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Create a 3D architectural animation of an observation tower and concrete steps - Create a 3D countdown animation Create a 3D Cover and Interior Design for a few-page Short Document - Create a 3d game in Unity or UDK create a 3D Game player Character - Create a 3d logo animation for video introduction Create a 3d logo exactly the same as this one without the background in vector format - Create a 3D model for 3D printing Create a 3D model for 3D printing - Create a 3D model of a cute hedgehog, based on a 2D design Create A 3D Model of A Drawer Chest (Furniture) - Create a 3d modeling character Create a 3D modeling of my house from a blueprint - Create a 3D relief model from photograph - repost Create a 3D Render - Create a 3D STL to print a complicated badge / Jewellery. Less than £50 Budget! Create a 3D surface chart using excel - create a 3d video animation of our product. Create a 3D Video Commercial - Create a 4 letter logo Create a 4 Min Animated Music Video - Create a 45 min video course content for setting up wordpress site Create a 45 sec 2D Animation - Create a 5 page basic Wordpress template Create a 5 page business plan - Create a 5-7 minute music video montage with my pictures and video clips Create a 5-7 page website - Create a 6-10 min vlog (video editing) Create a 60 - 90 Second Video - Create a 60-second animated Explainer Video for my website/service Create a 60-second Animated Marketing Video with Voice-Over (script provided) - Create a 8-10 Page Mobile Website Create a 8-10 sec music for youtube channel - Create a <10 Flash animation - convert After Effect into Flash Create a <select> drop down list - extremely easy - Create a Acc+ Html5 Player (jquery) works on Chrome Safari Edge Create a access database with specific requirements - Create a admin panel that can deliver Instagram followers/likes Create a admin panel that can deliver Instagram followers/likes - Create a Advanced Wordpress Functionalilty Create a Advanced Sneaker Bot Program - Create a AIML application Create a Airbnb like site - Create a an explainer video Create a an installer for several Mac apps with reporting features - Create a Android App with Firebase As backend create a android app with titanium studio with in-app purchase - Create a Animated Dj Back Drop Create a Animated Explaination Video - Create a Animated Video Create a Animated Video - Create a Animation Create a animation and graphic design - Create a Animation Video for Product Create a animation Video from a real video - create a app - open to bidding create a app like whatsapp - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create A APP fro website. create a app in android for video call and audio call - Create a application in Jquery mobile and php that displays contact information in a json format Create A Application in MS-Access & VB - Create a asteroid game Create a Asynchronous loading Website - Create a Awesome 100 usd worth design Create a awesome App - Create a Backend script for URL Shortener Create a backend service in .NET to process Stripe payments - Create a Backlink Generation Tool That Automatically Adds A Link to My Site If That Site Creates A Backlink To My Site Create A Backlink Indexer Script I have visual for you - Create a banking solution for SkyChores Create a Banner - Create a Banner (gif or flash) for a site. create a banner + logo - Create a banner for Google DoubleClick Create a Banner for Law Firm - create a banner, need to see a mcokup in the next 3 hours create a banner, need to see a mcokup in the next 3 hours - Create a basic android app Create a basic android/iphone hybrid mobile app - Create a basic fashion website from template - urgent Create a basic footer in Magento - Create a basic Nintex workflow template for a logic Create a basic online shop - Create a BASIC web canvas game using Google Dart Create a basic Web page form - Create a batch file for SSD Optimization for Windows 7/8 Create a batch file for SSD Optimization for Windows 7/8 - Create a beautiful Highcharts theme - Repost Create a beautiful infographic based on our powerpoint presentation - Create a beautyful icon for Windows phone app Create a beer brand - create a betting website for betting on counter strike game Create a Betting website using bot , need urgent . - Create a BigCommerce store using an existing Prostores site design & data Create a bigram class in java - Create a bitcoin index like in Coindesk create a bitcoin miner client - Create a BLE sensor app, limited functions Create a Blend GUI - Create a Blog ! Create a Blog ! - Create a blog for me that generate Create a blog for me that generate ------------------------- - create a blog on wordpress website Create a blog or forum - Open to suggestions - Create a Blog to be used with CJ affiliates Create a Blog to Direct traffic - Create a Blog/Travel Website Create a blog/website . - create a boat classified website Create a Boat Sales website on Opencart - create a book trailer create a book using a user interface to capture inventory and event data - Create a booklet/pamphlet (bookfold feature) in MS Word Create a Bookmarking Software - Create a Bootstrap Tabs Form Template for Joomla Fabrik Component Create a Bootstrap Template - Create a bot Create a bot - Create a Bot that Logs into Our Site - Easy Create A Bot That Makes Accounts On A Website and Likes Comments - create a bottle sticker Create a bottom action bar in android without title bar at the top - Create a brand and promo images for the website for the 2 products together with creative writing of the marketing -- 2 create a brand design, logo, tag line and story board for a food truck start up - Create a Brand name for Leather Jackets mainly for motorcycle riders and fashionable youngsters Create a brand name for nail salon - Create a break-even chart in excel from a variable data range Create a breezing form with some features - create a brochure and help with some forum topics for a php complex script Create a brochure design - Create a Browser Extension Create a Browser Extension for Google Chrome - Create a bug (a short animated video) for a youtube channel + logo Create a build for Kodi - Create a bus connection website Create a Business / Company App - Create a business card design - repost Create a business card design, stationary design and an icon from a provided logo - create a business joomla template Create a BUSINESS LinkedIn profile for us - create a business plan create a business plan - Create a business website Create a Business Website - Create A Buttons To Move & Copy Data In Excel Sheet
create a buy and sell website - Create a C# code for EXT.Net calendar with DB Create a C# Command Line Project to Insert Order into Salesforce via API - Create a C++ Program , complete info in description Create a C++ program for priority queue - Create a Cake PHP social network, basically an Instagram Create a CakePHP & Bootstrap (Modal or NoModal) Contact Form based on my current messaging system - Create a Calender from an excel spreadsheet Create a calender module (Magento) - Create a captive portal create a captive portal from new subway restaurant website( am a subway franchisee. - Create a Caricature from a photograph Create a Caricature from Individual Photographs - Create a cartoon animation video. Create a cartoon animtion - Create a Cartoon looking Habanero Chili Pepper Logo Design Create a Cartoon low poly 3D Model with Animation - Create A Cartoon Wallpaper Create a cartoon which will be on a t-shirt - Create a Catalog Database Create a Catalog for my company - Create a cattle breeding application for client create a cause with 100 real signitures - create a certificate of incorporation Create a cgi script - Create a Character/Illustration Create a Character/Mascot design for a family-friendly car wash center. Any character design or logo created for the Buyer will become the exclusive property of the Buyer, who will copyright and trademark the design for its sole use and purpose. - Create a chat like website form create a chat messenger - CREATE A CHEESE LABEL GOAT SLICES Create a cheese store brand - Create a child theme for the Zerif Lite theme Create a child theme for vantage from appthemes - Create a Christmas card Create a Christmas Jumper - Create a Chrome Extension for Google Calendar Create a Chrome extension for inputting keywords(tags) on Etsy listings. - Create a circuit this is capable of doing division between two 5 bit unsigned integer numbers. Create a Circular fade effect to a div (Jquery/CSS) - Create a class for Visual Composer Grid, Create a class for Visual Composer Grid--- - Create a classified website (kind of like Craglist) Create a classified website . - Create a Clean Backlink Profile Create a Clean Boostrap Template for a hosting business with Branded Graphics - Create a clickable classified ad Create a clickable custom background - Create a Clipper Card Mobile Application Create a Clipping Path (Cut Path) For Vinyl Decal in Illustrator - Create a clone of the following site using pre-design PSDs Create a clone of the website classifieds - Create a cloud service similar to dropbox