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Create an image - Create an Image from attached PDF Create an image gallery for custom posts type - Create an image with a text using font identical to Create an image with multiple concepts - Create an Indesign template for a magazine Create an indesign template from an existing PDF - Create an infographic Create an infographic - Create an Infographic Sales Page for WSO Create an infographic style Video - Create an informative video Create an infowindow for a wordpress website - Create an instagram bio photo Create an Instagram clone'ish for iOS - Create an installer for my BHO written in C# Create an installer for Office 2003 / 2007 - Add-in C#.Net - Create an instructional Video for a fitness center Create an instructional video for my site. - Create an Interactive Availability Page Create an Interactive Banner - Create an interactive map of Germany Create an interactive map of Germany - 2 - Create an interactive spot the difference app for website and Facebook -- 2 create an interactive test - all multiple choice questions (similar to completing a survey) - Create an interior design and animation Create an interior rendering - Create an intro animation Create an Intro Animation - Create an intro outro Animation Create an intro promo video - Create an introducing animation like dropbox Create an Introducing video for one product - Create an Investment Analysis Spreadsheet Create An Investment Site! - Create an Ionic2 App Create an iOS & Android action game - Create an ios app create an ios app - Create an IOS game Create an iOS Game - Create an IP camera with a touch screen available for accessing the internet. Create an IP changer softver - Create an iPhone & Android app Create an iPhone & Android app - Create an iPhone and android beauty-booking app Create an iPhone and Android Game - create an iphone app Create an iphone app - Create an iPhone app same as existing Android mobile app Create an iPhone app similar to Wahanda - create an iPhone application create an iphone application - Create an iPhone application ios 8 keyboard Create an iPhone application Mock UI from a PSD Design - Create an iphone game called Jumpers Create an iphone game called Jumpers - open to bidding - Create an iphone/android application with back end database Create an Iphone/Android compatible APP & Website - Create an IT Transition Plan Create an italic version of a font - Create an Loading Animation Create an loading gif Animation - Create an Map Animation Create an medical Animation - Create an Model Rig and Animation To Augusto Zori Comba Create an modified Animation - Create an MS Word 2003 template & style Create an MS Word 2007 template & style - Create an NOP Commerce Template Create an NOP Commerce Template USD - Create an old racing game animation Create an Omeka theme - Create an Online Backup Solution Create an online banking system - CREATE AN ONLINE CHARITY URGENTLY Create an online chocolate website - Create an online database to produce books to order create an online database to track daily sales - Create an online form in a Wordpress site using Contact Form 7 plugin Create an online form in adobe - Create an online log of activities. Create an online log of activities. - ongoing work - Create an online Photoshop course in English Create an Online PHP Store for both Sellers and Buyers - Create an online Roulette similar to Create an online sari-sari store - Create an online store Create an online store - Create an Online Store in Joomla with 3D Showroom Create an Online Store on a Facebook Fan Page - Create an online training portal Create an online training portal -- 2 - Create an op-amp circuit which would translate input voltage 0 - 4.096V to output voltage -55V to 0V create an oparating system - Create an OpenCart theme based on images and PSD Create an Opencart theme based on my 19 Photoshop PSDs. - Create an optimal requirement (mock) doc for a simple coding project create an optimised google+ page for a business - Create an order management software Create an Order Manually on my fulfillment system / Shopify - Create an OS Palm Pinball game Create an OS X style confirmation dialog using simple css and javascript - Create an overview of webshops Create an overview video demo - Create an property rental listing plugin Create an prototype using HTML files - Create an RSS feed for my video podcast in itunes Create an RSS Feed for our PHP/MySql site - Create an shopkick clone (app and hardware) Create an short 5 second "YouTube" channel Intro / Animation - create an sms application to work with plivo Create an SMS Gateway - Create an STL of Ice Age Sid Create an storage replication and VMware SRM LAB - Create an Uber/instacart type App for Android and ios create an ubuntu module for HipHop - Create an up to date Excel Database from an online web directory Create an up to date Excel Database from an online web directory - create an video create an video - Create an Web service to allow XML data (Possibly JSON) Create an webbased income calculator - Create an Whiteboard Video OR Sketch Animation Create an wikipedia entry for our business - Create an XML Scheme Create an Xplan SOA - create and add a customized Indeed job board to an existing site Create and add a flash movie to a template - Create and Android and IOS application for our booking website. Create and Android App - Create and authenticate Django users from remote website Create and automate a forensic lab deployment in aws - Create and code MT4 Indicator + much more work later! Create and code one simple PHP page (samnav) - Create And Convert PSD to Wordpress theme(repost) Create and Convert templates to HTML - Create and Design a Company/Concept name with tag line/slogan Create and design a corporate identity - Create and design a website Create and design a website - Create and Design and Email Marketing Campaign to promote our NEW Service as a Entertainment Booking Agency - repost create and design and nice logo for my face book and instagram page for my website and - Create and design MOBILE APP for Dance Videos Create and design my Ecommerce website - Create and Develop a Website Create and develop a website - Create and edit .pdf files, .ai files, .cdr files, .psd files etc - Cheap but good designer, and always online with instant messengers pdf to cdr
