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CNC router conception stand - cnd alliance - flash chat client and server CND Logistics website - CNN Money Tool clone CNN Money Tool in French for 1300$ CAD, interested ? - co 5 CO - Author needed for a text book on Smoothies, Health benefits and production methods - Co wholesaler/Partnership Co worker on advanced media Player - co-develop program mobile video & one line video game co-developer - Co-Invent and Design a one-of-a-kind watchbox for a Kickstarter project Co-Marketing Logo Design - Co-ordinate video production Co-ordination, Preparation Trinidadian Menu for 50th birthday party for at least 60 persons - Co-Simulation of a coffee machine with Cameo System Modeller using the FMI/FMU interface CO-web Store 1 - clone Clone - url redirection service - CO2 Data handle and Display Module CO2 Emiting - Coach Connection3 Coach CPA - Coach o mentor para lograr mi objetivo: Vivir trabajando menos de 10 horas semanales COACH OF EUROPE - Coaching & Sport Performance - 2k words (ref Agaaz) Coaching & Tuitions - Coaching classes for XI/XII Science, Diploma/Degree Engineering,B.Sc(Computer/IT) Coaching classes website urgent - Coaching Management System coaching management System - Coaching Site Updates and changes Coaching staff for team building event - Guinness World Records - COACHING-web - open to bidding Coaching.... - Coal Shiploading Procedure Coal sourcing in india - Coastal Beacon Real Estate Coastal Beacon Real Estate - repost - Coat Of Arms Coat of Arms - Cob house design COB task as per discussed - Cobertura de caucho o material suave para herramienta Cobertura de Evento| Edição de Vídeo - COBOL Paper Help Cobol + PDF + Excel - Cobol conversion new Cobol data to CSV - Cobol Inx File Repair Cobol lab project - Cobol Project Cobol project - Cobol work 4 hours Cobol-Mainframe Applications Support - Cobrowsing functinality Cobrowsing functinality(repost) - Coca-Cola and Pepsi Rivalry Competitive Environment Coca-Cola in 2011 - In search of a New Model - Cocinero Chifero cocinero chifero - Cocktail Menu Cocktail Menu - Coco's delivery service Coco/R grammar for Objective-C - Cocoa function to free ("clean") unused memory Cocoa function to free unused system memory - Cocoa, Objective-C, Interface Builder, XML parser Cocoa, Python, CoreGraphics - Coconut Run Coconut Sculpting - cocos 2d JS, appwarps s2 and Facebook expert COCOS 2D online tutorial - Cocos2d arcade game needed(iOS only) CoCos2d bug rfixing ios developer needed - Cocos2D games developer needed Cocos2d Guru wanted for a social game reskin job. - Cocos2d-js basic demo with one player sprite and 6 scenes Cocos2d-js game clone with few alterations to make new game - Cocos2d-x Quiz Application That Supports audio cocos2d-x tower game - Cocos2dx iOS/iPhone game - make it 64 bit compatible Cocos2dx programmer needed to finish a game - CoD Tourney Hoster Site COD website - CODE Code - Code & Design easy website with social features Code & Design WP Theme for Themeforest Must get approved - Code / DLL to show additional details on password change box in Windows OS Code / Help - Code 14 drivers Code 18 optimization - Code 3 PSD and then insert WordPress media images Code 3 PSD Design into Tweeter Bootstrap - Code 6 cut PSD pages in to HTML to W3C Standards with URL Re write code 6 php pages --design will be provided - Code a Bing Results scraper. Code a blackjack bot for online casinos - Code a contact form code a contact form in PHP - code a design on a network solutions shopping cart site Code a design PSD to work with wordpress - Code a flash website based on a PSD file [Kittys] Code a folder-sorting system for messages - Code a Hotmail Account Creator that supports proxies and pop3 Code a html eBay Ad using mousehover zoom jQuery extension - Code a Landing Page with PHP Auto Responder for Form Code a Layed PNG/PSD Design - Code a mini web site (10 pages) Code A Mobile Exit Pop - Code a Page Builder Code a page for webs tie - Code a Police app for me (also discuss app opportunity) Code a Police app for me (also discuss app opportunity) - open to bidding - Code a quote form(just html and css - images already sliced) Code a re-order button on our online shop - code a script -- 2 code a script cron in php to interface two DB - Code a Simple 6 page Website in HTML5 Code a simple admin panel in PHP (simonadmin) - code a simple landing page code a simple landing page - repost - Code a Simple Website for Displaying Print and Video Portfolio Code a simple website from designs - Code a Splash Page in HTML and CSS Code a Splash page with three rotating background images - Code a tweak to disable navigation banners for jailbroken iPhone Code a unique banner ad rotation script/site - code a website code a website - Code a Website- Title: One Of Us Code a website. - Code Account Creation Bot Code Actions and Agents Lotus Notes - Code AJAX (javascript) to use our API code ajax cart - Code an Android Browser Code an Android game - code an ea for mt4 - Otwarte dla ofert! Code an EA for MT4and MT5 - Code an HTML line Code an Html login form with PHP code for my database for html5 game - code an iphone app Code an iPhone app MVP - Code an optimized solution to two simple coding challenges using C++ Code an ORIGINAL WordPress Template on a Provided PSD with Option Panel - Code and Design a Dating Site