for my company Create a cloud service with API integration with Salesforce - Create a CMS Templates from HTML, competencies required: XSLT, HTML, CSS, Javascript Create a CMS tourist site - Create a code Intuit to Business Catalyst synchronization Quickbooks Online Create a code let google read the post title - Create a Collage in BlueJ 2 Create a collage of newspaper headlines - Create a comic book , story teller and Animation Create a comic book cover featuring my wife and I as super hero characters as an anniversary present - Create a comment box for my order form page Create a comment form element with jQuery - Create a community Android app Create a community based gallery website - Create a company identity / logo Create a company Linkedin page and get followers - Create a company logo, letterhead, Name card Create a company logo, letterhead, visiting card - Create a Company Promotional Video for Web Home Page Create a company registration and search module. - Create a Comparison Code for a website Create a comparison for large australian online car insurance. - Create a complete HTML website Create a complete IOS communications App. - Create a complex payment system (using credits) Laravel 5.3, Stripe -- 2 Create a complex pricing form that can be changed by excel spreadsheet upload - Create a computerized font from many handwritten letters. Create a concept and design infographics - Create a connect 4 game and AI Create a connection (API) between webshop and wholesaler - Create a Contact Form Create a contact form - Create a Contact of pharmacies in Spain and Portugal Create a contact page on website - Create a content website Create A Content Website (I Have the Content/Template) - Create a Cookie Stuffing Script Create a cookie warning popover to hold info on site cookie use. - Create a Copy for a Web Page Create a copy of a Metatrader Expert Advisor without restrictions (starting from an .ex4 file) - Create a copy of Magento using multistore Create a copy of - Create a Cordova hybrid mobile app for Windows 8.1/10 using SAP UI 5 library Create a cordova plugin for android and ios and integrated it into ionic2 - Create a Corporate Identity - repost create a corporate identity and touch up a logo - Create a corporate video Create a corporate video - Create a counter to display on a Kickofflabs landing page Create a counter using MYSQL and fix a few bugs here and there - Create a coupon Wordpress Template Create a Coupon, Deals Website - create a cover page design Create a cover page for a science fiction novel - Create a creative and easy to navigate company website Create a Creative Animation / Video for my Youtube true view advertisement! - Create a CRM for Wordpress or adjust a existing CRM Create a CRM in php - Create a Cross platform application in Xamarin to create an Excel from a XML file -- 3 Create a Cross platform application in Xamarin to create an Excel from a XML file -- 4 - Create a Crowd Funding website CREATE A CROWDFUNDING - Create a Cryptocurrency create a cryptocurrency coin - Create a CSGO coin flip betting website similar to Create a CSGO coin flip betting website similar to - Create a CSS for an email signature for outlook. The signature has already been designed. Create a CSS for IE8 - Create a CSV file for turbolister eBay Create a csv file for uploading inventory data to Ebay - create a custem twitter tool bar(repost) Create a custom .mbtiles mapbox map - Create a custom app for wordpress create a custom app in - Create a custom category template for WordPress site create a custom chart in c# - Create a custom CSS optin box for new website Create a custom CSS Style Sheet for ACCORD5 Trellis Desk - Create a Custom eCommerce website in Magento 2 - Jewellery Website Create a Custom eCommerce website in Magento 2 - Jewellery Website - Create a custom flow chart illustration Create a custom FLV player to embed youtube videos on our site - Create a Custom Google Search Engine with that would look a Specific Way Create a custom GoToWebinar registration page - Create a Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 Create a Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 - Create a custom media player Create a custom media-rich wordpress site - Create a custom Opencart Theme using my Photoshop PSD's. Experts only, please. Create A Custom OpenCV Class - Create a custom permalink in a Wordpress website besides few other related points Create A Custom Photo Manipulation Program - Create a Custom Prestashop Module Create a custom prestashop module - create a custom script for an incentive website