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Create a Sidebar for My Wordpress Theme - Create a Signup Form to Update our Database Create a signup page for site and integrate site with wp-client - Create a similar kissing game Create A Similar Landing Page - create a similar versions of skout Create a similar web based hotel management system - Create a similar website and add products - repost Create a similar website for adsence earning. - create a simillar to this website with diffrenet theme. Create A Simlpe Two Page Proof of Concept Website - Create a simple 1 page website template like this - Easy - Easy - Easy - Hurry Need It ASAP!!!!! Create a simple 10 second java/css3/html5 animation - Create a simple 3D modell in sketchup Create a simple 3D project in Unity - Must work on Mobiles - Create a simple and cool webpage Create a Simple and Cool website - Create a simple android app to send a sms to specified number automatically -- 2 Create a simple Android application - Create a simple Animation Create a simple Animation - create a simple app to backup and restore iPhone-contacts Create a simple app to clean up old ipads - Create a simple Autocad design Create a simple backend to add/remove product name, description, and image link. - Create a simple blueprint create a simple bookmarklet - Create a simple calculator for use in a Wordpress site create a simple caller application - Create a simple corporate web page on Office 365 create a simple countdown on homepage - Create a simple database driven web site with user management and content management Create a simple database most info given - Create a Simple Drupal Site Create a simple Drupal Template - Create a simple expert system website - repost Create a simple explained website for me. - Create a simple flash banner (no animation needed) Create a simple flash game for website - Create a simple game create a simple game - create a simple graphic in illustrator .. create a simple graphic in illustrator to be used on a video - create a simple HTML that can be sent as an HTML email Create a simple HTML to MAGENTO theme - Create a simple IOS and Android app Create a simple IOS app - Create a simple iPhone game Create a simple iPhone game from existing iphone game - create a simple joomla website create a simple joomla website - Create a simple Login Page - Repost Create a simple Login Page - Repost - open to bidding - Create a simple logo with different colors. create a simple logo--------- - Create a Simple Mobile Landing Page Create a simple mobile skill calculator website - Create a simple node.js function framework for Charts / Graphs -- 2 Create a simple Nokia j2me application - Create a simple package in 3D after our dimensions Create a simple Packaging Designs - Create a simple PHP parse Create a Simple PHP Script - create a simple plugin or wordpress modification Create a simple plugin that allows link entered in admin side to be used in button on website - Create a simple poster, with a background create a simple poster-- - Create A Simple Program for ASCII Create a SIMPLE program that automatically changes process priority in task manager to realtime - Create a simple responsive HTLM5/Javascript/CSS data visualization! Create a simple responsive HTLM5/Javascript/CSS visualization! - create a simple search bar for a website, Create a Simple Search Database - Create A Simple Software ! Create a simple Software -- 2 - Create a simple subscription based website, desktop & mobile compatible. Logon/registration/account pages. Create a simple subscription website for TickBucks! - create a simple twitter header- Create a Simple Two Page Website for Pet Photography [Use a Template] - Create a simple video promoting a website Create a simple video related with Excel - Create a simple Web page Create a simple Web page - create a simple webpage psd only Create a simple webpage with Bootstrap and jQuery - Create a simple website 1 page 1 game Create a simple website 3 - Create a simple website for my product Create a simple website for online trade - Create a simple website with a back-end to add videos Create a simple website with AngularJS - Create a simple word maniulation script Create a simple Word Press Template - Create a simple wordpress plugin Create a simple wordpress plugin - Create a Simple WordPress Theme Create a simple Wordpress Theme - Create a simple wp plugin 7 Create a simple wp plugin 8 - Create a simply 9-page website for a massage parlor Create a simply database website - Create a single HTML+JS page Create a single image for a landing page and a button - Create A Single Page Website create a single page website - Create a Single Wordpress Page Create a single Wordpress page Template - Create a site based on existing designs -- START WITHIN 12 HOURS Create a Site Builder for wordpress like - Create a site in Wix (No coding required) Create a site in wordpress - Create a site like the link below Create a Site like this - create a site similar and simple like Create a site similar functionalities - Create a Site similar to Zomato Create a Site similar to Zomato - Create a Site with Google Maps / German, English Create A SIte With Similar Function With - Create a sketch of a landing page for a recruitment agency Create A Sketch Of Modern Babaji - Create a Slick eBay Sales letter listing Create a slick Magento Template - create a slider on wordpress and that will automatically resize pictures to fit when uploaded Create a slider using Slider Revolution (wordpress & Whiteboard addin) - Create a sliding floating menu for each page Create a sliding product menu in Drupal, similar to Apple - Create a small admin panel (PHP) Create a small adobe flash cs6 file based on Chelsea FC - create a small box in a website indicating which song is being played in a radio station ++ Create a Small Box Product Packaging for Bluetooth Headset - Create a small eBook Create a small Excel macro that moves data from one format to a new format - Create a small jscript mobile application using andriod studio Create a small landing page - Create a small PHP-Site that works as a food-planner Create a small picture for printing - Create a small simple interactive storytelling game using unity Create a small simple iPad Registration app - Create a small website Create a small website - Create a smart Excel spreadsheet to calculate vehicle weights create a smart form - Create a SMS based payment system for sending and receiving payments -- 2 Create a SMS sending Wordpress Plug-in - Create a social app for Iphone and Android Create a Social App for Mobiles - Create a social media platform website
