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Create Simple Flash Slide Presentation from Existing Photographs - create simple geo based iphone prototype create simple gif animation - CREATE SIMPLE HTML CODE Create simple HTML CSS site - No cMs - Create Simple HTML5 Roulette game Create Simple HTML5 Upload Script and integrate design - Create simple IOS game create simple ipad application - Create simple Joomla layout with 8 page. v2 Create Simple Joomla Theme - Create Simple Logo and Affiliate Graphics for Website Create simple logo for school projectname - Create simple mobile (Android/iOS) chat app utilizing G-sensor Create simple Mobile Ad-hoc network in NS2 - Create Simple Notepad-style Log Book Create Simple off-line marketing flyer in photoshop - Create simple password protected page Create Simple Password Script for Website - Create simple PHP WebSite for manage and show specified articles.... Create Simple PHP Website from PowerPoint Mockup - create simple python reader using libraries linux to read data from OBD II device Create Simple Python Scripts - Create simple rss template and connect with google news Create Simple RSS to Text File PHP Script - Create Simple Shell Script (Ubuntu) Create Simple Shell Script (Ubuntu) (Report) - Create Simple Static Mobile Landing Page Create Simple Static Mobile Landing Page -- 2 - Create simple unicolor icons for Windows Phone Create simple URL Shortener Script - create simple web api Create simple web app - Create Simple Website Create Simple Website - Create simple website from wordpress template Create simple website hosted with GoogleApps - Create simple Windows Media Player Log Create simple windows mobile App - create simple wordpress theme create simple wordpress theme - Create simplified mobile version of our website. Create simplified vector artwork from bitmap images - Create single html page create single html page - Create single SEO friendly web page from five word documents Create single Shopify template from PSD - create site create site - create site for one million twins Create site for publishing pdf documents - create site like this create site like - Create Site Similar to Create site similar to - OS code okay - create site1 create site1 - open to bidding - Create sites WHMCS & template Hostme V2 (Wordpress) create sito web semplice con username e con categorie simile a tumblr - Create Skin From Current Website to be used on WordPress Create Skip Bin Vector Illustration Diagrams - Create slider instead of checkboxes on attribute layered navigation magento Create Slider Menu - Create Slideshow Presentation framework and Links to Website Create Slideshow Software for Church - Create small Android application Create Small Android apps - push notification - Create small clips from a video for 15 seconds when user clicks on HTML 5 VideoPlayer using video js Create Small CMS for XML based flash slideshow - Create small HTML / JavaScript site Create small html 5 program, (like a game) for simple product layout. - Create small PHP script to stock control calling from CSV file Create Small PHP script to uses cookies - Create small webapp for job / field force management (meteor preferred) Create small website - Create smart objects PSD Create smart phone layout (PSD only) for existing ecommerce site - Create SMS Bot Create SMS Competition App so reciepeint pays small rate for competition entry. - Create Snapchat Timer video Create Snapshot of webpage - Create Social Bookmarking site Account Create Social Button - Create social media branding for sports media channel Create Social Media BUSINESS (NOT PERSONAL) Accounts/Profiles for me - Create Social Media Post Ideas Create social media posts - Create social network (private project) create social network -- 2 - Create Social Networking website like FB Create Social Networking website like FB - Create Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms - Repost - open to bidding Create Soft Format of Hardcopy Letterhead - Create software and apps and some change in platform Create software and database for YouthLEAP's smartwatch tracking program - Create software for Pawn Shop create software for pet sitting - Create software program for my excel create software program for wedding planners - Create Software to Generate Custom cCmments on Social Media Create Software to Generate Leads - Create software/add-on for website Create software/script (Mac OS X) - Create solution for booking guided tours Create solution for IP ban - Create some 3D Models and uniforms Create some 3D models of uman characters for use in SFM - Create some automation software for repetitive online tasks Create some awesome images for my eBay store - Create some buttons Create some buttons - Create some custom layout design in magento Create some custom post types for viewing data on a clients project - create some facebook covers - Repost - open to bidding Create some facebook covers for a webradio - create some good quality graphics for the online store. create some google analytics reports in our google analytics portal - Create some icons for WP8 apps Create some image links from a CSS template. - Create some Javascript with's API Create some Javascript with's API - repost - create some modules in woocommerce. Create some more graphics for me - create some php code Create some php page for my site - Create some reporting on Google Analytics Create some reports using crystal report and SQLAnywhere 12 - Create some sliders create some sliders in wordpress site - Create some twitter accounts for me Create some UI design - Create something for me. Create something like a QR Code for us - Create Soso News CMS Module Create Sound and human voice for 20 second video - Create source from dissassembly Create South Park Characters using Adobe Illustrator - Create special diagrams with D3.js Create special diagrams with D3.js -- 2 - Create Spinnable Artilces for Article Marketing Automation Create spinned articles - Create Sports Formula In Python Create Sports Free Betting App for iPhone - create spreadsheet for RC retaining wall design to Eurocode Create Spreadsheet for Tracking & Statistics - Create spreadsheet using information in resumes Create spreadsheet using SOME of the data from a PDF - Create SQL and maybe a MACRO in Excel Create SQL database - Create SQL Server Audio / Video Training Material
