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Create/Manage a Google PPC Campaign - Facebook & Traffic Vance - Create/Manage a PPC Campaign (Marinos) Create/Manage a PPC Campaign (Tee K) - Create/Manage a THAI PPC Campaign Create/Manage a Youtube Adwords Ads PPC Campaign - Create/Manage Facebook Ads PPC Campaigns for My Clients in the Accounting Niche Create/Manage Facebook campaign - Create/Manage PPC Campaign Using Your Own Account Create/Manage PPC Campaign--2 - Create/modify a Wordpress Template (Work required for NGO) Create/modify a Wordpress Template for photograher - Create/Optimize Social Media Accounts Create/Post News - Create/supply an animation of Betty Boop create/sync table utility for oracle and sql server - Create?modify A Module for prestashop Create\Edit Metatrader Indicator & Convert MQ4 files to DLL - Created a timed custom posting system Created a vector image - Created MCC pictures with text Created mobile website and need to add as in google play store. - created................... CreateDatabase(ByVal vFilespec As String) As Boolean - Creater Two Header Images .. Easy Work! CreateRemoteThreadEx API Working Code - Createspace paperback book cover design Createspace PDF Book Cover - ongoing work - creating 100 account users on website Creating 1000 Myspace Accounts - Creating "Connect with twiiter" button in page Creating "Help Menu" section for a Windows Desktop base software with C# - Creating / fixing current statistics page on our website. Creating / Importing Users - Creating 1000 accounts in a free sign up site and apply. creating 1000 valid gmail ids - Creating 20 microsites and linking it creating 20 toggle buttons on excel graphic change color when clicked - creating 3 videos Creating 3 website demos (Create 4 A4 pages of a website) - Creating 3D Model of a Medal Creating 3d model of a mensshirt and render patterns in it - Creating 4-6 eBooks in .epub and .mobi Creating 40 New Landing pages from Original Versions - Creating a proposal Creating a "how to" brochure - Creating a 3D animated character Creating a 3D bar chart in blender using python and an external xml, json or csv file - Creating a Alternate Cryptocurrency similar to eMunie - open to bidding Creating a Alternate Cryptocurrency similar to eMunie - open to bidding - repost - Creating a banner & cover page for a professional business on social media Creating a banner - open to bidding - creating a Bitcoin,paypal,perfectmone exchanger website Creating a Bitcoin-Shop - Creating a bluetooth connection Creating a bluetooth device - creating a brochure type website for self catering properties Creating a Browser Friendly HTML listing template. - Creating a cartoon video Creating a cartoon-version of myself - Illustrator - easy job for pro - creating a clone of Creating a clone of the classic 8-bit game, "Excite Bike" - Creating a company profile Creating a Company profile for consulting company - Creating a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting site creating a couple of pages for an existing website - php & joomla - Creating a custom membership control for a website in 4.0 Creating a custom membership control for a website in 4.0 2nd try - Creating a customized page on our wordpress site Creating a customized portal website via PHP - Creating a database for swedish signage companies - repost Creating a database in access - Creating a Dental Treatment Plan Estimator (Designed in Excel to be converted to Web) Creating a Dental Treatment Plan Estimator (Designed in Excel to be migrated to Web) - Creating a download script Creating a download script for a custom online store - creating a elastix multi tenant with billing and web interface Creating a email opt in light box wordpress plugin - creating a fillable pdf Creating a Filterable Clients Page in Wordpress and more - Creating a FOIP (FAX OVER IP) G.711 and T.38 SIP Stack C++ Creating a FOLDER with 8 pages - Creating a fun character / mascot for popular website! Creating a fun interactive card game for the iPhone/iPad/iPod - Creating a Gift Card app creating a GIT repo - Creating a Histogram GUI in C#.Net Creating a homepage - Creating a Java class type of 80apps for the portal Creating a java project - Creating a Keygen Creating a kick a** penny auction site! - Creating a list of contents from one magazine Creating a list of influecntial bloggers - creating a logo Creating a logo (Online Store) - Creating a logo. Creating a logo. - repost - Creating a marketing video Creating a marketing video - open to bidding - creating a mobile app Creating a mobile app for a retail fashion store - Creating a modul for PrestaShop Creating a module for drawing tarot Wordpress - Creating a new desing for our oscommerce shop Creating a new dietary supplement,logo... - Creating a new song Creating a new startup business including website - Creating a notification system (real-time) - push like Creating a Numerical Test for Entry Level - Creating a payment gateway for 3rd part user Creating a Payment Method for WooCommerce 2.1 - Creating a PHP page for running BASH/PERL program Creating a PHP script to send and receive whatsapp messages - creating a playlist(text based) Creating a Pligg-based video-sharing portal. - Creating a powerpoint presentation Creating a powerpoint presentation and writing it. @Bitcoin - Creating a product catalog (English only)and complete company stationery( English/Arabic) Creating a product catalog and company bundle of (official papers, ID cards , Files saver) - Creating a Professional Travel Website like, Creating a Professional Travel Website like, - creating a project related to Advanced Databases creating a project related to Advanced Databases -- 2 - Creating a quiz with animal names in C++ ONLY. - Repost - 12/10/2016 19:02 EDT Creating A Radio App - Creating a responsive Joomla website Creating a responsive template - Creating a scraping and registration program for a poker website Creating a scraping tool for a poker site - Creating a setup file (.exe) Creating a Setup for my c#.NET/WPF application - Creating a similiar website creating a simple 1-2 page website - Creating a simple MYSQL database and write queries to retrieve data from the database Creating a simple Nintex Form with JQuery - Creating a simple, minimalistic tumblr theme Creating a simple, one-page Wordpress site - Creating a small Website Creating a small website - creating a software to identify IP change Creating a song - Creating a static layout for a website majoring in Industrial Hygiene Creating a static layout in the field of Translation - Creating a table of an Excel file Creating a table out of Strings + Saving as an XML File - Creating a text based game Creating a text browser game - Creating A Travel Agency Website
