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Create basic map from google map screenshot - Create basic Top Down Shooter game Create basic user forms in Word or Excel - Create Batch Downloader For Website URL create Batch file to monitor folder for file canges and trigger events actions - Create Beautiful Inspirational Video (KMP)(repost) Create Beautiful Inspirational Video (KMP)(repost) (1043590) - Create bets in online betting companies Create better - Create Bigcommerce Template Create Bigcommerce Template -- 2 - Create Birt report with available sql script Create birth announcement card - Create Black and White Line Drawing of Product Create black and white outline activity worksheets - Create Blog Create Blog - Create Blog For Rock Music Create Blog for Website - Create Blog posts for personal injury website Create blog posts for SEO and Marketing of our site - create blog with wordpress Create Blog with Wordpress and Populate with Original Content and Autoblog - Create blogs related to swimming pools Create Blogs Using Viral Instigator program - Create book cover for Diet and Recipe book based on The Wild Diet Create Book Covers - Create Booking Website for Start Taxi Up Company Create Booking Website for Start Taxi Up Company - repost - Create Bootstrap page from mockup Create bootstrap responsive front page with multistep form - Create bot to fetch information from classified website Create bot to make purchases on specific website - Create Box Packaging Designs Create Box Packaging Designs - create brand name create brand name - Create brasil drums with sticks hitting it Create BRD/FRD/UAT for Video Resume - Create Brochure and Poster for Marketing of medical products Create Brochure Company Profile - Create Browser Bookmarklet Create Browser Executable - Create bugfix for asterisk's libjack implementation Create Build Environment - Create bulk Wordpress pages Create bulk wordpress pages from indepentant non wordpress database via php script - Create business card design - Repost Create business card design - Repost - Create Business Dictionary [ Vbulletin ] Create Business Directories like Yelp, Foursquare etc - Create business logo Create business logo - Create Business share agreement paperwork Create business site design - Create buttons + other images for iPad app Create Buttons and Icons for Webapp - create c# api and unit tests for processing payments to firstach and paypal Create C# app that can calculate my trading P&L - Create C# Wrapper class for Java JAR library Create C# wrapper classes for a C++ SDK - Create C;ean Professional Logo Create cache for categories drop-down menu - Create CAD Layout Interior Design for changing room at Water Park in 3D and Plan view Create CAD layouts for construction from SketchUp model - Create Calendar Cake PHP create calendar in php or javascript - create camtasia videos on how to use excel and power point Create Camtasia/Flash Video Tutorials of B2B Software - create car ads website Create car game off-road desert sand dune BY Unity - Create Caricatures & Animation Create caricatures of 4 people - Create cartoon characters out of real persons Create Cartoon doll maker - Create cartoons for blog posts (ongoing job) Create cartoons for kids - Create Catalog in PDF using spreadsheet and images. Create Catalog of Our Products on CD - Create categories in BigCommerce create categories in wordpress - Create CD Autorun with simple yet elegant design and 4 menu items - repost Create CD cover and artwork acording to template and altering old design according to breif - Create Certificate - new certificate for club Create CF7 form - Create character portraits for an upcoming mobile game! Create Character Selection Menu Similar to Crossy Road and Splish Splash - Create charts Create Charts !!! - Create Chat Website Template like Create chat with node.js using - Create Child Theme and secure Original WP Theme on host server Create child theme and static page that displays large search box - Create Chinese questions for learners Create Chinese Version of Existing Website - Create chrome extension that auto fetch coupons on aliexpress Create chrome extension that using browser click action - Create citations on Wikipedia Create citations on Wikipedia - repost - Create Classifieds Website Create classifieds website - Create CLF / Skin Create clicable open street map with POI list - Create Client Server app in VB.NET Create Client Side Word document from Servers side data - Create Clone of Template monster Create clone of three SpendMap Module - Create cloud-based website evaluator Create club flyer for promotion - Create CMS to update our website Create CMS web site shell - Create code from Schema Create code generator - Create code to update wiki plug-in posts onto home page of Wordpress blog Create Code to Use user inputs to generate Meters in mobile app (iOS/Android) - Create collection of Excel spreadsheets and links(repost)(repost) Create collection of Excel spreadsheets and links(repost)(repost)(repost) - create columns of text and images and a Slideshow Gallery Create COM addin from VBA module - Create communication between wordpress and a customized checkout script. Create Community Builder Search Plugin / Joomla / CB - Create company letterhead & business card Create Company Logo - Create company logo and choosing font for electrical business create company logo and design company profile - Create Company Profile Create Company Profile - Create company webapp and our internal database Create company webapp and our internal database. - Create compilable Visual Studio project and enhance the Lame encoder/decoder Create compile script for Exim4 - Create complex options for a certain product in open cart Create complex, reactive music for a game using FMOD and work to exact terms of contract - create concept and desgin for a suitable game Create concept and design for a suitable game - Create confirmed accounts on Yandex.XML Create Confluence User Macro - Generic dropdown: page title by label - Create consumer & merchant connected apps Create Consumer Credit Website (Themeforest template) - Need Content and Themeforest install - Create contact form, fix page formatting wordpress Create contact form, fix page formatting wordpress -- 2 - Create Contact us page and One-page checkout Create contact.php file and make contact form work - Create content for a website and do basic linkbuilding Create content for an App Development Catalogue - Create content in existing wordpress template
