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Create 60 pages on my blog Create 60 Pet Compilation Videos Create 60 posts on Facebook with a schedule Create 60 sec Custom Character Animated Sales Video -- 2 Create 60 sec video Create 60 sec Video for school fundraising site Create 60 sec. 2D Animition video demo for our mobile App Neta Create 60 sec. video for promoting our mobile app NAVIAPP ADRIA Create 60 second cartoon sales video Create 60 second NSIP promotional video Create 60 second Video from Script Create 60 second Video from Script -- 2 Create 60 second YOU TUBE video from stills Create 60 seconds movies of how to Create 60 Social Media Analysis Reports Create 60 storey Hexagrid office building in sketchup
Create 60 SVG images from jpeg to display in app Create 60 to 90 second animated "how to" video Create 60 Web 2.0 on my WordPress multisites Create 60's retro style opening sequence for Documentary film if after effects Create 60+ Gmail confugured ids - Create 60-70 UI elements (windows, user controls, etc) in XAML Create 60-80 sec clip about a new messageboard Create 600 Accounts Create 600 email accounts BY HAND (200 yahoo, 200 hotmail, 200 aol) and create 600 Craigslist accounts using these emails ~URGENT!~ Create 600 Email Fowarders Create 600 Gmail accounts Create 600 html files from template Create 600 member profiles for an online website and collect data Create 600 pictures from 12x12x5 different pictures Create 600 Posts In WordPress Create 600 posts into Wordpress (copy/paste)
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