Creating a travel blog - Creating a VAT system for FoxyCar (eCommerce) CREATING A VB - creating a video - repost Creating a video advert animation - Creating a View for Django-Simple-History from admin page. Creating a virtual classroom in HTML5 - Creating a web browser strategy game similar to Travian (C#/MSSQL/ASP.NET) Creating a web browser strategy game similar to Travian (PHP/MySQL) - creating a Web site Creating a Web site and its service - Creating a Website Creating a Website - Creating a Website Creating a Website - Creating a website for Courtney Creating a Website for educational digital products and training/coaching services - Creating a website in ASP.Net Creating a website in Core PHP MYSQL - Creating a website using Scripting languages. Creating a website using Symfony3 - Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday Evening... URGENT@! Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday. Student Loan Processing System Website. - Creating a Wikipedia Portal creating a windows application - Creating a wordpress plugin to enable hiding posts from cate Creating a Wordpress Plugin usig APIs System - Creating a WP plugin with Steam API Creating a WP Theme - Creating account on Creating account on freehosts - creating activities in android project Creating ad sense accounts - Creating Adwords Campaigns Creating Adwords Campaigns - Creating an account on website Creating an Account Section - creating an Affiliate website Creating An AJAX Game/ Animation Engine - Creating an animated video for TV Commercial Creating an animated/illustrated video - Creating an app for MeeGo OS Creating an app for my restaurant 4 - Creating an Autobuyer Creating an autocad design from an existing scan and at second stage required 3-D rendering based on that auto cad design - Creating an EDM Creating an Education and Strategy Program for a Specific Card Game - Creating an excel report Creating an Excel Sheet of Live Stock Prices - Creating an illustration out of verbal content on a business process Creating an IM app from scratch. - Creating an intro Creating an Intro Animation - Creating an mp3 record with given text (exactly same with given sample, just clear one) Creating an MS SQL sync solution (C# .net 3.5) using MS sync framework and MS CCR Port based (XcoAppSpace) technique for communication. - Creating an online store from and site from main supplier site Creating an online store tab in for an existing website! - Creating an SSO creating an unknown caller app for iPhone - creating and design users system include admin, customer, worker dashboard Creating and design.. - creating and iOS and android apps ( two apps ) . Creating and Maintaining a FaceBook Page(urgent) - Creating and Resize .gif image for Header Creating and Responsive Design Module for Social Engine Version 3 php, Smarty - creating android filters Creating Android Library Project. - Creating API according to my JSON file Creating API apps - creating Arabic recruitment site creating Arabic recruitment site - repost 2 - Creating auto forwarding mail program Creating auto forwarding mail program google script - Creating Back Links Creating Back links to a site - Creating Banners creating banners - Creating blog articles on personal computing Creating Blog or Website Content Syndication Platform - Creating Browse Button in Visual Basic Creating browser extensions - Creating calendar appointments in an exchange 2007 server with C# or PowerShell CREATING CAMPAIGNS & SALES FUNNELS - CPA OFFERS VIA PPV TRAFFIC - creating charts using data in excel for presentation; creating a presentation in powerpoint Creating chat app - Creating clothing for human 3D models by editing textures Creating clothing items in Flash - Creating Complex Shapes to upload on the web Creating Component & Module for Joomla 2.5.6 - Creating Content for Website Creating Content for Wordpress Stanum Template - Creating Craiglist Account Creating Craiglist Ads - Creating custom fashion apparel design Creating custom fields on woocommerce shop page - Creating Customizable E-Commerces website for customers Creating Customizable E-Commerces website for customers - repost - Creating Database for online book store and bind the data on display page Creating Database in MS Access - Creating design for my website Creating Design For Swimming Pool and Courtyard including 3D impression and detail for builder - Creating document templates in Microsoft Word - repost Creating documents - Creating Dynamic PHP Pages Creating dynamic poll pages from templates under my domain - Creating ecommerce for supermarket Creating Ecommerce Site - Creating empty mp3 files and numbering them Creating Engineering Project Report in Latex - Creating Excel Files For Each Contact - repost Creating EXCEL files from SQL server Table - Creating Facebook and linkedin accounts Creating Facebook and linkedin accounts - Creating FAVICON for my website Creating FB ad with Your profile - Creating fixture Creating flash animation - Creating Form Creating form based on database - Creating free online magazine about Java Creating Free Profiles for my Website - Creating fuzzy-PID controller for CNC model in Siemens STEP7(s7-300/PLCSIM) Creating G Suite and linking to domain name - Creating Google Base feed Creating Google like Map Styles for own map on Geoserver - creating hierarchy Creating High Converting Sales Pages - creating HTML website Creating HTML Website from Fireworks Design - Creating Illustration for a woman shirt Creating illustrations for 9 Country cards - creating index page for website creating index page of myweb site - Creating Introduction Videos for Internet Marketing Services Creating intros and outros - Creating Jackpot for existing Poker game (1625224) Creating Jasper Reports - creating kids song creating kids website with design using wordpress - Creating layout pattern in WPF with UI screens using MVVM Creating Lead from Linkedin - Creating Litecoins -- 2 Creating Litecoins 3 - Creating logo for "MD Inside" Creating logo for a company - creating machine translations