FB posts - Create bar graph of keyword stats on site and display in adjustable section Create bar graph of keyword stats on site and display in adjustable section 2 - Create Basic Adult Porn Website To Bring Traffic and Get PPC and Affiliate Ads Clicked Create basic and static websites for small businesses - Create basic game for Android and iphone Create basic GANTT chart for Access 2003 - Create basic member area control panel Create basic Member area/panel - Create basic visualizer in eclipse Create basic web2.0 scripts in Imacro format using a different software (Easy work for a intermediate to experienced person) - Create Batch file using PDF bookmark program create batch file with arender with best settings for after effects - Create Beautiful PDF matching Website - In 2 Days Create Beautiful Powerpoint Slides - Create better Bootstrap pricing table Create better converting landing pages - Create Bike Helmet Icons Create Bikram Sambhat (B.S) Calendar for Website - Create birthday card with great illustrations Create birthday card with illustrations - Create black and white drawings of a cell phone Create Black and White Line Drawing of Product - Create Blog Create Blog - Create Blog for Existing Site