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Create 1-2 Minutes Marketing Sales Video (1982743) Create 1-3 min long product explan animation cartoon from the provided script Create 1-minute Introductory Video Create 1-Minute Video of My Online Store Create 1-page .html file with very good SEO Create 1-page checkout for Existing Oscommerce website Create 1-Page HTML/CSS Template Create 1-page sales letter Create 1-page Website From PDF File Create 1.000 backlinks with provided list of sites Create 1/4 Page Ad Create 10 Animated GIF's, optimized for Twitter from the provided Youtube video's. Create 10 presentations Create 10 "Top Ten" videos Create 10 "Top Ten" videos B Create 10 "Top Ten" videos B Create 10 "Top Ten" videos c Create 10 (Ten) Business Plan Templates with matching Excel 3 year Financials. Bid for all 10 templates with financials.
Create 10 - 15 powerpoint slides - 12 hour turn around Create 10 - 20 Blog Posts Everyday about Movies and Celebrities Create 10 - 500 Word SEO Optimized Articles Create 10 -600 plus Wor Articles Create 10 000 back links and 100 facebook group share Create 10 300x300 pixel icons create 10 abnb accounts Create 10 Access Control questions with diagram for the CCNA Create 10 accounts Create 10 accounts for bookmarkingdemon Create 10 accounts on a game Create 10 active twitter accounts for me with at least 250 followers each Create 10 Adsense Mini-Sites with Simple Admin Interface Create 10 Adsense sites making $25+ a day Create 10 amazing illustrations for Christmas children book! Create 10 Analytics/ Big Data 'Project Scenarios' for Computer Science Students' projects Create 10 Animated GIF Emojis