Create and edit a beach photo for event material - Create and Edit Wordpress Template Create and email graph (line chart, bar chart, pie chart, etc.) report in mobile responsive format. - Create and execute marketing plan for your website Create and execute SEO strategy for my website - Create and host and exact copy of live Magento store for testing, development, backup etc. create and host custom search engine - Create and Implement Plan to make WiFi device easier for users to setup Create and implement simple code - Create and install a custom Pligg template prototype Create and install a design for oscommerce shop - Create and Install Joomla Template Create and install jQuery for customized scrolling div - Create and Integrate a Slider - repost Create and Integrate a Slider with wordpress - Create and iPhone and Android App with Server backend Create and iPhone and Android Game like Candy Crush Saga - Create and maintain Instagram accounts create and maintain local election campaign website/blog/etc - Create and manage a Facebook campaign Create and manage a Kickstarter campaign - Create and manage Amazon sponsored product ad campaign Create and manage an Amazon dropship store on ebay shotify facebook. - Create and manage networking site with millions of users! VERY Exciting project Create and Manage Online Dating Profiles - CREATE AND MAP EBAY PRODUCTS IN MAGENTO and MAP to M2E PRO FIELDS Create and Map Magento Categories to CSV Datafeed - Create and online booking using API integration to ontime system with auto fill for city, province and zipcode using geocodes database Create and Online Store - Create and post daily entries to our barter and trade blog create and post facebook ads - Create and publish 12 hubpages - 5 Create and publish 12 hubpages - 6 - Create and record 15 - 30 second radio advert for real estate portal site. Create and record fake auto text processing program for a movie - Create and send a professional promotion marketing email - 12/11/2016 20:53 EST create and send netspend master card or any master card that support western union - create and sketch 100 creatures for a game create and skin 3 slot machines - Create and submit slideshows create and Submit some Articles - Create and Upload 3 Simple Mobile Forms Create and upload 301 redirects for small site moving from WordPress to HTML format - create and uploading Create and Use Thread in Java or C Program - Create Andriod UI Template with Material Design and Animation Create Android "Boost" Animation (vid inside) - create android and ios game like carrom Create Android and iOS game Like NinJump Rooftops - Create Android app Create Android app - Create Android App - SMS Sending & Forwarding Create android app - Stay in Line - Create Android App from existing iOS App Create Android App from existing iOS App (part 2) - Create android app with out root Create Android app with push notification - Create Android Application -- 4 Create Android Application based on XCode Project - create android calculator Create Android camera application - Create ANDROID game like a iOS game Create android game project - Create android mmo PLEASE READ No time wasted! Create Android Mobile App - Create Android version of altcoin wallet Create android version of flash game i saw her standing there - Create Android/Ios Apps with Seattleclouds - 50$ - 100$ --- Create Android/IOS radio app but with a twist. - Create animated (standards-based) landing page Create animated .gif & static versions of banners - Create Animated Character (Korean Boy & Girl) Create Animated character and add character and some photos to website - create animated gif of HTML content Create animated gif of simple rotating star - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 33 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 34 - Create animated images a list of words Create Animated infographic clips - Create animated responsive Angularjs bar chart for $20 Create animated short cartoon (3-5 mins) to help with company branding - Create Animated video for Kids -- 2 Create Animated Video for my website - Create Animation Create Animation - Create Animation 3D Maya /Rendering - Funy animation for MMO GAMES PORTAL !! Create animation according to storyboard - Create animation for Italian Restaurant create animation for logo - Create animation movie -- 2 Create animation movie -- 3 - Create Animation using Goanimate/ Powtoons create animation using jquery - Create Animation Video with sound to showcase a software product Create Animation Video with Voiceover - Create Animations for iOS game Create animations for logo - Create ANON ACC Create anonymous bitcoin eshop - create another website using a DotNetNuke template Create another word image to match this word - Create Apache Mod_Rewrite and RedirectMatch rules for old -> new site. Create Apache mod_rewrite rules for webserver - Create API Document Create API documentation needed for IOS and Android APPs from the existing e-commerce website - Create API in PHP MySQL Database for Android App Create API integration for Ecomdash / Prestashop 1.6 - Inventory & order management software - Create APIs. Create APK - Create App & Web Mockup for demo create app (andriod and apple) for website - Create app for Android and iOS about our web (invoice app) Create App for Android and iPhone - Create app for iPhone, iPad and Android create app for iPhone,iPad,iPad touch apple - Create APP icon & Optimize our Logo Create App Icon based on existing logo - Create app promo animation for youtube Create app promo video - Create APP to post and receive https messages through secure webserver Create App to post XML file content to URL - Create Appication That Allows Download Cards On Our Site Create Apple accounts for me (US, Canada&Japan) - Create application for sell specific products via mobile App Create Application Form - Create application to do FPS benchmark of directx/opengl games Create application to download CSV from web API and process information inside CSV for telephone calls - create apps create apps - open to bidding - Create Arabic Youtube movies with Speech Create Arabic Youtube movies with Speech - Create archive and post my (written) newsletters Create Arduino code for sending/receiving async half-duplex serial - Create Art work for Tetra Pak. The product is Coconut Water Create art work for tshirt printing - Create articles and surveys for our business website Create articles and surveys for our website - Create artwork create artwork - Create asmx file and use WebMethod in .net2 to receive and send come json data Create ASP + iframe viewer like W3school has - create pdf file handller Create ASP.NET program for scanning documents - Create Asynchronous Multiplayer RPG/CYOA game Create asystem for a website - Create attractive thumbnails Create Attractive Vector Art objects for online game - Create Attractive website design - Finance Institution