Code and design a product listing - Code and Install existing design concepts in to worddress Code and Install existing design concepts into wordpress - code and write a report about an heat transfer problem Code Android AddressBook interface - Code App Website - Need Desktop + Mobile (designs done) Code Apple style navigation + post to template - Code back end for company websites code backbone marionette - code buttons on a completed PSD file code C midi program modified - Code Changes to an Existing Script Code changes to an existing Shopify website. - Code Clean Up Code Clean up - Code cleanup and finish project Code cleanup and finishing - Code contact form - Wordpress Code Contact Form Function - Send Contact Info From Front End to Back End - Code conversion from VB.NET to PHP/NuSOAP Code Conversion from VC++ to C# - Code coverage report for openssl and openssh library code coverage test setup - Code customization Code customization as per my project requirements. - Code design template to HTML 5 / SASS using the Bootstrap 3 framework Code design to html and make Joomla template - Code DSP audio Code Dynamic Contact Form - code editing in my front end shop script - repost code editing in my front end shop script - repost 2 - Code Embedded Logo Design code encoder with pic 16f877a in microc - Code Excel VBA to add data to internet site Code Executor - Online - Code File Conversion code file search tool (keywords, regular express) - code fixed Code fixed for database editor using EditWorks - Code for a Contract Pop-Up code for a dayz server - Code for Antivirus software Code for app development using Tiggr App Builder - Code for Croatia logo code for csr8670 unit - Code for finite automata minimization Code for Flash Gallery - Code for kernel driver to prevent mouse movements and clicks by programs 2 Code for keyboard keys in MS Access - code for one of the projects Code for Ongoing Proj. - code for python code for python - Code for some commands for Urban Terror game. code for SPI with atmega 128 - code form psd into wordpress site. 2 hours Code Form w Database Communication - code generation for a compiler program code generation for a compiler program(repost) - Code Hack/Trick for Iframe Holder Size for Channels Code has to be packed together (pretty easy) - code html email templates Code HTML emails into modules using nested tables - Code Ignighter Expert Required for immediate quick fix. Code Igniter - Code Igniter Developer Required (blogging system) Code Igniter developer to join team for beta released Website to help launch on-time - Code Igniter Project Code igniter project - code ignitor fix Code Ignitor Pro for revamps and upgrades - Code in C required for technology mapping of complex circuits of LOGIC GATES code in c# - Code in python whoosh code in r - Code Insertions Needed For Template code insider wordpress plugin - Code Java chatting program - ASAP Code Java classes w/ JDO metadata from UML - Code Layout + VERY simple flash Code Layout and add cms - Code maintainer/sysadmin Code maintenance - Code me a very-small & simple Windows Application Code me a website that is nothing like a Penny Auction - COde mobile site to responsive Code Mockup (I have Photoshop Design) - Code modification needed for SWF used in flash player Code Modification of Existing Module - Code Music Sharing Site Code Musix Pro - Code my Expert Advisor for MT4 Code my expert advisor for mt4 from my custom indicator file - Code my signup form to submit to the database Code my simple PHP ecommerce site (fffront) - Code Name Project KT Code Name SYMO - IOS app to empower Facebook Events vith chat & media library - Code Needed to Interrupt and Suspend Game Applications Code needed to Join Facebook events - code not working after deployment code not working on XP SP2 - Code one CSS page from PSD Code one CSS/HTML gallery page with tabs!!! - Code one web drag & drop interface Code One Webpage From Image in Webplus - Code optimizing code optimizing - Code page take-over code pages from images - code php and custom theme wordpress Code PHP and HTML landing page to pass data to database - Code porting from C# on old trading platform to C# on a new platform Code postback for network mobvista and avazu and something to get offer. - Code Property Rental Website (Back end only) Code Protection - Code PSD files to HTML+CSS code psd files to html/css - Code PSD to CSS with JQUERY Addons Code psd to css within 24 - Code PSD to wordpress site (ProjectNFC)(repost) Code PSD to wordpress site (ProjectNFC)(repost)(repost) - Code rational quadratic trigonometric Bézier curve from attached paper in Code Rawa - New PSD design to Responsive WP site - Code Repair Code repair - Code Review Code Review - Code Review and Update Code review assignment for 5+ team - Code Review, Feedback and suggestions for a more modular software build Code review01 - Code Segment code segment - Code simple add/edit functions with CodeIgniter (s4kclassadd) Code simple alerts for MT4 Indicator - Metatrader - Code single page using Bootstrap Code Single Page Website - Code snippet for iPhone application Code Snippet for jQuery Mobile - Code some amendments to two PHP sites Code some basic PHP code and email sending - Code some simple PHP 'if' statements based on permissions already coded (hopassigned) Code some simple PHP database submission - code source for app game code source logiciel - code support