create sql server database from dbml file - create squido and hubpages create squido lenses and hubpages - Create stack of standard website templates Create Stacked Boxes in Perspective View - Create standardized fillable forms in PD and a Form Library Create standings page and fix coding - Create static html from psd and existing web html Create static html pages from magenta theme - Create statistics - repost Create statistics - URGENT! - Create Still Advertisement Creatives for Adult Niche Business Create still banner and Flash animated - Create Store Control and Report According to SQL DATABASE Create Store franchise Control Website - Create storyboards for 12 minutes of animation (mostly user interface demonstration) Create storyboards for a 3D animation - create structured .csv file from webpage of 700 professional listings Create structured data for Magento website - Create sub admins with specific permissions Create Sub Categories On Website Using Shopify - create subdomain for each user during signup on socialengine 4 Create subdomain for my site for 301 redirect - create subscription form PHP/MYSQL Create subscription section for Website - Create summary powerpoint slides for companies with financial information Create summary sheet for Google Sheets - Create support suit Create support ticket semantic parser and knowledgebase authoring system - create svg files Create SVG from *small* jpg - create SWF file create swf file - Create system to gather data from multiple websites Create T shirt Designs - Create Tabbed Template in CKEditor - repost Create Tabels Based on CSV - Create Table of Contents using iTextSharp Create Table of Contents using iTextSharp - Create tables in bootstrap and widgets for website - 05/10/2016 18:23 EDT Create tables in MySQl - Create Takeaway Menu, Logo and Poster for a Restaurant Create Talking Audio Files - Create Taxi Dispatch App for Apple & Android Create Taxi Dispatch App for Apple & Android - Create technical drawing of a website Back End mock up/Applicatiob Mockup Create technical engineering drawing based on measurements - Create Template and Generate images on server using template Create Template and Generate images on server using template - Create template for Deal site (provide PSD) create template for design (hhgs) - Create Template for Sharepoint Intranet Create template for shop online - Create template of wordpress / Personal blog Create template page for Wordpress - Create templates for phpmyfaq and textpattern to look similar like main-site create templates for pop-up lightboxes - Create Terms of Use and Privacy Create tesponsive webiste from existing site - CREATE TEST SERVER Create Test Server For Wordpress Site - Create text are to make CKEditor function properly on a local hard drive. Create Text Based MMORTS - Create TextLogo Create texts for a catalogue. - Create The "Up In The Air Life" - 1 minute Trip Announcement Video Create the ''engine'' for a website that uses PHP/MySQL/Smarty - Create The Best Dating Website similar to - Create the best social media ever! - Create the database - repost urgent Create the database - repost urgent - repost - Create the Gomoku game from flyeordie Create the graphic masterpiece - Create the LOGO for my company and also create the responsive design. Create the logo for SITO (web promo company) - Create the Next Million Dollar App Idea Create the next POPULAR shopping app for android and iPhone - Create the same website appearance and product function on woocommerce Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server - Create the tool (Using Script/bot/API connection) to automatically post event on few websites Create the tool (Using Script/bot/API connection) to automatically post event on few websites - Create the Woocommerce order import Java library Create the WordPress Site (7 Pages inlcuding a FAQ page w/Dropdowns) - Create theme for socialengine 4. Create theme for video site. - create thesse fields on my site create thesse fields on my site wordpress only - Create this PNG image in HQ High ResolutionVector format Create this PNG image in HQ High ResolutionVector format - reposted with image showing - Create three banners for wordpress home pages. Create three banners or slides - create three php forms, set up in mysql database Create three professional PPT Presentations (Content provided - English & Spanish) - Create Thumbnail for Radio Stations and Video Playlist Create thumbnail from uploaded picture - Create Thymeleaf Template from Website Create Thymeleaf Template from Website. - create timelines (research & data entry)(repost) create timePickers depending on number of time needed - Create Titles and Ad Text Create Titles and Ad Text - Simple for the Right Candidate - Create Tool t-shirt for my ecommerce (Only expert senior Laravel) - Part 2 Create Tool t-shirt for my ecommerce (Only expert senior Laravel) - Part 2-- - Create top 10 most improved stats 2 Create Top 10 Videos for YouTube - create touchscreen house window shades Android app Create Tour Viewer Application in Flash - Create Traffic Exchange WebSite Create traffic for a website i will have completed next week - Create training materials on Internet Marketing Create Training Module for Online Training Program - Create transcripts Create transcripts from audio recordings - Create Transparent Logo Create Transparent Logos - Create tree image from graphic Create tree on jQuery - Create trunking port on Cisco 2948G switch Create Trust Rank - Build Links in Hungary - Create tutorial on effect in Photoshop Create Tutorial only - Create Tweets Create Tweets for Twitter - Create Twitter Background. Create Twitter background/profile template - Create accounts create twitter/facebook retrieving module - Create Two Animated Sales Videos Create two animated video┬┤s - create two cartoon 2d people for the site and a ''coming soon'' page. Create TWO cartoon characters for a colouring book, Front cover & 32 images of the two cartoon characters. - Create two email templates for email marketing campaigns. Create two Excel checklists based on PDFs quickly - Create two graphics from pdf source file. One for website & one for email newsletter banner Create Two Graphics. (Map / Widget) - Create two legally binding contracts Create two links in the footer area that will connect with content in the admin panel - Create two new wordpress sites to replace current site Create two new wordpress sites to replace current site - repost - create two php pages Create two php pages that display information from SQL database - Create two short biography CV's (700-930 words each) Create two short biography CV's (700-930 words each) - Repost - Create two single page websites Create two small 3d walkthrough - Create Two Vectors of Me Create two version of interactive multimedia - Create two web forms from PDF