Create A Social Media Presence - create a social network for my site. - repost Create a Social Network Hybrid App using Ionic + Material Design - Create a social networking site create a social networking site - Create a social website with groupon look Create a Social widget Wordpress plugin - Create a software create a Software - create a software for me Create a software for me in C - create a software program to host audio and video Create a software programme to speed up form filling process and check accuracy of inputs - Create a software to print invoices and keep a small accounting Create a software to receive satoshi (Bitcoin) - Create a Solidworks CAD Model Create a Solidworks CAD Model - Create a SONGZA.FM like site Create a Sophisticated Calculator for my Website - Create a ''clone'' site Create a Special Effect on a live video - Create a Spectacular History eBook Cover Create a speech calculator in Model view controller - Create a Sports Database with Access Create a sports equipment supplier website - Create a spreadsheet inclusive of Database similarity Create a spreadsheet listing all Picture Framing shops in Australia - Create a Spreadsheet with Tourist Attractions Information Create a spreasheet with data from a pdf - Create a Squarespace Template Create A Squarespace Website - Create a stand out logo for one of the best upcoming mma and fitness performance centres Create a STANDALONE application demo using DOJO and JSON - Create a stastics page in php/mysql Create a state chart (transition diagram) on Microsoft Visio - CREATE A STATISTICAL TOOL Create a Statistics Study Guide - Create a Stock Import Process Create a stock inventory software - Create a Story Board (FAST) Create a story board for a 2d animation project - Create a strategy to promote my Like-o-Meter Kickstarter project Create a strategy to promote my Like-o-Meter Kickstarter project - Create a Stunning Hpme Page Create a stunning landingpage builder script - Create a stylish whiteboard introduction video. Create a stylized image from a photo based on our example. - Create a successful application for funding from create a successful ebay business for me - Create a survey create a survey - create a SVG map Create a SVG or PSD or Adobe Illustrator File - CREATE A SYSTEM DESIGN SPECIFICATION (SDS) Create a system driver that hooks wininet.dll - Create a t-shirt Create a T-Shirt Design - Create a table in database and minor changes in privacy create a table mysql query - Create a talking avatar Animation Create a talking bot for video game - create a Tdataset component. useing HTTP XML/JSON parsing Create a Tea Club - Create a Technical Writers Word Substitution List CREATE A TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY - Create a template based website, with 2 dashboards from a pre-selected theme, and integrate with REST API backend (guidance will be provided) Create a template Brochure / flyer that can be used on a web site by typing in data and inserting images. Must be flexible and boxes must be dynamic.Must work within a web site.e Software - Create a template for Create a template for - open to bidding - Create a template for PrestaShop from a design manual/mockup Create a template for psychological evaluations - create a template in joomla or wordpress (responsive) Create a template in Kentico - create a templet for ebay product and ebay store Create a temporary website for restaurant launch - Create A Text Banner Animation(repost) Create a text based game - Create a Thank You Page Create a thank you page for wordpress site - Create a theme for prestashop Create a Theme for the Feathers framework - CREATE a third column on my wordpress homepage Create a third party coupon management website - Create a time tracking and blocking application for children Create a time tracking website like # - ASP.NET - Create a Tinymce plugin Create a TIPS APP for Android and iPhone. - Create a tool for a game Create a tool for Arbitrage matched betting for bookmaker and exchange - Create a tool to generate test case automatically from UML Create a tool to know more about domains - Create a top class website Create a top class website - open to bidding - Create a Tours/Activities booking system Wordpress Create a Toy Packing for a Upcoming Clothing Line - Create a trainer or script to purchase off a oracle e-commerce before product is live. Create a Trainer software for Elite: Dangerous PC game - create a transparent logo like sample and put on my site create a transparent logo-signature - Create a tree class library tree in C# Create a Tree in Oracle APEX - Create a True Type UPC-A font Create a Truking Office Software - Create a tutor account at (now chegg) website -- 2 Create a tutor account at (now chegg) website -- 3 - Create a TV model (like the image) into CINEMA 4D Create a TV program trailer - Create a Twitter auto poster tool Create a Twitter Background - Create a two page catalogue template using Create a two Page Information Package about our Symphony and the Music - create a Ubuntu server in vmware Create a Ubuntu Snappy image for custom hardware - create a unblockable and no escape welcome pop-up - repost create a unblockable and no escape welcome pop-up and add a wp total cache plugin - Create a unique membership plugin Create a Unique Mobile Site - Fast Checkout - Create a unity game that can port to iPhone and Android Create a Unity Multiplayer template - Create a Unmanned ground vehicle proto type -- 2 Create a update function in PHP - Create a user for me in private website create a user form - Create a user interface stencil in Photoshop / Illustrator Create a user interface to class HiLowGame - Create a utility app for iPhone and android Create a utility to block hardware installation on Windows - Create a VB script to monitor folder; when a file is place into it, delete some files Create a VB Template - Create a Vector / Photoshop 300DPI logo create a vector 2D turnaround in Adobe Illustrator and animate in Flash - Create a Vector from a zeus image Create a vector from an image - Create a vector image from picture Create a vector image from the file provided - Create a vector print ready file for a label. Create a Vector Restaurant Floor Plan - Create a Venture to address a social issue in Masvingo city in Zimbabwe Create a verb test trainer for students - Create a very nice payment page for my website Create a very professional resume for me. - Create a very simple flash clock in vector graphics Create a very simple flash game - Create a very simple signup.html page Create a very simple simple setup program - Create a very simple web crawler (for internal links only)