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Create spinned articles - Create Sports Formula In Python Create Sports Free Betting App for iPhone - create spreadsheet for RC retaining wall design to Eurocode Create Spreadsheet for Tracking & Statistics - Create spreadsheet using information in resumes Create spreadsheet using SOME of the data from a PDF - Create SQL and maybe a MACRO in Excel Create SQL database - Create SQL Server Audio / Video Training Material Create SQL Server db with VB and export / import to / from access - Create Squidoo and HubPages Create Squidoo and HubPages with original or translated content - Create stacked column graph with data (EXCEL) Create stacked column graph with data (EXCEL) - create STANLEYe catalog and redesignSTANLEY homepage Create start up animation(Template) for cooking videos. - Create static mobile webapp-pages from images create static page from psd in magento - Create Statistics Scripts for vBulletin Apr 15 2013 16:15:10 Create statistics webpage from MongoDB database - Create stl files Create STL for 3D printer - create store on amazon Create Store Online For My Site - Create Storytelling illustrations Create Stranger Chatting Portal - Create stunning HTML template for sales letter/newsletter Create Stunning logo for Adult Shop - Create Sub menus Create Sub menus -- 2 - create subdomain virtualmin mod Create subdomain website - Create Subtitle in Woocomemrce Create Subtitle SRT file of Chinese subtitles - Create Super Easy Website Create super fast and efficient solution for C++ Coding Challenge - create survey -- 3 create survey and results page w/asp - Create SVG links?? - open to bidding Create SVG Logo Animation - Create Switch In Wordpress for Admin to Turn On/Off HTML Element Create Sylenth1 Presets - Create T-Shirt Mockups Create t-shirt picture for website display using mock up - Create Table for Add in Flashcom Chat Create Table for my web site - Create tableau dashboard micro-site Create Tableau Order Shipping Dashboard - create tabs Create tabs block in phpfox3 - create tarot website starting from a wordpress theme we buyed create tarpaulin layout - Create TCP/IP sample app for Printing Create TCPDF invoice template - Create Telemerketing List from Digital Coupon Magazine Create Teltonica FM1100 DCS with functions integration to Open GTS - Create Template Engine With Code Codeigniter With A Theme Folder Create Template Files for PHPMyDirectory latest REV - create template for me - open to bidding Create Template for Mobile Devices for osCommerce Shop - Create Template HTML pages from existing purchased template Create Template HTML pages from existing template - Create Templated Websites With Wordpress Create Templates - create tenancy template, invoice template, leaflet design all on ms word and illustrator - open to bidding Create Tenant and Landlord profile pages - Create Test questions Create test questions and answers - Multiple choice, T/F, Fill in the blanks from document - Create Text Animation Create text animation - create Textile Design trend reports - based on current Catwalks/Runway's & high street fashion Create TextLogo - Create The "Up In The Air Life" - 1 minute Trip Announcement Video Create the ''engine'' for a website that uses PHP/MySQL/Smarty - Create The Best Dating Website similar to - Create the best social media ever! - Create The Design & CMS System For A Website Create the Design in a HTML/PHP Webpage. - Create the Highest Degree of Innovative, Sophisticated, Functional Website on the Market Create The HitMix Squad DJ's & Promotions Radio Station APP!!! - Create the LP about marking game Create the main page of a website - Create the Overall Finite state Machine Structure Create the page equal with function similar the excel model - Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server -- 5 Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server -- 6 - Create the ultimate backpackers shirt -- 2 Create the ultimate Facebook (like) campaign image / cartoon - Create Theme Design for Post Affiliate Pro Create Theme Design for baby & kids from the style we have - Create Theme to CMS using Bootstrap theme - repost Create theme to Magento - Create this animal making 5 different poses! create this business card - create this video in flash or HTML5 create this video in flash or HTML5 - Create three different page replacement algorithms: FIFO, LRU and OPT-lookahead-X -- 2 Create Three Dropdown Lists using HTML/PHP and Ajax - Create three small banners for Homepage Create three small illustrations - CREATE THUMBNAIL OF VIDEO IN S3 BUCKET in AWS Create Thumbnail When Video Uplaod - Create tile images of the map of Turkey Create Tile/Wallpaper/Seamless Background image for webpage - Create tiny native app (android + ios) Create TinyERP VMware / RedHat app - Create TOC (Table of Contents) for ebook word (doc) file - repost Create TOC (Table of Contents) for ebook word (doc) file - repost 2 - Create Tool to import excel spreadsheet into projects within Basecamp - Repost Create Tool to import excel spreadsheet into projects within Basecamp - Repost - open to bidding - create topbanner toggle on a typo3 (SS) Create topmost button like Assistive Touch - Create Tracking Cookie Create Tracking Cookie - open to bidding - CREATE TRAFFICS & MARKET NEW ADULT WEBSITE Create trafic to our website - Create transcoding virtual machine Create transcoding virtual machine(repost) - Create transparent background for a number of images Create transparent background on nine photos - Create Travel Template for AuctionPHP site Create travel video files from audio and image files - Create trivia questions about Hollywood Gossip Create trivia questions for upcoming board game - Create turism portal / add agregator Create Turn Around character templates for Animation - Create TV Shows and Celebrity Wallpapers Create TV Shows and Celebrity Wallpapers - repost - Create Twitter Accounts + Upload Images Create Twitter Accounts and application keys -- 2 - Create twitter streamer in Python Create Twitter streamline API to live feed TOP HASHTAGS from a country - repost 2 - Create two admin reports for Oscommerce Create Two Ads - Create two branded signatures for use on all our company outgoing E mails using Outlook Create Two Brochures from Word Documents to CorelDRAW - Create two DVD labels Create two easy windows app with C - GTK - Create two funny Trump cartoons Create two gallery blocks slide on the sidebar to showcase talent of the day and business of the day - create two JavaScript Create two kinds of Magento SQL reports of invoices - Create two new images from an existing image Create Two New JPG's from a Prototype - Create two PDFs from data stored (lfpdf)