Create content in existing wordpress template -- 2 - Create contents for my Google plus Create contents for my Social Media Channels Such as Facebook , Instagram, Pinterest , Tumbler - Create Cooking Trailer from Youtube documentary for Branding create cool css stlye for opera widget - Create copy script Create copy trade social trading website based on mt4 metatrader - Create Corporate INTRANET Create corporate Letterhead and Packaging Designs - Create Costume Shop YouTube Video & Uploads Required Create count down timer and enhance search - Create courses on Udemy Create courses to teach ruby on rails - Create cPanel accounts from list of account details in mysql table(repost) Create cPanel for digital ocean - Create CRE Loaded 6.2 templates from existing design Create Cre Loaded Template (pmi) - Create CRM, contact list, research, PowerPoint Create CRM, Job management and reporting application - create cross-browser website from PSD, total 5 pages Create Cross-Platform Mobile TV App - Create Crystal Reports For Website Create Crystal Reports from VF - Create CSS Drop Shadow Around DIV and Small Wordpress Help Create CSS Dropdown Menu - Create CSS Layout from Photoshop / Fireworks source PSD Create CSS Menu using OpenCube - create CSS theme for our Ecwid store front page Create css themes for bootstrap based pages and fix mobile grid layout - create CSS/XHML from flat files Create CSS/XHTML pages from PSD - Create CSV file separate by Coma Create csv file to import to Prestashop - Create CSV to XML converter CREATE CSV WITH CAR MODEL/MAKE/AND IMAGES - Create custom alarm audio wave files Create Custom Altcoin cryptocurrency - Create Custom Blog Create custom blog header on blog page from mock design - Create Custom CMS on Laravel create custom cms website for monthly magazine - Create custom design template Create Custom Discount with WooCommerce Subscriptions - Create custom facebook page tab Create Custom Facebook Pages for Small Business - Create custom form in Contact Form 7 Create custom form in wordpress - Create Custom Hosted Payment Page Create Custom Hotel Theme Using Bootstrap & PHP & XML Data - Create Custom indicator by Combining two Forex Indicators and add SMS/EMAIl alert Create custom indicator for Metatrader4 - Create custom jQuery script Create custom JSON-File editor (Html/Javascript/C#) - Create Custom Magento Report based on Product Option Custom Attribute Create Custom Magento Report based on Product Option Custom Attribute -- 2 - Create Custom MS Project Web Access Page Create custom Mt4 indicator - Create custom payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce Create Custom Payment Notification Scripts - Create Custom plugin for gallery slideshow Create Custom Podcast RSS Feed - Create Custom Project Proposal Templates Create custom proposal in NiftyQuoter - Create Custom RSS Feeds Create custom RSS feeds - Create Custom Signup & Login On WP Site (Custom PHP) Create Custom Simple WordPress Theme - Create custom stylesheet templates HTML5 Create Custom SugarCRM buttons in Leads Module - Create Custom USB Installer for Centos 6 Create custom user controls based on design - Create Custom Website Header create custom website in wordpress - Create custom Wordpress functionality - checklists linked to user accounts Create Custom WordPress Installation Package & Softcalculus Installation Package - Create custom wordpress template based on PSD and migrate / upload all old content Create Custom Wordpress Template From Existing Simple Site - Create custom Yeoman package create custom youtube videos 1600 in all - Create customised cordova plugin camera for Android/Ios Create customised eBay Store and Ebay listing templates - Create Customized Map Annotation and Annotation View Create Customized Mediawiki Skin - Create cutom .flv for looping video create cutom shopify site - Create Daily SMS Application Create Daily Task module - Create data capture login area for contact form Create Data Center Operations Guide - Create Data file Create data file of product specifications/images - Create data warehouse dimensional model from database Create data warehouse for storing real estate data. - Create Database & Integrate with SquareSpace Site Create Database & Login & Comments - Create database and send emails create database and simplify / streamline /automate data collection and input to database - Create database from emails create database from excel spreadsheets - Create database of all adventure service providers -- 2 Create database of Australian financial planners - Create database of outdoor advertising companies Create database of Parking Garages in select Metro Areas of US and Canada - Create Database using adox for Access database Create Database using MS Access - Create Datafeeds for Cold Fusion Based Custom Ecommerce Create Datamax Printer Label - Create daughter card PCB Create daughter card PCB - Create Deals Page in Cashback Website Create deals page on wordpress and fix search - Create Deluge Add-on Create Deluge Addon - Create Demo Website like Pricerunner create demo.php page - Create Design 3 - 02102010 Create design a vibrant power point presentation - Create design for college software Create Design for company portfolio and company policy docs - Create design for wordpress theme Create design for YouTube channel (Intro, Images etc) - Create designer website layout 3 pages Create designs and high fidelity prototype - Create desktop application in C# CREATE DESKTOP APPLICATION USING WEBSITE API - Create Detailed test plan for a Product Create detailed use cases for an iphone app - create diagnose for cause of the php xml parsing latency. Create Diagnostic Survey tools and their dashboards - Create different banners Create Different Color Schemes For SharpTurn Logo - Create digital copy of drawing Create Digital Cover Art For An Amazon Online Book - Create digital version of 7 different paper forms with MySQL storage create digital version of a document base on an old version - Create Directory Website for Stag parties/Events (using metronic keenthemes) Create Directory Website in Codeigniter with full backend control - Create Div Layout for Joomla ARTICLE for webmaster122 create div on a website - Create dll to interpret and/or create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or ... (prototype and example available, easy implementation)(repost) Create dll to interpret and/or create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or ... (prototype and example available, easy implementation)(repost)(repost) - Create Document ecommerce site with esignature option Create document for my business "Invoice, Quote, Proposal, Contract" color in my business - Create Dog Food ebook Create Dog Illustrations - Create Doodle Animation