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Create an iphone ringtone - Create an iPhone/iPad application from supplied PSD files (see Brief) Create an iPhone/iPad Game - create an IVR over PBX automated scheduling software Create an iWatch application - Create an logo animation using After Effects Create an logo build Animation - Create an mobile APP for my website Create an mobile APP for my website - Create an MS Access database (no data entry needed) Create an MS Access module to email PDFs to the correct contacts - Create an new excel SERP function Create an new Pagetype in an existing WP Theme - Create an offline version of a Google Form in Excel Create an offshore company - Create an online article writing platform Create an Online Assessment with a Series of Questions - create an online cart for password protected pages of my site Create an Online Casino - Create an online database of S&P500 stock prices Create an online database that can be updated and queried by Android tablet - Create an online form for your clients that requires password login, and then allows them to place equipment orders for several missions. Create an online form in a Wordpress site using Contact Form 7 plugin - Create an online log of activities. Create an online log of activities. - ongoing work - Create an online Photoshop course in English Create an Online PHP Store for both Sellers and Buyers - create an online school management software Create an Online Self Help Program - Create an Online Store Create an Online Store - Create an Online Store using Wordpress and Woocommerce Create an online store website - Create an Online Video Streaming Site like Netflix Create an Online Video Streaming Site like Netflix - Create an open source license Create An open World Game For PC. - Create an Opening Video, Transition, and Ending Video to my Short Film Create an OpenLDAP Template - Create an Optomized Wordpress Landing Page Create an Oracle Database 12c query that will be called from a Java web service - Create an original character for children Create an original character for children - Create an outlook plugin for Mac operating system Create an Outlook Signature Block with Social Media Links - Create an processing sketch that manipulates images(Java) Create an Product Animation from Illustrator Scenes - Create an RSS bot for Telegram Create an RSS Directory List - Create an SEO website! $10-$50! create an SEOd wordpress website - Create an slide - Crear un slide Create an small Animation - create an stl cad project create an stl file - Create an UBER-like app for a local region Create an Uber/instacart type App for Android and ios - Create an up to date Excel Database from an online web directory Create an up to date Excel Database from an online web directory - Create an video ads Create an video Advertisement for TV - Create An Website Create an website Animation for use with website navigation - create an wirefarm for App ecommerce Create an with GIF Animation - Create an XSL template for XML API Output Create an XSL-FO template from a PDF file - create and add background images - repost Create and add business profile of 1K websites - Create and animate a 2 minute product sizzle reel Create and animate a camera path in 3DSmax - Create and Brand a Full Website Create and Build a Database - Create and configure a DokuWiki Wiki Create and configure a SharePoint virtual machine - Create and customize a pharmacy joomla template Create and customize a wordpress page - Create and design a Logo for my company Create and design a luxurious e-shop - Create and Design Amazon Product Image Create and design an android, iOS, and Windows app for an e-commerce website. - Create and design graphic images in Arabic for iPad/iPhone Create and Design Home Fitness products ecommerce Website - Create and Design Virtual Tour Software Create and Design Web Banners in Various Sizes - Create and distribute Press Release Create and document a grid server using globus toolkit 6.0 - Create and edit in a quick intro and outro to a video clip in the next 3 hours. Create and Edit Microsoft SQL Reports (Microsoft SQL Reporting Services) - Create and EXCEL file like the original PDF Create and EXCEL file like the original PDF - Create and fill in a spreadsheet with data - Repost - open to bidding Create and finalize website with clipbucket. - Create and implement a merkle hash tree in C sourcecode create and implement a new design for a website - Create and Index Create and Index 300 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers From Provided Materials for Insurance Company - Create and install banners for magento ecommerce Create and install basic Free Vivvo Template - Create and Install Wordpress Template Create and install Wordpress Template - Sachin only - Create and integrate template for my auction site based in webid auction Create and integrate the game 'Mastermind' in my website - Create and maintain a social media campaign fr a new range of furniture Create and maintain a video chat server with clients (sub sites) - Create and Manage a PPC Campaign Google/Yahoo-Bing Create and Manage a PPC Campaign old adword accounts also need - Create and manage adwords CREATE AND MANAGE ADWORDS - create and manage my bing account Create and Manage my Crowdfunding Campaign ASAP - Create and manipulate data in pivot tables Create and manipulate lists of cards - create and monetize 4 wordpress rental sites Create and morph an anime figure according to specifications - Create and post ads on craigslist Create and post advertisement on local kijiji. - Create and Promote Youtube Video - open to bidding create and promote/optimise facebook page - Create and query a spatial database using Oracle Express 11g according to assignment Create and query databases using SQL - Create and save FusionCharts as image and send it in html email Create and save QR codes - create and setup AMAZON AWS create and setup an Article Directory like ezinearticles - Create and submit article at Create and submit classified ads to classified ad web sites agreed upon - Create and update packing design with use of a step-by-step guide -- 2 create and upload - Create and upload Test feed-file to Magento Apr 09 2013 10:08:51 Create and upload thumbnails on Youtube - Create and/or Edit Wikipedia Page Create and/or Translate Advertisements to Chinese! - Create android and iOs app - integrated with prestashop - with push notifications Create Android and iOS app as a Dawah Assistant contact management tool - Create Android App Create Android App - Create Android App create android app - Create android app for me Create android app for my site - create android app to track incoming sms Create Android app using Broadlink SDK (Preview App available from broadlink) - create Android application Create Android application (Newest Update 5 Mar 2015) use this one - Create Android AR app create android based app-2 - Create Android game - repost Create android Game Center with Andengine framework - Create Android Lollipop notification icon from existing icon files.