Create two phone verfied accounts - Create two scrappers and a website Create two scripts to pull down basketball statistics into a database insert query - Create Two Simple Web Pages Create Two Simple Web Pages - Repost - Create two variations of the mascot created for the contest. Create two VB apps transporting data between a MS-Access and a MySQL database using web services. - Create two website reproductions Create two websites - Create TYPO3 template based on reference website - repost create typography for the logo - Create UI design for my IT website SERVICES website Create UI Design for my mobile application - Create Ukraine Language JSON file for my app. create ultimate php client management script - CREATE UNDER CONSTRUCTION PAGE FROM PSD FILE Create Undo option in current Java SE project - CREATE UNIQUE ID NINJA FORM WORDPRESS Create Unique ID Plugin for Visitors for HTML Website - Create Unique Username MySQL and NetBeans Create unique variant of existing CSS template - Create Unity app to bring in an external scanned 2D drawings and convert it to 3D texture on 3D model Create Unity game - Create up to 10 small line drawn sketches to be used in a printed brochure Create up to 25 warehouse specific Icons (must be transparent SVGs) - Create upload progress bar for PHP Create upload tool for flyer only images and csv file - Create us a Search Input Field for Relevanssi Plugin Create us a unique Logo - Create User Account System on Joomla Website Create user account to complete purchase - Create user help manual of desktop application in spanish Create User Interactive Pivot Table in Html from database or csv - Create User Profile In Business Catalyst Create user profile page in our new admin panel using metronic - Create UserForm in Excel Worksheet for Invoice Template Create userinterface (C#) to feed exiting API. - Create utility for converting flash image .bins into other formats using algorithms and possibly encryption. - ongoing work Create Utility for Scheduled Pervasive Database Export / Mining Tool - Create Validated Developer account in Chrome Web Store Create Validated Developer account in Chrome Web Store - repost - Create Various PDF Forms - ongoing work Create various screens for application in WPF - Create executable/command program to read directory, look for files/images, process them and upload them to Azure Storage Create VB.NET Form and SQL database - Create VBA script to copy-search-replace data between XLS and DOC Create VBA, Macro or similar programming to insert pictures in a .doc file - Create vector 31 images from small bitmap samples Create Vector and Large PSD from Icon - Create vector file based on low resolution raster image Create Vector file for Logo - Create vector from 3 images on a PSD file Create vector from a .jpeg image - Create vector graphic from template Create vector graphic image from raster graphic image - create vector image Create Vector image - Create Vector Images From A Bitmap Create vector images from design - Create Vector Logo from Picture Create Vector Logo from PNG - Create Vector Version of Logo Create vector version of logo - Create Vedio In Adobe After Effects Create Vedio Like This : - create vertical drop down menu Create vertical scroll on 5 pages - Create Very Simple App To Take Screenshot on Windows 7 In Games, Apps, etc Create Very Simple Cocos2D IOS Mobile Appliaction - Create very simple Word form create very simple wordpress plugin - Create Video Create Video - Create video Create video - Create Video Analytics Create Video and Animation - create video by taking parts from other videos Create Video Cartoon Animation - Create Video DVD From File Create Video DVD/Streaming... - Create Video for Marketing Campaign Create Video for Midwest Health Group Website - Create video friendly for mobile phones - adult video Create video from animation based on existing after effects project - Create Video Instructions for Telecommunications Business Create Video Intro - Create Video of technical product Create Video of the Burning of Rome - Create Video Reflection of Netstream Object in Adobe Flash create video screencast - Create Video Testimonials Create video thumbnails page for Wordpress site - Create Video Tutorial To Sell On UDemy Create Video tutorial using Articulate Studio 09 - Create video webcam website with premium and free users and online chat rooms -- 2 Create video website using VPS and FTP? - Create Videos & After Effects templates Create videos (script and format provided) - Create Videos for Youtube Channel create videos for youtube channel - Create Videos Using Window Movie Maker Or any Other Video Software Create Videos with 3D Models 3D MAX - Create viral interest and intrigue Create Viral Marketing Script (PHP/MYSQL) - Create Virtual Gift Vouchers Create Virtual Hardware - Create Virtuemart 3.0.6 cashenvoy payment gateway Create Virtuemart CSV Improved Options Import File for 580 Items - Create Visitor Chat Create Viso's for Procurment Process Flows - Create Visual Pitch for Annual Report create visual prolog (Open supject) - Create Vitamin Labels Create accounts - Create Voiceover Create Voiceover - Create VPN 2 - repost create vpn app with fast connection - Create vtiger module Create vTiger script to enhance search function - Create WARNING 18 over enter page Create Warning Label - Create web 2.0 , and supporting links Create Web 2.0 Accounts - Create web app Create Web App -PHP - create web application react js Create Web Application Similar To Desktop Application - create web based database and website create web based database which will sort, and perform calculations on data pulled from websites - Create web code to spider and scrape data from a site Create Web Community - Create Web Design PSD Create Web Design to Integrate into Backend - create web forum using Contact Form 7 like in this website ( Create Web from my Design - Create web logo Create Web Macro - Create web page from Photoshop PSD layout Create web page from provided PSD file - Create Web Pages In CMS Create Web pages in CMS - Create web scraping software and database Create Web Scraping to XML Script - create web service in php