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Create a nice SE Website (September 23, 2014 22:00:29) - Create a nice SE Website (September 3, 2014 11:55:26) Create a nice SE Website (September 3, 2014 22:00:15) - Create a Nice Website 0828 -- 2 Create a nice website for tea house 1 - Create a NodeJS game server Create a NodeJS server - Create a number field to post numbers to the next page. Create a Number Icon in Illustrator/Photoshop Based - Create a One Page Ad/Flyer Create a one page and one product(4 Variations of colour) store on shopify. (Low Budget) - Create A One Page Responsive Theme For WP(Don't USE Copy-Paste Cover Letter) Create a one page script to export XML data via cURL - Create a one-click setup for Parse Server on Heroku Create a One-Line Object Query.Where Statement for use in a WPF VB Project - repost 2 - Create a Online Booking System Create a online booking system - Create a Online Sales Platform (Live interactive video chat) Create a online scratchcard - Create a opencart extension using vqmod Create a opencart store - Create a Osclass Template -- 2 Create a payment module for or - Create a Packaging Design Create a packaging design - Create a page for admin template Metronic Simple Task 2 Create a page for domains for sale - Create a page on my Wordpress website. Create a page on my Wordpress website. - Create a page with an iframe - for mobile campaigns create a page with API integration for bills payment using my server and database driven - Create a paperback book cover (art, text, and template provided) Create a Parabolic project - Create a parser and interpreter for a customized Pascal language Create a parser for (crawls every week) - Create a password restricted section to my site Create a password-protected 'user area' page to interface with Parallels Plesk web hosting software - Create a payment gateway plugin for WordPress or joomla or drupal using Kopokopo Api documentations Create a payment gateway with Web API for customers and corresponding mobile app - Create a PayPal button using the paypa api. Create a PayPal event registration form - Create a Pdf Audit Report, with Back Office, from a webpage Create a PDF Banner/poster 12 feet width and the height should be 8 feet. 5 CAD - Create a PDF fill-in-form with a link Create a PDF fillable form for our website that can be submitted online - Create a PDF from an online form create a pdf from jpg for php - Create a PDF using FPDF for Mikesteve Create a pdf using Gravity PDF - Create a perfect Logo, get a huge job!! Create a Perfect UX form to a mobile app - Create a personal website with Joomla that I will be able to update and add videos too. Create a personal website. - Create a Pet Care App (Unity 2D) for Android and iPhone Create a pet minding site - Create a Phonegap App Create a PhoneGap app - must be an expert in PhoneGap - Create a photo booth aplication Create a photo booth application - Create a Photo Slideshow with 97 Photos in After Effects Create a Photo Sorter app for Mac OS X - Create a photoshop batch command or plug in Create A Photoshop Action - Create A Photoshop Text Replacement Script Create a Photoshop website mockup - create a php based website from existing html and css files Create a PHP based website that matches uploaded images and videos - Create a PHP Extension (Plugin, Component or Module) to Joomla 3.x ( I give you the script) create a php file - Create a PHP Form to collect orders on my website Create a Php form to send sms - Create a PHP migration script from custom DB to WooCommerce (WP) Create a PHP MySQL Search Function - Create a PHP script Create a php script - Create a php script to scrape a website Create a PHP script to Send emails - Create a PHP webpage to display content in columns like a newspaper Create a PHP Website - Create a phpMyDirectory Template Create a phpProBid template - Create a piece work calculator spreadsheet Create a Pill Reminder iPhone application - Create a pixel character (Animated) within 5 hours Create a pixel perfect Jasper Report (jrxml file) from an image - Create a Platinum Version of a Logo Create a play button - Create a plugin Create a plugin - Create a plugin for Milestone video management software create a plugin for moodle - Create a plugin for wordpress create a plugin for wordpress - Create a plugin that will make comments to categories modera Create a plugin to a third-party application - Create a plugin/javascript for wordpress - retrieval of individual images from media library create a plugin/something - Create a Poker Table Template Create a Poker Video - Create a pop up -- 2 Create a pop up box on my