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Create a Node.js module from Chromium's webkitSpeechRecognition - Create a NSIS Installer to Deploy a Java Application Create a NSIS Installer to Deploy a Java Web Application - Create a One Page Ad Create a one page ad with cartoon - Create a one page Real Estate web site for one house Create a One Page Rental Agreement Form - Create a One Year Project Management Training Programme Create a One-Click Semi-Automated MT4 Trade Executor. - Create a online booking system Create a Online Cash Billard Website - Create a online shared diary Create a Online shop - Create a OpenCart Template from HTML create a opencart template similar to - Create a outlook 2016 template Create a outlook addon - Create a packaging design for ski goggle so that the product placement angle is at 45 degree Create a Packaging Design Program or Software - Create a page HTML (page already exists must be modified) + a second page with a html box to submit data and mail to our email Create a page in HTML from PSD - Create a Page Php project... Create a page promoting our website for Wikipedia - Create a PAID forum with content Create a paid membership site w content - Create a parallax site in 5 paired sections to tell a story Create a Parallax video - 1 minute $125 - Create a Party Planning Website (Specific Instructions / Templates Provided) Create a Pascal's triangle using a matrix 10*10 - Create a Pay Per Download File Host Website Create a Pay-Per-Download Script/Design It - Create a Payment page linked to Paypal Create a payment plugin - Create a PC based to system to be used on an as needed basis Create a PC locker with HTML Content - Create a pdf file from multiple sources (pdf, Word, Excel,....)(repost) Create a pdf file from word content (easy project) - Create a PDF form with encryption, licensing, electronic signature, 2D barcode (data filled by user) and validation rules Create a PDF form with fields to be filled out with each field linking to an Excel Spreadsheet - Create a PDF to print visit cards Create a PDF translation utlity - Create a perfect Logo, get a huge job! Create a perfect Logo, get a huge job!! - Create a personalised form Create a Personalised Super hero caricature - Create a Pet Sales page Create a petition site as integrated part of an existing site within 48hours - Create a PhoneGap App Create a Phonegap App - Create a photo booth aplication Create a photo booth aplication - Create a photo that is representative for a mineral water company Create a photo that is representative for a mineral water company - Repost - Create a photoshop action Create a Photoshop Action for Photoshop CC - Create a photostudio album app Create a photostudio album application - Create a php bot CREATE A PHP BOT - repost - create a php file create a php file - create a php form for vendor selection on existing site Create a PHP Form Mail for an easy Form. - Create a Php Meetup Site Create a PHP MySQL Search Function - Create a PHP script Create a php script - Create a PHP script to Send emails Create a PHP script to Send emails -- 2 - Create a PHP Website Create a PHP Website - Create a phpProBid template Create a piano sheet or a piano instrumental for a song - Create a Pin Board style photo sharing website (Similar to Pinterest) Create a pin-up geek-girl character image - create a pixel track for mailing Create a placeholder image - Create a playsms plugin for dinstar gateway DWG2000D Create a PLC program for elevator - Create a plugin for Wordpress create a plugin for a forum - Create a plugin for TinyMCE to connect to Cloudinary Create a plugin for Virtuemart, Tracking Number for shipping - create a plugin or integration in theme Create a plugin or script for Wordpress site. - Create a plugin to remove youtube dead link videos! Create a Plugin to show ads of woocommerce products in other sites - Create a Pokémon-themed marketplace website Create a Pokemon GO Full replica - Create a pop up -- 2 CREATE A POP UP FOR LEAD GENERATION ON MY WEBSITE - Create a Pop-up Window in Volusion Store Create a Pop-up Window in Volusion Store - Create a portal about airports Create a portal for advertising Expenditure Reports - Create a POS software using Microsoft Visual Studios -- 3 Create a POS system on a ipad and able to integrate with the credit card reader for payment - Create a poster Create a poster - create a poster for a bar // advertising purposes. create a poster for a concert - create a poster from a list of words Create a poster from a list of words---- - Create a poster using photoshop create a poster with arabic -------- - Create a posting on craigslist Create a posting website - Create a powerpoint - Repost Create a PowerPoint 2016 deck with great transitions and using lots of icons and logos - Create a Powerpoint presentation Create a powerpoint presentation - Create a powerpoint presentation. : Urgent Create a powerpoint report with seo analysis - Create a Powtoon Video Create a Powtoon video for a tablet holder - Create a Precious Metals Blog and more create a prelander page - Create a presentation for trip to Beijing Create a presentation in automotive restoration engineering - Create a press release about new baby brand Create a Press Release and Post - Create a prestashop module to "apply for credit" Create a Prestashop Module to accept Bitcoin - Create a prezi presentation Create a prezi presentation - create a print advertisement for sport clothes (using photoshop) Create a Print and Packaging Designs - Create a Printer Driver Application to Save Print File as csv Create a Printer Friendly Page from Existing PHP/HTML - Create a Procedure in Oracle (insert) Create a process flow chart from JSP code - Create a product customization tool App for Shopify Create a Product Data Feed establish AMO shop in Google Shopping, e-Bay and Amazon - Create a Product introduction Video Create a product introduction video - Create a Product Slideshow Video Create a product Tag - create a production sheet in PDF format create a production sheet in PDF format - repost - create a professional brochure for a toy company Create a Professional Brochure for Mass Mail outs - create a professional invoice for me Create a professional Karaoke - Create a professional portrait/picture using some cameo photos Create a Professional Power Point - Create a professional Template Create a professional template - Create a Professional Wordpress based website from existing Design Create a Professional wordpress blog + 3 pages - Create a Profile Page for a website
