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Configure / troubleshoot WSUS on Server 12 for Win8 clients... configure 1 cron job to download and upload a file Configure 1 iReport using JasperSoft BI. Configure 1 sql server instance for external access Configure 1 sql server instance for external access(repost) configure 1&1 web server, install php and extensions configure 100k+ records for magento Configure 1and1 VPS with mcrypt and install Magento configure 2 checkout payment gateway Configure 2 cisco voip Configure 2 IP wifi cameras Configure 2 MariaDB servers Configure 2 MariaDB servers -- 2 configure 2 Netgear VPNs and setup MacOsx and laptop with OTP /2fa login Configure 2 NICs Windows Server 2012 R2 Configure 2 oscommerce contributions Configure 2 PHP files Configure 2 PHP installers for simple existing scripts and update 1 feature
Configure 2 PHP mailer scrips for 2 Websites configure 2 python scripts to work on same server Configure 2 servers from drupal hosting Configure 2 Sites on New Dedicated Linux Centos server configure 2 small php sites that use same script Configure 2 SPA3000 with Asterisk to connect 2 buildings Configure 2 ssl certificates in 2 different websites Configure 2 VMs and migrate complete Zimbra Installation to new server Configure 2 way SSL on Oracle SOA managed server configure 2 Windows 2012 to connect 2 hyper-v Networks Configure 2 Windows machines for IIS and FTP access CONFIGURE 2 WORDPRESS THEMES Configure 2 XML feeds, merge 2 XML feeds into 1 (for woocommerce WP ALL Import) Configure 2-Wire Uverse router with Server 2012 Install Configure 2012 Hyper-V Virtual Server and Client Configure 2012R2 Configure 2811 router