website - Create a pop-up page like another one (example added)! -- 3 Create a pop-up page on a website - Create a Portable App Menu/Database Create a portable app/site specific browser app - both windows and mac - Create a portfolio with CV based on project offer create a portfolio Wordpress site for a couple artists - Create a Poster Create a Poster - create a poster / need to see a mockup first Create a poster 250 x 150cm for Spain - Create a poster for dalo - open to bidding create a poster for facebook - Create a Poster of India 1983 Cricket World Cup Create a Poster Print for my color blind friend. - Create a posters for new items for restaurant Create a postfix proxy script - Create a Power Point Template Create a power point template - Create a powerpoint from a research report Create a powerpoint on a book review - create a powerpoint presentation Create a PowerPoint Presentation - Create a powerpoint presentation to video with soft music Create a powerpoint presentation. - Create a PowerShell script which extracts a ZIP file to a directory and list changes Create a Powtoon based product introduction - Create a PPT template Create a PPT template for proffesional/corporotate selling - Create a presentation Create a presentation - Create a presentation video for a tabletop game Create a presentation video for a tabletop game - Create a Prestashop theme with bootstrap from html template Create a Prestashop theme with bootstrap from html template -- 2 - Create a pretty E-commerce wordpress website for minerals and crystals. Create a pretty simple webform - Create a price comparison , affiliate, ecommerce wordpress website Create a price comparison online store like - Create a Print Ready PDF and a Web Version PDF from Hi-Res Photoshop PSD Files Create a Print Resolution Graphic Image - Create a Privae Shopify Product App - API Feed Integration Create a private betting site - Create a Process Flow Map Create a Process Flow Map -- 2 - Create a product catalogue create a product catalogue - Create a Product Image Bank Create a product Image Bank 2 - Create a product name
Create a Product name and Logo - Create a Product Tutorial Video Create A Product Video - Create a productivity dashboard from existing database create a products catalog - create a professional brochure for a toy company Create a Professional Brochure for Mass Mail outs - create a professional invoice for me Create a professional invoice template. - Create a professional MOTION/FLAT DESIGN video with English OFF VOICE CREATE A PROFESSIONAL MUSIC LYRIC VIDEO - Create a Professional Retro Logo, Badges, label Create a professional Review Video With Audio - Create a professional website and integrate API Create a professional website for a global NGO - create a profile CEO Create a Profile Completion Status Bar Similar to Freelancer - Create a program create a program - Create a Program Name Create a program of automatic submission of Website on the web - Create a program that pulls stats from web API's for cryptocurrencies Create a program that runs once after installation - Create a program to parse 2 notepads/text files. Create a Program to Process Audio Files (.NET or Python) - Create a programming language than can be interpreted in SML. Create a programming language than can be interpreted in SML. -- 2 - create a project to design windows doors and structurs from DXF. create a project to design windows doors and structurs from DXF. - repost - Create a Promo Video Create a Promo Video ( FOR HIRING ) - Create a promotional Animation for an app. Create a promotional video for a scuba diving centre - Create a promotional Video Create a promotional video - Create a Promotional Video (90 sec) for Product by April 19th CREATE A PROMOTIONAL VIDEO (ANIMATION) WITH VOICEOVER - Create a promotional video for my Dance event Create a promotional video for my Google Chrome extension - Create a Proof Submission Form Create a proper Harvard Style reference list for my dissertation. - Create a proposal video create a prorealtime custom indicator - Create a prototype, demo microsoft Access application with VB extension in C# create a protoype for an app - Create a PSD Blog Layoout Create a PSD design and convert to Wordpress - Create a PSD to Wordpress Template Create a PSD web design - Create a Purchase Pixel Web Site(repost) Create a purchase tutorial video - Create a python model for my spreadsheet in excel Create a python ncurses gui for system admin tasks - Create a QR code Scanner with a login session Create a qr code with my logo - Create a question2answer template/theme Create a Question2Answer theme - Create