Create a profile site builder website and app - create a program by using java with interface Create a program capable of solving (finding the nash equilibrium of) specific games - Create a program that charts a cell in Excel in real time Create a program that communicates with a GSM modem over USB (COM) - Create a program to calculate how many alcoholic beverages to buy for a party Create a program to connect Zencart to Australai Post Eparcel program. - create a program using java Create a Program Using Markov Chains to Read and Print Text Files - Create a Project Management website. Create a project organization iphone app for small businesses - Create a Promo Video Create a Promo Video - Create a promotion Video for education and tourism content Create a promotional video for a scuba diving centre - Create a promotional video Create a promotional video - Create a promotional video for an event Create a promotional video for an online game - Create A Promotional Youtube Video Create a Promotional/Company Overview Video - Create a Proposal create a proposal - Create a prototype website using EasyPHP for a college assignment Create a prototype website using EasyPHP for a college assignment -- 2 - Create a PSD Blog Layoout Create a PSD design and convert to Wordpress - Create a PSD web design Create a PSD Web Design Graphic - create a Pure data program to measure distribution of frequencies F1 Create a pure Javascript file based on a Sinatra + JS tutorial - Create a Python script Create a python script - CREATE A QUALITY STICKER Create a QUALITY Video Animation For My Site UK/US ONLY - Create a quick landing page (form submit) - repost Create a quick landing page / optin page (EASY job) - Create a Quiz in PHP create a quiz in twitter bootstrap - Create a radio add for our business Create a Radio app that use our rest api - Create a Rate me application for facebook Create a rate my doctor website - Create a Real Estate Postcard Create a Real Estate Postcard - repost - create a real time trading system using matlabs using IG API create a real time trading system using matlabs using IG API - Create a recent post widget Create a recent post widget plugin - Create a Redeem Code System Create a redesign of existing site on new wordpress Platform - Create a register for drivers availability and the reasons for not to drive -- 2 create a registration - Create a remake of Choplifter (C64) for Windows 8 Create a remarketing campaign for my site - Create a replica of Create a replica of my website (prestashop created) - Create a report on the status of my site with SEO Create a report on VS2010 and ReportViewer - Create a reservations and booking system for Adventure Park create a reskin for a education application - Create a responsive css for an existing event admin backend Create a responsive css for existing website built on WordPress - Create a responsive holding page Create A Responsive Hotel Website - Create a Responsive Joomla Template website for a cattery Create a responsive Joomla3.5 Template from mockup - Create a Responsive One Page Wordpress Website Create a responsive one-pager html site from a Photoshop file layout - Create a responsive web app for mobiles iOS, Android, HTML5 etc.. create a responsive web form including an image picker - Create a Responsive website using bootstrap 3.3.2, HTML5, and jQuery Mobile. Create a responsive website using Bootstrap and jQuery. - Create a Responsive Wordpress Template Create a Responsive Wordpress Template - Create a responsive WordPress theme Create a Responsive WordPress Theme (*updated project) - Create a REST API call on an already functioning server written in Ruby with the Sinatra web framework. Create a REST API enabled Sublime Text 3 plugin (sigma) -- 2 - Create a restore script for the backup plugin -- 2 Create a Restuarant android app - Create a reusable "work for hire" contract and statement of work Create a reusable web scraper to retrieve data from a public website using node.js - Create a Rideshare Site & App. create a right sidebar template in Suffusion theme - Create a roku app channel Create a Roku Channel Apps - Create a rpg online game, front and backend. Create a RSA (Whiteboard) Presenstation About Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) - Create a SaaS platform for Romania Create a SAAS software of stock managment - create a sales page for my product Create a Sales Page related to flying fears - Create a Sales video for website Create a sales video with graphics and animations - Create a sample part of a 2D game by cocos2d-x and C++ Create a sample PDF based upon the user Input from UI - Create a scaffolding website Create a scalable hybrid chat application - Create a scientific explanatory video Create a scissor action to extend the movement on a front loader - Create A Scraping Script Create a SCRAPING TOOL for a SPECIFIC task (Windows or MAC) - Create A screen recorder app in android Create A screen recorder app in android - Create a script Create a script - Create a Script for me Create a script for me - CREATE A SCRIPT OR APP -- 2 Create a script or database to find owner of phone numbers by number - Create a script that gathers all surveys Create a script that grabs information from a site and store it in a db - Create a script to automatically click Facebook Like button -- 9 Create a script to autopublish content to a google website - Create a script to load another script 20 seconds after page load. Create a script to make automatically many website url's - Create a script to transfer Data from a DAT-File into MySQL Database Create a Script to transfer items from one Big Commerce site to Another Big Commerce Site using the Big Commerce API - Create a script/program to create 3D turning ebooks Create a script/program to push data from a database into an iframe/form submission - create a search box Create a search box by category and country and citys | wordpress - Create A Search Home Like Used on Zillow Create a search interface - Create a second HTML responsive landing page [nbaz] Create a second landing page - Create a Selector Project with HTML5 and OpenFrameworks create a self charge mobile app software hardware - Create a SEO friendly website Create a SEO friendly website - create a series of digital photo collages/montages that share a common theme, stylistically and conceptually Create a Series of Editable Banner Ad Templates - Create a series of web. videos in New Jersey, United States Create a Sermon Manager as a WordPress Plugin - create a session ID to secure the payment create a set brochure booklet - Create a set of excel templates Create a set of flash cards - Create a setup for a VB 6.0 app CREATE A SETUP FOR INSTALL POSTGRES DATABASE, ODBC, PROGARMS - Create a SharePoint partner/projekt page Create a Sharepoint Project Status Report - Create a Shop and user login area Create a shop for gamble script sales (Magento) - Create a Shopify side menu Create a Shopify site - Create a Shopify store
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