Create Android Magazine Kiosk App - Create android tower defense game - use finish graphics Create Android TV UI along with curation of TV channels, Movies, Sitcoms Videos within TV Menu Items - Create Android/iOS app Create Android/IOS app for Broadlink SDK - Create animated (standards-based) landing page Create animated .gif & static versions of banners - Create Animated character and add character and some photos to website Create Animated Characters in iOS game - Create Animated GIF's Create Animated GIFs - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 36 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 37 - Create Animated LayerSlider for Wordpress Site Create animated logo - create animated spinning earth globe Create Animated Subtitles for a Singalong Feature Film - Create animated video in 3d Create Animated Video in Flash - Create animation Create animation - Create animation as per SWF file Create animation atlas/sprite file for use in mobile apps - create animation for web site Create Animation for Website - Create animation of png character images Create animation of product blowout in After Effects - Create animation video Create animation Video - 04/09/2016 21:39 EDT - Create animations for 3D logos with Red Giant suite Create animations for a 3D rigged model for unreal engine 4 - Create Anki Flash Cards From Course Resources Create Anki Flash Cards From Course Resources -- 2 - Create another product page on my website with 6 new products Create another promo Video - create any innovative app for $30 Create any mobile app for $30 - CREATE API APP ( Create API to be called by html web page to activate/open camera of Andriod phone, user take pic …and pic (or pics) are sent to an email address. -- 2 Create API between Card Payment Processor and PoS software - Create api for the nearest place events on mobile Create API for Woocommerce (Wordpress) for inserting products in DB - Create api's for mobile app ,need to maintain the backend and api's in AWS Create API. - create app create app - Create app Facebook Create App for android - Create app for iPhone, iPad and Android create app for iPhone,iPad,iPad touch apple - create app icon Create APP icon & Optimize our Logo - Create app preview video for my mobile app Create app promo animation for youtube - Create App to post XML file content to URL Create App to pull data from spreadsheet & Txt file - Create Apple Developer Account 1 year Create Apple Developer iOS Account - Create Application form submit based on requirements in existing modules -- 2 Create Application form submit based on requirements in existing modules -- 3 - Create application to output specificlly formatted csv file Create application to search website for data and email notifications - Create Apps for Inovicing, Delivery Order, Purchase Order Create Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android - Create architect table 3d model Create architectural CAD Sections - Create around 20 coloured cartoons and book cover Create around 20 illustrations for a small booklet - Create article directory website Create article directory website - Create articles from various sources Create articles from various sources v2 - Create Artwork and Printable PDF from Word Design Create artwork for a 6-pack (750ml) shipper carton - Create ASP Form Create asp functionality - Create ASP.NET Server Control Create ASP.NET Server Control (repost) - Create at least 200 sex position animations Create at membership portal for my wordpress website - create attractive wordpress site about ptergium (eye disease Create Attractive, Highly Functional Website - Create Audio Books Create audio clip of story in female voice in Local Indian languages - create audiobook for my english& chinese ebook Create Audiobook from Hardcopy Novel/eBook - Create Authorization Table using SQL Create checkout process - create auto log-in module for joomla system Create Auto login to a 3rd Party website using jquery or java script - Create AutoCad Study Guide ! Create AutoCAD (2006) 2D plans from paper copies - Create autocomplete function with jquery and symfony form collection Create Autofilled Template - Create automated Skype dialing application (1 .exe file)(repost) Create automated System - Create Automation for My Website -- 2 Create Automation frameWork for Online Education Network - Create avatar book cover (jpg) Create Avatar for Business Website - Create awesome Blog Create awesome checkout page woocommerce - Create axure wireframes -- 2 - ongoing work Create axure wireframes fast within 12 hours - Create back links to a photographer's website in Australia Create back links to promore the youtube video - Create Backend for XML file ( PHP, MYSQL and XML Genius ) Create Backend Image Scraper - Create Backing Tracks for Popular Songs Create Backlink - Create backlinks for casino website - repost2 Create backlinks for Cocktail site - Create BackOffice and linl to the database URGENT Create backoffice program - Create Bank Statement and Fianacial Statement For Movie Prop - repost create bank statement for chase bank - Create Bank Statement Template Create Bank Statement Template - ongoing work - Create Banner Ad Create Banner Ad - Create banner for $3.99 domain registration offer Create banner for 14u Softball team - Create Banner Graphics Create banner image - Create banners create banners - Create Banners for Client Create Banners for FB posts - Create bar graph of keyword stats on site and display in adjustable section Create bar graph of keyword stats on site and display in adjustable section 2 - Create Basic Adult Porn Website To Bring Traffic and Get PPC and Affiliate Ads Clicked Create basic and static websites for small businesses - Create basic game for Android and iphone Create basic GANTT chart for Access 2003 - Create basic member area control panel Create basic Member area/panel - Create basic web2.0 scripts in Imacro format using a different software (Easy work for a intermediate to experienced person) Create basic webpage to allow user to create custom video like Facebook Year in Review videos - Create bayesian network based on stocks using software Create BaZi Calender for Web Site - Create beautiful user interface for my website (The interface i like, shown in video) Create Beautiful, Effective, Natural Health Newsletters - Create better mobile and checkout version for my Magento site - ASAP! Create better name for cartoon character - Create Bill of Materials (BOM) from schematic Create Bill of Materials and make designators unique on full panel. - Create bitcoin auction site Create Bitcoin Donate Widget - create Bitmap object (System.Drawing) from Surface object (SharpDX)