a quick theme for a chat Create a quick Twitter Posting and Authorization App - Create a Quiz with Google Forms (Numeracy) Create a quiz with SCORM support using GWT - open to bidding - Create a Radionomy or WordPress Internet Media Plugin Create a Raffle PHP Script - Create a raw MySQL query in Django to bulk updata millions of records Create a RBAC in PHP with custom views for different users - Create a Real Estate Newsletter Template in Constant Contact Create a real estate portal on Wordpress platform - create a real time system using matlabs and streaming API create a real time trading system by integrating MATLABS IG Trading API and our standard deviation calculator software - Create a really small c# proof of concept Create a realtime dashboard to show data from database - Create a recruitment site using Wordpress Create a recruitment website - Create a Referral Software Create A referral system and Make Wordpress website given Template. Excel table ,Info-Graph and Video Etc - Create a Regular + Real Mobile Website (not just compatible) Create a Regular Expression - Create a Rental Car Web-site utilizing WordPress and Reservations Plugins Create a rental house booking PLUGIN fraom scratch - create a report for me Create a Report for PDF and Word w/forms included in the form - Create a reporting tool to track order status and other production related data Create a repository for XBMC - Create a Responsive accessible toggle menu for mobile websites WITHOUT use of Javascript or jQuery Create a responsive and designed for an ebay shop - Create a responsive Drupal 7 Template Create a responsive drupal landing page. - Create a responsive HTML landing page Create a responsive html landing pahe - Create a Responsive Layout for Website Create a responsive layout from scratch. - Create a responsive pelican (jinja2) theme out of a few HTML files. Create A Responsive Popup - Create a responsive web market place Create a responsive web page - 22/05/2017 10:18 EDT - Create a responsive website using Bootstrap and jQuery. Create a responsive website with 2 pages and login - Create a Responsive Wordpress Template Create a Responsive Wordpress Template - Create a Responsive Wordpress theme based on current design Create a Responsive Wordpress theme based on current design - Create a REST API in PHP to update / inquire data Create a REST API in PHP to update / inquire tables - Create a resume Create a resume - Create a review system for a shopping app Create a Review to my site. - Create a ring Create a ringtone (exsclusive) - Create a Roku Channel Apps Create a Roku Channel with a feed - Create a rpg online game, front and backend. Create a RSA (Whiteboard) Presenstation About Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) - Create a SaaS product presentation Create a SAAS software of stock managment - Create a sales page Create a sales page (A4) - Create a Sales Video for Powermax Fitness -- 2 Create a Sales video for website - Create a sample Keynote presentation Create a sample Metasploit script - Testing purposes only (ALD WLD) - Create a Save the Date Video Animation create a SavingsAccount class in C++ - Create a scheduling/appointment site Create a schematic for the DAC AD9739 on Altium Designer - Create a scraper for CFR regulations Create a scraper for leading London startup - Create a scrapping tool with PHP and create Mysql database Create a Scrapy spider / Python - Create a Screenshot system for my game CREATE a SCRIBE ANIMATION FOR CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS - Create a script for creating .deb/.rpm packages for installing and configuring software Create a script for customers to customize my Cafepress designs - Create a script for winautomation for scraping a website Create a script for wordpress - create a script that downloads all the images based on excel's cell value(Image in URL) to a general folder Create a script that automatically (or provides instructions) configures windows IIS server to run classic asp applications. - Create a script that will generate pages on our site based on content! Create a script that will message all people in the Slack community. - Create a script to crawl website and collect URLs. Create A Script To Create Wordpress Blogs From File - create a script to open all external links in popup and iframe full Create a script to parse data from API - create a script to view software installed Create a script to visualize a data set - Create a scroller menu like the google cardboard demo app for launching 360 Videos Create a scrolling banner - Create a Seamless Pattern repeat with already made fabric swatch