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Create/Optimize a PPC Campaign for a Real Estate Business Create/Optimize a Mathematical Model Create/Optimize Mac & Windows Screensaver .MOV Create/Optimize Social Media Accounts Create/Optimize Social Media Accounts Create/Post News Create/produce a news video Create/produce a news video #4 Create/program a simple Joomla Component Create/program and partially design a webpage/-app for Danish company Create/programmer iPhone applications Create/publish an ebook Create/publish an ebook - ongoing work Create/redesign a 4 page fillable PDF form a sample Create/Redesign A Widget Create/Redesign Responsive Mobile website Create/register usernames, make postings in a few forums. P2 Create/register users via form creator plugin (wordpress)
create/resize partitions Create/review technical texts for site (english natives only) Create/review wordpress questions Create/Revise HTML version of a PDF mockup Create/Revise Logo Create/revise template for service-level agreement (SLA) Create/revise website for Engineering Consultants create/rewrite permalink structure URLs for custom post types that include all parent terms from a custom taxonomy Create/Rip a Wordpress Plugin Create/Rotoscope Floating Text for Scene In Video Create/save web page of existing site and fix bugs Create/set-up google products feed for new website Create/Setup a Bitcoin Clone Create/SETUP GOOGLE SHOPPING ADS/ campaign or google image ads. sample link is images on right when you search google. check attached image. create/spin words into database specific fields Create/Start/Stop System Mode Kernel Type Driver Create/structure forum categories/boards