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Change osCommerce PriceFormatter.php file CHANGE OSCOMMERCE SITE OVER TO PRESTASHOP Change osCommerce site to show only Canadian shipping costs for Canadians and American Shipping costs for Americans. WARNING: This posting involves adult/pornographic material. If you are offended by such material then please STOP and DO NOT CONTINUE Change Oscommerce Template Change oscommerce template Change osCommerce template from 2.2RC2 to 2.3.1 Change Oscommerce Template TODAY Change oscommerce website lay out Change OsDate signup.php to hide fields Change OSdate to set up a similar UI site Change OSX Widget to Yahoo Widget change our admin panel design (from templet we buyed) Change our all image site into CSS Change our all our Magento Products Image sort to 0 Change our app to include better user navigation options Change Our Boring Wordpress Page To A Pro Page change our centos server with cs-cart Change our Clip-Share site template, add a mod & change sitewide text
change our company brochure and create a folder layout. Change our Crowdfunding Script Change Our Current Logo by 1 Character Change our current website from Wordpress/woocommerce to Magento Change our existing flash site to a HTML site Change our existing page on wordpress (DIVI theme) Change our existing template and CMS to to use mpresspages CMS change our existing website to the reference website Change our footer | wordpress Change our generated graph in Excel file with PHPExcel Change our graphics to new brandname CHANGE OUR HOME PAGE LAYOUT | READY TO START SOON (ONLY EXPERT) Change our homepage Change our HTML/Javascript to work on Wordpress CHANGE OUR JPEG INTO AI AND PDF with labels showing pantone colours Change our Jquery calculation script Change our logo